Yep, I'm coming up with a Moveset on the spot for my Pokèself. LuxrayBlast Koritsu is a Shinx (Currently when this was made), who is a featherweight character, but, as a Jolteon he is a little heavier. He's vulnerable from the front as he wears a poofy diaper on his little blue/ yellow tush. He has two jumps and can crawl.

The A Attacks:

Neutral A: LuxrayBlast does a punch with the front of his paw which only does 1 damage and no good for jab resets. He does two weak punches, then a strong Scratch Attack, which turns into a Fury Swipes.

Forward Tilt: LuxrayBlast swings his tail, only to fall on his padded bum, but, it's a good tripping move.

Up Tilt: Gets on his hind legs and tries so hard to scratch, only to fall backwards. If it connects, he climbs the foe and furiously scratches them.

Down Tilt: LuxrayBlast swipes his paw the ground to trip the opponent and sticks his tongue out adorably. However, if he's not diapered and is a Shinx, he swipes his tail forward.

Dash Attack: LuxrayBlast charges into a biting attack, but, if he misses, it turns into a low sweep with his tail.

N-Air: Like Pikachu's, but, only a single hit.

F-Air: LuxrayBlast flips and spins.

D-Air: LuxrayBlast ground pounds in his diaper as a way to make a soft landing, but, it hurts if he's not diapered.

B-Air: LuxrayBlast Kicks backwards and if it hits, LuxrayBlast pushes away from the opponent.

Up Air: LuxrayBlast uses Tail Whip.

Special Moves:

Neutral: Spark- LuxrayBlast stands in one spot and lets loose extra electric power to lighten him.

Side Special: Quick Attack- LuxrayBlast uses Quick Attack to gain more distance and then Strikes with Thunder Fang, if an opponent is nearby.

Up Special: Surf- Suizuki is summoned to carry her lover back to safety and will Fling him towards the stage as far as he can go. However, he will not be flung if he grabs the ledge.

Down Special: Transform- LuxrayBlast turns into a Jolteon/ Shinx.

Final Smash: True Love's Full Power- LuxrayBlast and Suizuki team up to bring their foes down, swamping them with Surf, washing them onto the a Sunset Beach, Suizuki nuzzles her lover so much he discharges from embarrassment.

Art by Agodlypancake
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