Yes, Froslass. A possible candidate for Fighters Pass Volume 2 as a second Female Pokèmon Character, the second Fighter DLC Fighter and Second representative of the Sinnoh Region. I'll start with Froslass' Gimmick.

Gimmick: Froslass' Gimmick is her hidden ability, Cursed Body. It'll have a 25% Chance to disable the move used on her by her attacker. 15% of the time, it'll cause poison damage that lasts 5 seconds. There are things that ignore Cursed Body such as Stage Hazards, Arsene and some of Hero's Spells. This keeps Froslass from being overpowered, but, still fair in tournaments.

Special Moves:

Neutral- Grass Knot: Froslass tries to trip the opponent by summoning a grassy knot. It works on heavies better, kinda like how it does more damage on heavier Pokèmon in Diamond and Pearl onward. Side Special- Powder Snow: Froslass deals small chip damage that doesn't really do much of anything. It has a chance to freeze the foe. Up Special- Trick: Froslass makes clones that allow her to recover undetected and they will meteor foes who don't attack the real Froslass, they all look pretty really, but, if you are cautious and ledge guard her, it's a very unsafe recovery. Down Special- Curse: Froslass deals 25% to herself to lay a curse on her opponents, only one though. It'll last for a while, probably 15 seconds of poison damage. Down Special (After Curse is laid)- Lucky Chant: Froslass makes it impossible to launch her with a Critical Hit.

Final Smash- Sheer Cold: Froslass creates a Blizzard across the entire stage that instantly KOs all foes who aren't shielding when it's released. However, it also breaks shields, but, will not KO shield broken or respawning foes as it lasts 5 seconds.


Default Color 2- Based on Snorunt. Color 3- Based on Snorunt's other evolution, Glalie. Color 4- Froslass is purple and is in reference to Fantina, a Sinnoh Ghost Type Trainer. Color 5- Based on the Ice Type Elite Four trainer from Hoenn, Glacia. Color 6- Based on the Ice Type Gym Leader from Sinnoh, Candice. Color 7- Based on the colors of Phoebe, another member of Hoenn's Elite Four. Color 8- This a darker purple than Color 4, so it references Acerola, trial captain and Elite Four member of Alola in Pokemon Sun and Moon.

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