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    Froslass Moveset

    July 14, 2020 by LuxrayBlast

    Yes, Froslass. A possible candidate for Fighters Pass Volume 2 as a second Female Pokèmon Character, the second Fighter DLC Fighter and Second representative of the Sinnoh Region. I'll start with Froslass' Gimmick.

    Gimmick: Froslass' Gimmick is her hidden ability, Cursed Body. It'll have a 25% Chance to disable the move used on her by her attacker. 15% of the time, it'll cause poison damage that lasts 5 seconds. There are things that ignore Cursed Body such as Stage Hazards, Arsene and some of Hero's Spells. This keeps Froslass from being overpowered, but, still fair in tournaments.

    Special Moves:

    Neutral- Grass Knot: Froslass tries to trip the opponent by summoning a grassy knot. It works on heavies better, kinda like how it does more damage…

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    Yep, I'm coming up with a Moveset on the spot for my Pokèself. LuxrayBlast Koritsu is a Shinx (Currently when this was made), who is a featherweight character, but, as a Jolteon he is a little heavier. He's vulnerable from the front as he wears a poofy diaper on his little blue/ yellow tush. He has two jumps and can crawl.

    The A Attacks:

    Neutral A: LuxrayBlast does a punch with the front of his paw which only does 1 damage and no good for jab resets. He does two weak punches, then a strong Scratch Attack, which turns into a Fury Swipes.

    Forward Tilt: LuxrayBlast swings his tail, only to fall on his padded bum, but, it's a good tripping move.

    Up Tilt: Gets on his hind legs and tries so hard to scratch, only to fall backwards. If it connects, he…

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    First of all, here's Cynthia's Set of Pokèmon:

    Garchomp- 4 Jumps, No additional Movement Options Roserade- 2 Jumps, No additional Movement Options Milotic- 3 Jumps, Can Slither

    Her Gimmick is that she starts with these three Pokèmon and they all have HP, which drains during the match. Once all three faint, she will replace them with three more Pokèmon who DON'T have HP bars.

    Spiritomb- Infinite Jumps (Unless It's already in the air when recovering, 2 Jumps) Glaceon- 2 Jumps, Crawl Togekiss- 2 Jumps

    Fighter Spirits: Cynthia Mega Garchomp Togekiss Spiritomb Glaceon Roserade

    Cynthia herself is an Echo to the Pokèmon Trainer, but, her Pokèmon have different moves than Trainer's. Cynthia will have 6 Final Smashes. Insanity!

    Cynthia- Down Special is P…

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    Bernadetta Moveset

    April 9, 2020 by LuxrayBlast

    Based on BrawlFan1's "What If (Character Name) was in Smash Bros." video series, I'm going to try creating a Unique Moveset for the Shy Archer of the Black Eagles House in Fire Emblem Three Houses, Bernadetta, since I respect everyone's personal bubble and Smash may seem like the worst place for Bernie to be, but, she's quite a capable archer. Bernie will be a Middle Weight character, on par with Mario and Sonic. Plus, since Three Houses allows use of all weapon types, I will do my best to put all of them in her kit.

    The A Attacks

    For her neutral attack she will equip Gauntlets and do a double swipe attack, it'll deal a lot knockback, but, about 10.5% Damage, 5.5 on the first hit and 5 on the second. A reference to everyone's melee combat an…

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    Ryuji's possible moveset

    September 16, 2019 by LuxrayBlast

    If Ryuji Sakamoto/ Skull was added to Smash Bros Ultimate, I came up with a move set for him while playing Persona Q2 New Cinema Labyrinth.

    Neutral Special- Rebel's Guard/ Makarakarn- For Joker players are used to these three moves being on the Down Special, here's how Ryuji works: He's a lot more hotheaded, so he would beat his opponents when using Rebel's Guard with his Broken Pipe, while with Makarakarn, he just wants to return projectiles back to the sender.

    Side Special- Zio/ Mazio- These are obviously the Electric versions of Eiha and Eigoan, however, he holds an opponent in place with Mazio similar to the combo of Eigoan, however, his Broken Pipe is Electrified. You guys with be seeing that Broken Pipe a lot. Cannot be reflected.

    Up Sp…

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