These are the Characters i hope to see in SSB5

Returning Cast

Mario Luigi Bowser Bowser Jr Ludwig (does he count as a veteran as he is only a re-model/skin for Bowser Jr in SSBWIIU/3DS) Peach D.K. Diddy Kong Wario Waluigi (once an assist trophy) Yoshi Link Zelda Ganondorf Midna (once an assist trophy) Kirby Meta-Knight King DeDeDe Samus Ridley (once a stage boss) Pikachu Charizard Mew-two Greninja Lucario Olimar Mr. Game and Watch Duck Hunt Dog Ness Marth Ike R.O.B. Little Mac Pit Sonic Pac man Mega Man Mii

NewComers/Trophies who are now characters

BoomBoom (Mario) King K Rool (Donkey Kong) Louie (Pikmin) Freddy (an indie character) Steve (an indie character) Agumon (3rd party)


BattleField Final Destination Mushroom Kingdom Luigi's Mansion Mario Circuit Mario Galaxy Bowser's Airship * Jungle Japes 75M Wooly World Hyrule Castle Bridge of Eldin DreamLand Pyrosphere Poke Floats Sky Tower * Wistful Wild* Distant Planet Flat Zone Duck Hunting Field Castle Seige Boxing Ring Green Hill Zone Pac-Maze Digital World Pirate Cove The End

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