Every Super Smash Bros. game is like a God's gift to every Nintendofag and fan of Nintendo's franchises. But even perfect product has flaws. I have both to like and dislike in Smash Bros. If you have something to like and dislike in Smash, here you are.

Favourite Characters

Tie between Pikachu, Luigi, Captain Falcon, Mr. Game&Watch, Kirby, Ness and Duck Hunt Dog

Pikachu is my favourite Pokemon. I played as it in Super Smash Bros. Brawl for Wii, when I was on vacation in Mexico, when I was thirteen. He is fast, agile and his special attacks are strong. Luigi is stronger than his older twin brother and has a little unique moveset. Plus, he is trope namer Luigification. Captain Falcon has cool catchphrases and attacks. Mr. Game & Watch introduced portable gaming to Russia in 80s in "Electronika" toys. Kirby has cool moveset, copy attacks and Epic Final Smash. Ness introduced EarthBound franchise to Europe. Duck Hunt has surprisingly amazing moves and it is cute. I don't like its laugh, when I fail to shoot duck. But this laugh doesn't make me put Dog out of this list. Only problem is I have never played Super Smash Bros, because I haven't 3DS or any Nintendo console.

Despised Characters

Tie between Ganondorf, King Dedede and Pichu

I like Ganondorf, because he is one of my favourite Nintendo villains. I hate his Smash version, because he is third-slowest (behind Jigglypuff and Robin) character and he is clone of second-fastest character (behind Sonic the Hedgehog). Ganondorf's Final Smash is easily avoided by agile characters, like Sheik and Luigi. I hope that in SSB5 his moveset will be based on Hyrule Warriors. I don't like Dedede because he is lazy and obese penguin who relies only on his hammer. Despite his recovery is great, it is easy to prevent. His Smash attack are strong, but easily avoidable. I hate Pichu, because it is the weakest character in SSBM. It is total clone of Pikachu and it is baby. Pikachu is faster than Pichu and that's bad. I'd rather played as Baby Mario, because he is faster version of Mario, who is balanced character.

Favourite Game

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo Wii U It has HD graphics, most realistic animation of every character and no tiers. It features photo studio for trophies. It is one of the best games for Wii U.

Least Favourite Game

Super Smash Bros. 64 It is not despised, but it is larval due to cartridge as media, lack of characters and stages, and synthesized music.

Most Overrated Character


Pac-Man is one of the my most favourite video game characters. He has good aspects to play as him: His classic desing, his taunts refer to Namco's classic titles, he made me meet Mario in arcades in Mario Kart GP, and he is Shigeru Miyamoto's (creator of Mario, Zelda, Metroid, F-Zero, Star Fox and Pikmin) favourtie video game character. I don't like his special moves, because I have Pac-Man World nostalgia. When I was child I played PAc-Man World on PS2. When I learned about Pac-Man's appearance in SSB4 his moveset disappointed me, especially Hydrant. I won't be able to customize his Neutral B as Dot Shoot (like Mega Man's Mega Buster), Up B as Dot Chain (Pac-Man turns into his 8-bit self and eat dots upwards), Side B as Pac-Roll (like Sonic's Spin Dash) and Down B as Butt-Bounce (Like Yoshi Bomb, but more bouncy).

Most Underrated Characters

Wario and Dark Pit

Call me spoiled brat, but Wario is not just "Bad Mario" or "Farting Mario". He has own motorbike, he is bad mannered. When Mario and Luigi look like Hispanic men, have Italian names (Mario is also Portuguese and Spanish name) and they are proletarians, Wario looks like Geogian man, his name is portmanteau between japanese and italian words (Warui Mario) has Hylian ears and he is business man. Wario has big harem. (Princess Shokora, Mona and Queen Merelda) Thanks, Nintendo, for making him "Luigified". He has Fart attack which has high knockback. I want only his Neutral B was his Burping attack (like Bowser's Fire). He must bite opponents when he is grabbed. I dunno, why was he made unlockable in SSB4, when he was starter in Brawl. Dark Pit has different customization moves. His victory fanfare is more unique. His projectile attack is very good.

Favourite Stage


Nostalgia. I played on this stage in Brawl when I was 13.

Despised Stages

Final Destination and Windy Hill

Final Destination is too flat and boring. It has only one platform. I hate Sonic Lost World because as title said, Sonic has lost his world. Why Sega, why do you kneel before your ex-rival? I prefer Seaside Hill more.

Favourite Couples

Male Pikachu X Female Pikachu, Luigi X Daisy and Kirby X Jigglypuff It's so cuuuute. Luigi must have a girlfriend, because Mario and Wario have several girlfriends. Both are cute pink puffballs. Thanks, BiTF.

Despised Couples

Any Male X Male, Female X Female and Hero X Villain I hate yaoi and yuri. I don't ship heroine and villain.

Favourite Items

Assist Trophy and Pokeball

It's surprising and adds more atmosphere to fight. Same as above

Despised Item

I dunno, cuz I haven't used any item in Brawl.

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