So today the PAL region has updated its SSBM tier list in case you haven't heard and there are some interesting changes that are worth pointing out (got the info from Smashboards, by the way). And pardon the bad paragraphing, I hope you can make it out.

SS Tier: 1. Fox / S Tier: 2. Marth 3. Falco / A Tier: 4. Jigglypuff 5. Sheik / B Tier: 6. Peach / C Tier: 7. Captain Falcon 8. Ice Climbers / D Tier: 9. Samus 10. Pikachu 11. Yoshi 12. Dr. Mario / E Tier: 13. Luigi 14. Ganondorf 15. Mario / F Tier: 16. Link 17. Donkey Kong 18. Young Link / G Tier: 19. Mr. Game & Watch 20. Zelda 21. Mewtwo 22. Roy / H Tier: 23. Ness 24. Bowser 25. Kirby 26. Pichu

Compared to the last tier list, the tiers themselves have been divided up even more with the previous S tier splitting into four separate ones and the bottom tier splitting into two. Sheik's taken a drop by a few places and Marth has risen to where Sheik previously was. Peach and Fox also have gained their own tiers being the B tier and SS tier respectively. Ganondorf and Roy have also fallen four places. But perhaps the most notable change is Yoshi's shift up 8 PLACES to 11th compared to his previous standing in 19th! As a Yoshi main, this is fantastic news and the tier list as a whole couldn't be better for me! It's too bad this goes for European regions and I live in America though...

But what do you guys think about these changes?

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