it all starts with Sackboy, the little guy.
—Description from the Super Smash Blog.

Sackboy is a veteran fighter in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. He was confirmed to return on June 13, 2018 during E3 2018 and eventually the secondary protagonist of Adventure Mode: World of Light



  • Excellent recovery.
  • Small hitbox.
  • Very high crouch.
  • Slightly above-average dash speed.
  • Can do Up Tilt combos on fast-falling characters at high percents.
  • Has two Sex Kicks with Neutral Aerial and Back Aerial.
  • Down Aerial and the second hit of Box can both Meteor Smash.


  • Light, making him easy to KO.
  • can’t defend very well against projectiles.
  • Somewhat weak neutral attacks, making it hard to launch opponents. He also has limited KO moves.
  • Very high air speed and falling speed.
  • High range on most attacks.
  • Predictable and linear recovery.
  • High priority on many attacks.
  • Very few moves that are safe on shield.

Changes from SSBWU/3DS

Ground Attacks

  • Sackboy no longer falls off the edge when using his dash attack move.

Aerial Attacks

  • All of his aerials have more ending lag.

Special Attacks

  • Ice has faster start-up.
  • If Sackboy pulls an opponent, he will do a brief pose, which references his games where he does the same.
  • Sackboy now can grab opponent projectiles to free himself. He can now also pull them out as balls.


Ground Attacks


  • Neutral Attack: Punches the opponent twice, then unleashes a flurry of punches that end in a stronger one.
  • Forward Tilt: Does a spin kick which can be tilted.
  • Up Tilt: Stands on on foot and lifts the other quickly.
  • Down Tilt: Kicks forward, high to the ground.
  • Dash Attack: Sackboy dashes forward with a fiery spiraling headbutt.

Smash Attacks

  • Forward Smash: Pulls his foot back before powerfully kicking forward.
  • Up Smash: Does a backflip, kicking upwards.
  • Down Smash: Does a split and spins around.

Other attacks

  • Ledge Attack: Quickly climbs the edge and kicks in front of him.

Aerial Attacks

  • Neutral aerial: Does a cartwheel.
  • Forward aerial: Kicks thrice in front of him.
  • Back aerial: Kicks backwards with both of his feet.
  • Up aerial: Kicks upward in a loop.
  • Down aerial: Sackboy does a downwards drill kick with multiple potential hits.

Grabs and Throws

  • Pummel: Punches opponent with his free hand.

Special Moves

  • Neutral Special: Spikes
  • Side Special: Hammer
  • Up Special: Box
  • Down Special: Ice


  • Up Taunt: Raises a hand and poses with a smile.
  • Down Taunt: Looks at the screen waving with both hands.
  • Side Taunt: Spins around and poses with a kick.

On-Screen Appearance

  • Crash on the ground with a mini plane, spin in the air, and land successfully.

Idle Poses

  • He felt tired.
  • he look to the other side.

Victory Poses

Sackboy wears a Crown in all three of his victory poses.

  • Parappa holds up Sackboy's arm like a referee would after a boxing match.
  • Does a few punches towards Parappa, warming up with him.
  • Runs and gives his back towards the camera, then turns around, looks above and strikes a pose, while Parappa cheers him on.
    • In all of Sackboy's victory poses, Parappa will say one of the following quotes randomly, depending on which pose is selected and which costume is used:

Pose 1

  • "Super Smash's all yours Sack!"
  • "And the winner is... Sackboy! Hahaha!"
  • "Ya got what it takes, Sack!"

Pose 2

  • "You win, Sack!"
  • "Was that a little too easy for ya, son?"
  • "Nice work, Sack. You got it all figured out."

Pose 3

  • "Ahh, winnin' feels good, don't it?"
  • "Way to go, Sack! You're the champ, baby!"
  • "Alright! I think I hear a chocolate bar callin'."

In competitive play

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In Spirit Battles

As the Main Opponent

  • Flumpty Bumpty
  • Donut

As a Minion

  • Two (x2)
  • X
  • Birthday Boy Blam (x9)

Palette Swaps

  • Brown (default)
  • Red
  • White