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Klonoa (Lunatea's Veil Costume) Render

Klonoa With Lunatea's Veil Costume

Klonoa (クロノア, Kuronoa), sometimes referred to as Klonoa of the Wind (風のクロノア, Kaze no Kuronoa) is an anthropomorphic mammal video game character created by Namco and Klonoa Works, and has starred in his own series since 1997.

Klonoa's appearance has changed since his introduction in his first game, Klonoa: Door to Phantomile, though he has retained his most recognizable features such as his large ears, dark blue and white color scheme, and cap depicting an image of Namco mascot Pac-Man eating a dot. In Door to Phantomile, Klonoa was much more feline in appearance, with large, yellow eyes and noticeable fangs when smiling. He wore magenta pants, a light blue cap, and had a large, red dog collar around his neck. Later, in Klonoa: Moonlight Museum, Klonoa's appearance was changed slightly, and his eyes were given a more traditional, animated look, as well as making him somewhat taller.

The biggest change to Klonoa's design came in his third appearance in Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil, where he went through a radical wardrobe change, gaining a blue shirt with a large zipper pin, dark blue shorts, and a blue cap. His face was altered a bit as well, and gave more focus to the fur around his mouth.

Klonoa's design was slightly altered once more in Klonoa 2: Dream Champ Tournament, making him have rounder, orange eyes and slightly bigger fangs. This is Klonoa's current design.

When sleeping, Klonoa wears pajamas that consist of light blue for pants and cyan for shirt. When swimming, Klonoa wears blue swim trunks. When cooking, Klonoa wears a chef's hat, a red apron, and blue slip-on shoes. When scuba-diving, Klonoa wears a blue wetsuit with yellow features, a dual-hosed scuba tank, mask and flippers. When working out in the gym, Klonoa wears a blue head-band with a Pac-Man design, a blue undershirt, blue and yellow legwarmers, and red sneakers.

It should be noted that once or twice (most recently, in the Wii version) his eye color appears to be two-toned (both orange and yellow in the irises)

In Klonoa: Dream Traveller of Noctis Sol, Klonoa looks older now and wears a red shirt similar to his usual blue shirt, but with large red collar, green shorts, red and white sneakers, a red belt, and yellow gloves. He was also given a wider body and larger irises. His design in the upcoming film remains the same except his collar and shirt are replaced by a yellow trenchcoat.

In Klonoa Heroes, his shirt and collar are equipments that can be equipped and changed in order to increase his defense and agility.

Though a comprehensive account of Klonoa's games is still forthcoming, all that is currently known about him is contained within the various scenes in the Klonoa series. He lives in the world of Phantomile in a small village called Breezegale with his grandfather, who he and everyone else refer to affectionately as "Grandpa". It is unrevealed what his parents status is, or if they simply live somewhere else.

It is also known in the first game that Phantomile was not actually his homeworld, but rather another world. It is unknown what his actual homeworld is. Klonoa was summoned by Huepow to Phantomile to save the world and its dreams. After saving it, he was sent back to his own world by the Song of Rebirth sung by the Diva Lephise (damsel-in-distress of the first game).

Klonoa is described as a "Dream Traveler", who is fated to travel to various places where the state of dreams is in danger without choice, but he himself isn't aware of that. During his travels to several Dream Worlds, he has met several characters who would later become mainstays in the series, such as Popka and the young priestess Lolo. He has also made a rival of a gun-toting mercenary named Gantz (Guntz in the Japanese version, an intentional translation by Namco in order to downplay his use of firearms).

The Wind Ring is the weapon fated to accompany Klonoa in his travels, needing a power source to work (but can be used even without one, as shown in other games). Door to Phantomile shows that the wind ring fell from the sky with Huepow acting as it's power source, being activated by Klonoa, who found it. In the end of the game, however, Huepow reveals that it was only a fake memory implanted in Klonoa's head by him, suggesting the Wind Ring was with Klonoa the entire time. Klonoa Heroes reveals that the ring was given to Klonoa by his Grandpa as a gift.

Klonoa's Moveset will be

SPECIAL MOVES----------------------------------------

Neutral Special – WIND BULLET - Klonoa thrusts forward the Wind Ring and fires a Wind Bullet from it. the Wind Bullet will travel a decent distance forward if it makes contact with anything it will deal it DMG to the foe and drag them back to Klonoa. Klonoa will hold them up over his head working as a sort of grab that will allow Klonoa to move around freely- Players can button mash to be released. Pressing "A" or "B" while Klonoa has an inflated foe above his head will cause Klonoa to throw them forward- the foe then becomes a projectile dealing additional DMG to other foes they strike- button mashing can stop them from moving forward. DMG: 3%

Side Special – BOOMERANG - This is a chargeable attack. The Wind Ring transforms into a boomerang and Klonoa tosses it forward causing it to circle him a couple times dealing DMG to foes it passes through. The boomerang rotates around Klonoa and will make more rotations the longer this move is charged. DMG: 3%-11%

Down Special – HAMMER - The Wind Ring transforms into a hammer and Klonoa swings it around himself- the momentum lifting Klonoa into the air Klonoa then brings the hammer crashing downward delivering a meteor effect and great DMG DMG: 6%-18%

Up Special – BEAM GNOME - The Wind Ring transforms into a baton and Klonoa creates a shield of energy and spins in a circle dealing DMG to foes- if used in the air Klonoa will spin into the air dealing DMG to foes he hits with the Beam Gnome- this special attack deals amazing knock back to foes and can reflect most projectile attacks! DMG: 12%-19%

Final Smash – THUNDER HURRICANE - Klonoa jumps into the air saying: "Let's Go!" and twirls very quickly making his ears appear as if they were helicopter rotors and then shouts: "THUNDER! HURRICANE!" as summons many bolts of lighting to strike down onto the stage randomly they are quite big- while they don't deal a lot of DMG alone the sheer number of lightning bolts are sure to rack up the DMG dealt to foes these bolts of lightning have meteor effects at first but right before they vanish deal a shock that deals huge knock back. after the FS time is up Klonoa hovers back down to the stage puts his right hand on his hip wink and gives the screen a thumbs up with a slight chuckle Klonoa re-enters fighter stance. DMG: 15% (per lightning bolt)

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Klonoa's Final Smash (Thunder Hurricane!!!)

Kirby Hat - Kirby wears a hat just like Klonoa's and also gains his floppy ears. Kirby gains the Wind Bullet Ability.


Taunt 1 – Klonoa will fold his arms and wind blows his ears backwards.

Taunt 2 – Klonoa tosses the Wind ring high into the sky and catches it. while saying: "Wahoo! Come on, Let's go!"

Taunt 3 – Klonoa yawns then stretches.



Breezegale Stage

Breezegale Stage

The stage starts off in front of Klonoa's house the stage is flat and can be walked off of but the house and porch could be walked on. the stage will then pan to the right to some old castle ruins. The turrets can be walked behind and this section of the stage is "U" shaped. The stage will pan to the right again bringing players to a bridge that overlooks a giant windmill the wind will cause the bridge to swing towards the screen and then towards the windmill making thrown items or projectiles difficult to land. eventually the stage pans again to the right. bringing players to a cliff side adorned with a giant statue of the songstress Lephise- this section has many platforms to jump around on as well as small machines that generate gusts of wind that can blow players around. the stage the brings players to the entrance of Balue's tower and into it. Seems like the tower is still in construction- scaffolding and the like makes up this section of the stage. eventually players make their way back out of the tower and around waterfalls and cliff sides that loop around the windmill and back to Klonoa's house.

STAGE MUSIC TRACKS---------------------------------

1 - The Windmill Song - Klonoa: Door to Phantomile [ORIGINAL] 2 - Sign of a Hero (Lyric Version) - Klonoa Heroes [ORIGINAL] 3 - Stepping Wind - Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil [REMIX] 4 - Tower of Balue - Klonoa: Door to Phantomile [ORIGINAL] 5 - Tutorial - Klonoa: Beach Volleyball [ORIGINAL] 6 - Vision of Ghazzaland - Klonoa: Empire of Dreams [REMIX] 7 - Quiet Hometown - Klonoa: Moonlight Museum [ORIGINAL]

Klonoa's Symbol

Klonoa's Symbol