Hello my name is DarKingdomHearts, DKH for short. I haven't been editing anything on this wiki, but often visit to check on information and stuff. I have been working on an own roster for Super Smash Bros. U/3DS. The roster has a few cuts and lots of new characters. This is all pure speculation, with a little bit of things I hope to be in, but in a way that is reasonable (not that half of the roster are Sonic character for example). Without further ado this is my roster:

Full Roster
SSBU Full Rsoter
Default Roster
SSBU Default Roster

Veteran Fighters

(*)unlockable, (+)confirmed

  • Mario +
  • Luigi +*
  • Princess Peach Toadstool +
  • Bowser +
  • Donkey Kong +
  • Diddy Kong
  • Yoshi
  • Wario
  • Link +
  • Zelda/Sheik
  • Ganondorf *
  • Samus +
  • Ness *
  • Lucas
  • Captain Olimar +
  • Kirby +
  • Meta Knight
  • King Dedede
  • Fox McCloud +
  • Falco Lombardi *
  • Pikachu +
  • Jigglypuff *
  • Red
  • Pit +
  • Marth *
  • Captain Falcon *
  • Ice Climbers
  • Mr.Game & Watch *
  • R.O.B. *
  • Sonic the Hedgehog *

Cut Characters

  • Toon Link: He really was fun to play as, but him being a clone of Link (in his special moves mainly) irritates me too much, mainly because they also look the same. I know it's the same with Mario and Luigi, but they can easily change that (even I can), Captain Falcon and Ganondorf (but hopefully Nintendo will have some more creativity with Ganon in SSB4), Lucas and Ness can be changed easily and there must be a reason to separate Fox, Falco and Wolf (although if Wolf gets removed I would unsterstand it). And it is likely Toon Link would be removed because he was spotted at the Spirit Train track on the 3DS version.
  • Wolf: I removed him because he looks too much like Fox and Falco. It is possible to separate Fox and Falco in their moveset by making them different, but to also do that to Wolf would be too difficult. So he really is unnecessary.
  • Lucario: Again, he was fun to play as but I feel Mewtwo deserves the spot more. First I had Zoroark to replace him to represent the 5th gen, but since Mewtwo is relevant again because of his Mega-Evolution (and the only who has two of them) and also stars in the new film of it, I think he should be included. His Mega Evolution could represent Gen 6. Also Jigglypuff would represent the new Fairy Type from Gen 6 (he already has the new name; Jigglypuff the Dragon Slayer).
  • Ike: He was one of my best characters in Brawl, but I eventually decided to take him out to make room for better characters. I replaced him with a protagonist of the new Fire Emblem game (like he replaced Roy in Brawl).
  • Solid Snake: I removed him duo to him not really fitting into the story. He is a gun shooting man who fights colorful characters in a fighting game. He would be better in a game that features characters that play like him like PSASBR.

Major Changes

  • Mario: I would replace his up special with Star Spin, from the Galaxy series, so his moveset (aside from the fireball) is completely different from Luigi (who then remains to have the classic moveset).
  • Ganondorf: Do I even need to explain this?
  • Lucas and Ness: some little changes in their movesets to make it more unique.
  • Zero Suit Samus: Like Zelda and Sheik, you also can select Zero Suit Samus on the character select to make it more easier.
  • Pokémon Trainer: I really hated this name in Brawl, as you can obviously see that it is Red, so I would change his name to Red. This also makes the roster completely first gen.
  • Fox and Falco: With the many weapons in the Star Fox series there should be a way to make their moveset a little bit different.
  • Pit: They already confirmed that he has a new moveset updated to his appearance in Uprising.

New Challengers!

  • Villager +
  • Mega Man +*
  • Wii Fit Trainer +*
  • Bowser Junior *: Aside from being my favorite Mario character, he also is one of the major appearing characters in the games. I was doubting to put him in or Toad, but I felt like Bowser Jr. would deserve it more. He has been there since Sunshine, and even though the other Koopalings came back he still remained the most important (for example also in the Galaxy series)
  • King K. Rool *: I think that Donkey Kong really deserved an antagonist for their franchise. Although not appearing in the latest games, he still was the main villain in most of the games. Aside from that he would be another big character and have an unique moveset.
  • Skull Kid *: Some of you might disagree with the inclusion of him in my roster, but I really have thought it through. He has a really popular fandom, and appeared in several Zelda games, tying with Tingle in terms of appearances. His moveset would be based off the masks for Majora's Mask. I rather would have him using it than Young Link (because we just have another Link in the game again).
  • Ghirahim *: Also was doubting to put him in, but he just played such a big role in Skyward Sword which was an awesome game. He also is co-responsable for Ganondorfs birth and also looks very awesome. My other choice was Vaati, but he also looked like Ghirahim, so a palette swap (or alternate costume) would be better.
  • Ridley *: Okay first let's get this out of the way, Ridley is NOT too BIG. In the first Metroid he almost was the same size as Samus, and in Melee's intro he was about the same size of Bowser. He would work out great in the game. And it is time Samus gets another playable character. He would have such an unique form of playing.
  • Bandana Dee *: Weird choice? No. The Waddle Dee's may be the weakest and most common enemies in the Kirby games but Bandana Dee is different shit. He way playable in Return to Dreamland and could use his spear in battle. But aside from using his spear he also can use other weapons used by varity's of Waddle Dee's (or even Waddle Doo).
  • Starfy: Some may not know him, but his game are very popular in Japan. His last game was also released in the other countries and I must say the game was awesome. He would have a awesome moveset mostly revolving around spinning. He also would have the longest swimming time (I actually think he is the only character who won't drown).
  • Krystal: Another female character. A Star Fox character who also doesn't use fire weapons and won't be a clone of the rest. She can use the spear of Star Fox Adventures that has several abilities to make her completely different from the other Star Fox characters.
  • Little Mac: You know what would be smart, putting a real fighter in a fighting game. Little Mac is the one you must choose to have a real boxing moveset based fight. He could use his many combo moves from the Punch Out! games in his moveset, and it also would be funny if he encounters DK again in the game.
  • Meowth: Next to Pikachu the most important Pokémon in the anime. But of course also in the games. Many people want Meowth in their party, he played a big role in Pokémon Yellow (if you can remember) and just is very awesome. And we won't have two Normal type Pokémons because Jiggs now is a Fairy type.
  • Mewtwo *: Well, I already explained it, but if you skipped it. Mewtwo was replaced by Lucario which I think was a big mistake. He is the most awesome character in the Pokémon fandom. And now he also gets a new form in generation 6, which means they still want to have Mewtwo important (and two anime movies 0.o).
  • Medusa *: Many people want Paletuna as a second Kid Icarus rep, but although she is important for the series I don't see a good moveset for her. Medusa however could be an awesome character, focussing on her dark magic etc. Also it would be nice to have a female villain for a change.
  • Lucina: Some of you won't know her but she is the daughter of Chrome from Fire Emblem Awakening, the latest FE game. She might not be the main character, but she is one of the most improtant charactes. Aside from the facts she is a female, she would be awesome to have in. Her background story is awesome (and she also reminds me a bit of BRS)
  • Shulk *: I don't know anything about Xenoblade, but I heard it was a great game with good gameplay. So I'm certain he would have a cool moveset, despite being a swordsman. But I have a feeling he fights very different from FE characters.
  • Isaac: The main character of the Golden Sun series. A new game for Golden Sun will be made or is made which also features him again, despite not being the main character as his son is that, but he is still playable. He was the main in the first two games though. He fights with Psyenergy which has such a big varity so you can create a very good moveset for him.
  • Mii *: And finally this person. You of course would fight as your own Mii. You just select the Mii you want to play as, when you selected the Mii to play. However the status of your Mii won't effect the status of the Mii in SSB4. Mii's moveset will be based off the many sport games he appears in and maybe you can even include some moves based on other appearances in other games, like in the Mario series.
  • Slime *: I personally would earlier choose Black Mage (also Sora, but like Snake he fits better in PSASBR), but Dragon Quest, the game Slime originates from, seems to have the most connection with Nintendo. All Dragon Quest games have been Nintendo exclusive and even had a crossover. Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts is more PlayStation than Nintendo. And although I do not know much about Slime's powers, I think they can easily make something for him.

Considered Challengers

  • Toad: He would be awesome to have in too. Having his moveset based off the newer power-ups in the games and maybe also representing the spin-off games more like Mario Kart and the old SMB2 game.
  • Vaati: As I explained above, Ghirahim would be better.
  • Zoroark: I was planning on including Zoroark before gen 6 was announced where Mewtwo got more important again. And many people also disliked gen 5 (at least that is what most people say), but Zoroark was a cool Pokémon.
  • Magnus: I actually wanted to include another Kid Icarus character. Magnus because he was playable in Uprising and was called the "strongest human on Earth." But he would be another sword user. Medusa was my other choice because she looked awesome and was another villain in the game. However they got left out because there were other characters of whom I thought deserved it more.
  • Balloon Fighter: I really wanted him in the game until I saw that Villager would be using an attack based off him in his moveset.
  • Square Enix: I actually wanted a Square Enix character to be playable as third party character. I was doubting whether to put in Sora or Black Mage. Sora appeared on several Nintendo platforms in Kingdom Hearts but he is more a PlayStation character. Black Mage however even appeared in Mario games (like basketball and sports mix) but it would be a bit unfair against the other jobs. Eventually I decided not to include any SE characters becuase I don't think there will be 4 third party characters. (Cloud also was considered but he didn't make any main appearances on a Nintendo console)
  • Sukapon: I once wanted him on my roster becuase he was a classic fighter. However he didn't seem to fit in very good in my opinion so I replaced him with Balloon Fighter, who then got replaced with Villager.
  • Micaiah: Before the new FE game was announced I wanted a character of FE included who would fight with magic instead of swords so I included her. But I removed her later because of characters who deserved it more.
  • Samurai Goroh: I wanted a second F-Zero character but afterwards thought that Falcon would be enought. It is a cool series though, but a bit outdated.
  • Claus: A third Earthbound character who I wanted to include. However afterwards I thought that the series didn't need another rep because they already got a new one in brawl, and isn't so important anymore.
  • Toon Zelda: Weird huh? Now I got rid of Toon Link but I was considering Toon Zelda. She would fight in the armor of Spirit Tracks at first, but I later had changed it too Toon Zelda/Tetra but she would be too clony in mu opinion although I made a very good moveset for her.
  • Glover: I wanted him in at first until I realized he wasn't Nintendo and actually isn't well known and not very important.
  • Gooey or Prince Fluff: Before Return to Dreamland was announced Gooey was the character I wanted as a fourth Kirby character because he was playable in a Kirby game while also being the final boss of the game eventually (although possessed by Dark Matter). Prince Fluff on the other hand would be based off the abilities Kirby had in Epic Yarn.
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