Crispycol Crispycol 5 July 2015

Roster with all DLC

Yay made a title that caught everyone's attention. I was bored and made this immense roster with too many characters.

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Crispycol Crispycol 22 April 2015

Rotom moveset for Smash

Rotom, a character I really don't see appearing in the Smash series as all, so why don't I make a moveset for it? So let's start.

Neutral attack

slashes with its right bolt arm, then its left, finishing with a horizontal slash with its right.
Forward tilt

does a downwards slash down on the ground, as its bolt grows larger.
Up tilt

does an upwards arc with its left bolt.
Down tilt

spreads both bolts to each side.
Dash attack

transforms into a mow and bashes into the opponent.
Forward smash

transforms into a refrigerator and slams open its doors while also sending out some frost to damage the opponent. The damage of the doors and knockback of the frost is larger when you charge longer.
Up smash

transforms into a …

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Crispycol Crispycol 17 January 2015

Sma5h Roster

I know, Smash 5 won't be there until over 6 years or so, anyways as I look at now I think/hope that the roster will look like this.

  • Total amount of characters: 70
  • Females: 12.5
  • Unisex: 5
  • Villains: 12
  • Series with multiple characters: 10
  • Series with one character: 19
  • Third-Party: 5

BONUS ROSTER (includes too many characters):

  • Total amount of characters: 89
  • Females: 18.5
  • Unisex: 5
  • Villains: 16
  • Clones: 8
  • Series with multiple characters: 10
  • Series with one character: 20
  • Third-Party: 11
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Crispycol Crispycol 8 January 2015

Top 10 DLC Characters

Just another DLC blog in which I present my top 10 DLC besides Mewtwo!!! It is updated after I realized that Shovel Knight is being ported to other consoles, so it wouldn't make much sense to keep him in this. And I'm going to add reasons and gameplay of the DLC.


  • No new Mario or Pokémon characters as they already have 7 playable characters with Mewtwo counted.
  • No 4th party characters allowed, meaning characters who didn't originate from a game.
  • All 3rd party characters must have appeared on a Nintendo console, the company must have history with Nintendo and you must relate the game with Nintendo.

  • 1 10: Marshal (Rhythm Heaven)
  • 2 9: King K. Rool (Donkey Kong)
  • 3 8: Impa (The Legend of Zelda)
  • 4 7: Ice Climbers
  • 5 6: Chibi-Robo
  • 6 5: Wolf (Star Fox)
  • 7 4: In…

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Crispycol Crispycol 23 November 2014

Legit SSB5/DLC Prediction

Okay I know it is waaaay too early to even think about a sequel, seeing as the game just has come out on the Wii U version in the US (gosh I wish that it would just be a worldwide release). But I already went ahead and thought of a roster that could be possible for a next version.

There is a total of 20 new characters in this roster. I added quite a few new characters. Let me explain them from left to right, top to bottom.

  • Toad: Okay so we have Mario, Luigi, Peach, Bowser, Bowser Jr. and Rosalina. Who is missing here? Right, Toad. Toad has been a playable character for a very long time already, so I think he deserves a spot on the roster. With him we would have covered all the main characters of the Mario series. The reason I choose Blue Toa…

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