Character:Spongebob Squarepants

Entrance:Coming Out Of His Pineapple-Shaped House

Neutral Attack:Karate Chops Followed By A Kick

Side Tilt:Spongebob Attacks With His Spatula

Up Tilt:A Simple Uppercut

Down Tilt:Spongebob Whacks Opponents With A Net

Dash Attack:Spongebob Trips,Dropping An Exploding Pie. Episode Inspiration:Dying For Pie

Neutral Special:Boomerang Pet Ball;Spongebob Throws A Ball That Returns To Him,Sometimes He Throws The Box,Which Is Slightly More Powerful.

Side Special:Bubble Bomb;A Bubble Shaped Like A Bomb That Explodes,Dealing Moderate Damage.

Up Special:Reef Blower;Spongebob Uses A Reef Blower To Propel Him Self Into The Air,Which Can Also Dunk Opponents Directly Underneath Spongebob.

Down Special:Jellyfish;A Jellyfish Floats Into Battle,And Stings Opponents,It Functions Similarly To A Metroid And A Swarm Of Bees,Which Makes It Annoying

Final Smash:The Hall Monitor;Spongebob Dons His Hall Monitor Uniform,And All Opponents Are Teleported Onto A Road. The Opponents Will Then Be Hit By Various Vehicles,And Will Then Be Launched By A Bus.

Taunts: Up taunt:Spongebob Laughs Side Taunt:Spongebob Says "I'm Ready!" Down Taunt:Spongebob Just Whistles