Joker originated from persona 5, A series about a group of highschoolers who didnt like there Society. and changed the hearts of corrupt adults using their inner selfs ( Personas)

Joker was the first dlc of super smash bros ultimate! On December 2016 he was chosen over many Different fighters his stage is called Mementos and depening on the song you choose its either Persona 5 ( Red ) Persona 4 ( Yellow ) Or Persona 3 ( Blue)

Miifighters! First there is The persona 4 refs, Which include Teddy and Yu Narukami Then there is Persona 3 Which Includes The protagonist Makoto Yuki

All out attack ( Final Smash ) This was copied from the game but replaced the blood with the Stars.

Arsene! The Joker's main persona from his original Game Persona 5 who is transparent Until you land an attack when he is active

Joker's colors schemes! Purple Referencing ( Persona 1 ) Blue ( Persona 3 ) Yellow ( Persona 4 ) And Red ( Persona 2 ) highschooler ( Ren Amamiya Or Akira) And white highschooler either for ( Makoto Niijima From p5 Or Yu Narukami's summer outfit or Joker's summer outfit )

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