We all know them fools, People that want the game to feature what they want and we know what that can do to games, Ruin them or flatout kill off game series or their studios for good and Smash's fanbase at times is a really bad example of this.

I remember back in the time of Melee that many did not have any prior knowledge of any kind of leaking by people and we waited back then for the game.. In Brawl's time people wanted to know so badly that people would search for leaks and it's only gotten worse since the Wii U/3DS days and now? People are making an ass of us gamers by trying to show info that Nintendo has kept locked up.

I'm sure that Nintendo decided to slow down the reveal of characters because of these MF leakers, But some people like this Chris person on Youtube seems to have a mind of his own claiming he knows Nintendo's Sakurai and that is quite hard to take seriously, If any game like this were to be cancelled because of leaking It would be a crappy day for everyone.

It does disgust me that A series like Smash Brothers has so much going for it, But the hardcore players aren't happy because of characters like Waluigi not being in, That makes it bad in their eyes... Dumb MF's.. Whatever comes I will play because this series is the only fighting game you can really take seriously anymore.