With the final character reveals, I think Sakurai really did out do himself with the reveal of Ken as the echo fighter of Ryu and the fire pokemon Incenroar as the last two of the base game characters along with our first DLC character:Piranha Plant, I enjoyed the reveals and I am really impressed by how Nintendo is giving us an Adventure mode and I can predict that we will unlock every character without even an effort through story mode like in Brawl.

Of course, There's the fools from Youtube like PapaGeno's, LaxChris, Nikendo, MarioTehPlumber, and any other person that..was stupid enough to believe something like that Grinch leak, Sure.. They may have predicted correctly Ken and Incenroar of the 8 characters they talked of, but that DOES NOT mean they were 100% correct and people like these jerks could've gotten this game cancelled!

Speaking of that leak, And I bet you still see these jerks who aren't happy about Waluigi and Issac being assist trophies once again (and making petitions) or the fools who wanted Geno, Shantae, Shadow, and Rayman.. At lease the fools who wanted Goku or other Manga characters are silent finally about Nintendo not letting those kinds of characters in.

Everyday I get on YouTube and I see these ungrateful, pathetic man kids who make videos of how Nintendo knows that they want the character but are "ignoring" them, Life doesn't work the way you want fool, And I taunt them in the comments to see them, in an anger respond to me and tell me off for insulting the fanbase.

I do have Anger but not because of the game but these people who aren't happy with nothing, We have 77 characters so far, With our first Free dlc character in the pipeline, and even better an 5 dlc character fighters pass coming later next year and that will give us OVER 80 CHARACTERS, The largest game roster EVER in the series history and STILL I bet people won't be happy, This game has pushed Sakurai to his breaking point and I have the greatest of respect for the man, I will be attending a launch party at gamestop at 9pm on the 6th of December to get my copy, I will play this game like it's the last Smash game ever as this game is so epic in terms of it's content that we should show respect.