So lately, a new leak has been going around the internet of a new Nintendo Direct. It can be seen here but the main thing that got me was the image leaking King K. Rool.

Wow, I never saw that coming. KING K. ROOL? WHAT? There are a few things to prove this could be real and fake, then I will say whether I think it's real or fake.

Points to prove it's real

Points to prove it's fake

  • Pose looks like an image of his trophy in the game just tilted and photoshopped. King K. Rool trophy and King K. Rool in the leak
  • Too many sharp edges which doesn't look like Sakurai would add on a character model into his game.
  • Everything else is zoomed in which could mean it's fake because if it was shown in full screen, something could be there giving it away.


I think this leak is 80% fake. Mainly because of the trophy thing. I've compared the two and the leaked KKR definitely looks like the trophy just photoshopped. If that 20% left is real, I will react the same way Etika reacted to Ryu's Classic Mode ending being leaked. This looks extremely convincing but I think it's fake. Do you think this is real or fake? Let me know in the comments.


Grant Kirkhope confirmed that the leak is fake over Twitter:

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