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Sorry for being a day late I forgot.

Anyhow, this week's topic: newcomers.

Let's do the numbers.

Super Smash Bros. 64, well, we all know the Original 12.

Super Smash Bros. Melee had 14: Peach, Bowser, Dr. Mario, Zelda, Shiek, Young Link, Ganondorf, Mewtwo, Pichu, Marth, Roy, Mr. Game & Watch, Ice Climbers, and 2 others I don't remember.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl had 16.

So Super Smash Bros. 4 could have 18 newcomers. We only have 11 revealed: Villager, Mega Man, Wii Fit Trainer, Rosalina & Luma, Little Mac, Greninja, Mii Fighters, Palutena, Pac-Man, Lucina, & Robin. So we could have 7 more newcomers.

Here are some people that everyone's requesting. We'll class them as "Possible", "50/50", or "Impossible".

Doing the Math

CharacterReason why/why notOverall Class
Bowser Jr.Ever since his debut in Super Mario Sunshine, Bowser Jr. has become a reccuring character in the Mario series. He's Bowser's only son.Possible
King K. RoolHe is a villain. The main DK villain. But he hasn't been in a DK game for a while.50/50 Plus, it's not offical yet, but Ridley is 99% confirmed as a boss.Impossible
Baby Mario Bros.Sakurai has mentioned that Ice Climbers were giving them trouble. Plus what kind ofthem horrible person would want to beat up a baby?Impossible
GokuDon't get me started. He is in with a Mii.Impossible
DaisySmash needs more females, but Daisy has never been in a Mario adventure. (except Super Mario Land) Plus Peach already has a Daisy color swap.Impossible
KoopalingsI'd rather see them as a boss, but it would be cool if one of them ended up playable.50/50-Impossible

That's all I have. If there is any you think I missed, please let me know in the comments.

Now I will take requests for future episodes. You can either leave in the comments or leave it on my talk page.


Oh and also I am doing 2 polls. One is which newcomer are you excited for the most, and which person that I mentioned should be a playable character.

Which newcomer are you most excited to try out?

The poll was created at 23:25 on July 24, 2014, and so far 46 people voted.
Which of the above should be playable?

The poll was created at 23:25 on July 24, 2014, and so far 48 people voted.

Catch you all next time!


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