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Smash Games

Here's a list of the Smash games so far and what I think of them.

Super Smash Brothers (SSB)

Ah, yes...the one that started it all. This was a legend during its time, and it's still popular today. In a way, this was also Nintendo's first true crossover game. Sure there were a few easter eggs in other games like Super Mario RPG, but this one had the most characters from different areas when it was released.


Note: This is based on the Melee/Brawl style on which the characters are trophies, not the original, in which they are toys.

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Super Smash Brothers Melee (SSBM)

The sequel to the original, Melee keeps the original roster and adds a bunch more characters into the fray. Also included are a unique (at the time) Adventure-type mode, and an All-Star mode that makes the> Enemies: Crazy Hand (360 HP)

Stage: Final Destination
How I Thought of This: I know the fifty-first event is impossible for me, but I've seen some people actually get through it without any lives lost. So I thought to myself "What could be considered the TRUE ultimate challenge?" The answer came to me in the form of the last two events being put together! I'm sure it's possible as there can be up to six characters on screen at the same time on Melee. I know Event 50 had the Hands at 300 HP, but I decided to go with their maximum health to make it more of a challenge. I'm not sure what the stock is going to be, but if anyone wants to try this, then go on ahead. If anyone can beat this grand challenge, then I'll put your name a list. Just remember: No cheating when doing the challenge itself!

Super Smash Brothers Brawl (SSBB)

The third in the series, and, in my opinion, the best of them so far. Of course, nothing's perfect, and a few things were left out, and others were just plain broken, but I really can't wait until the fourth Smash game comes out and see what they improve upon the series.


Story Coming Soon...

Sticker Categories

Since sometimes listing the characters a sticker can only be applied to can be tough, I've set up some categories for some of the more specific sets.

Character Names Group Name
Mario, Yoshi, Luigi, Bowser, and Peach Mushroom Kingdom Crew
Peach and Zelda The Princesses
Fox, Falco, and Wolf Team Star Fox/Wolf
Marth and Ike Fire Emblem Duo
Ness and Lucas Mother Warriors
Kirby, MetaKnight, and Dedede Star Trio
Pikachu, Pokémon Trainer, Lucario, and Jigglypuff Pokémon
Donkey/Diddy Kong The Kongs
(Toon) Link, Zelda, and Ganondorf Triforce Trio
Ice Climbers, Game & Watch, Pit, and ROB Classics
(Zero Suit) Samus Samus

Next, I'll list all the characters that use the two specialty-type attacks, [Tail] and [Bite]

Character/Group Name(s) Group Name
Yoshi, Pikachu, Diddy Kong, and Pokémon Trainer (Squirtle and Charizard) Primary Tail Attackers
Team Star Fox/Wolf Secondary Tail Attackers
Yoshi, Wario, Pokémon Trainer (Charizard), and Wolf Biters

Now for those characters and groups who share exclusive categories

Category Name Character/Group Name
[Aura] Attack Lucario
[Darkness] Attack Ganondorf
[Grass] Attack Pokémon Trainer (Ivysaur)
[Magic] Attack The Princesses
[Pikmin] Attack Olimar
[PK] Attack The Mother Warriors
[Water] Attack Pokémon Trainer (Squirtle)

Note 1: (Toon) Link includes both Twilight Link and Wind Waker Link.

Note 2: (Zero Suit) Samus stands for both her Zero Suit and Power Suit.

More stuff as I figure out what to put down.

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