Smasher Info.

My Mains

  • I like playing as every character and it is common for me to select random character when playing, but my mains are listed below in order of preference. The leftmost character is my best.

In Smash 64

Mains: Luigi and Kirby

In Melee:

Mains: Luigi, Pichu and Marth

In Brawl:

Mains: Falco, Diddy Kong, Luigi and Wolf


Spring 2007 - Melee: 20 entrants - Singles: 2nd Place as Luigi - Doubles: 1st Place as Marth
January 2, 2009 - Brawl: 40 entrants - Doubles: 2nd Place as Wolf
August 9, 2009 - Brawl: 35 entrants - Singles: 3rd Place as Falco - Doubles: 1st Place as Falco
January 2, 2010 - Brawl: 35 entrants - Singles: 3rd Place as Diddy Kong - Bomberman 64: 20 entrants - 2nd Place
May 16, 2011 - Smash 64: 20 to 25 entrants - Singles: Semi-finals finish 5th place (four player free for all 4 minute timer for all games in singles) - Doubles: 2nd place finish with 3 stock matches
Nintendo's F-Zero GX Championship Online Ranking (Fall 2003) - Drift Highway: 88th Place World - Lightning Half Pipe: 93rd Place World *Note:* The ranking system only shows the top 100 people in the world per race track. It used to show top 1000 in world, but has since changed and the rest of the levels I placed between 100 to 125 roughly so these scores no longer show. I placed number one in Arizona for 14 of the 15 levels. TimeSplitters 2 Online Ranking - Top 450 World TimeSplitters: Future Perfect Online Ranking - Varies between 50 to 75 World - Top 20 United States

My Competitive Gaming Videos

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