Erica Sakura (エリカさくら, Erika Sakura) is a fan character from the

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Sonic the Hedgehog series. She lives in a place known as Game World, where her creator's favorite video games reside. Her favorite characters in the official Smash Bros. series are Sonic, Toon Link, Pit, and Meta Knight. Some characters that she wishes could be in the series are Buddy from MySims, PaRappa from PaRappa the Rapper, Ash Ketchum from the Pokémon anime, and Crash from Crash Bandicoot.


Erica has a knowledge of various techniques and skills (albeit learned from video games). She is quick and lightweight, but she hits hard. Some skills break the fourth wall, and can be quite effective. On the downside, Erica's light weight allows here to be thrown farther than some others.



  • Neutral A-Punch, Double Punch, Headbutt.
  • Dash Attack-Erica flips forward, kicking opponents in the process.
  • Down Tilt-Erica sweeps with her leg, knocking others over.
  • Up Tilt-Erica performs a basic kick.
  • Forward Tilt-Thrusts her elbow forward, striking opponents.

Smash Attacks

  • Up Smash-Erica uses her 3DS camera to stun opponents, making the vulnerable.
  • Down Smash-Kicks people with force, causing them to fall. If properly executed, randomly color pixels will fly out.
  • Forward Smash-Erica slaps the opponent and makes them sprout a flower.


  • All-Erica plays her 3DS, saying "I'm the greatest!"
  • Smash Taunt-Erica will parody Solid Snake's Smash Taunt; she will communicate with Punk the Pikachu or Aqua the Guinea Pig (and Ash Ketchum when battling against Pikachu or Pokémon Trainer) through a Binocular-like device (which is a reference to Sly Cooper).

Other Features

  • Wii Remote Selection Sound: Erica says "Great choice."
  • Cheer: The crowd shouts "Erica! Erica!! ERICA!!!"


  • Erica has a Palette Swap based off of her mother, Violetta. It even goes as far as replacing the cherry atop her head with a blueberry.
  • Erica's English voice actor is Veronica Taylor, the former voice of Ash Ketchum.
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