I Think


No Jigglypuff, no cry.

  • The "kid playing with dolls" theory about the Super Smash Bros opening seems very logical to me, probably because I was playing Smash Bros. when I was a kid. With my toys. One of them was the crane of a truck. Yes, I broke my truck to get it.
  • I am ashamed of myself. Why? Because I won the 51st event thanks to REST! Bohoohoo...
  • You're too slow.
  • Mei Ling, Samus took her clothes off!
  • I hate clawshot.
  • Young Link owns Toon Link.
  • (VERY) Novice wikian.
  • In Smash 64, Kirby's normal form looks like is Metal form from Mouse Attack.
  • People wear socks.
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