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These are phrases I use all the time against members of SOY when playing melee and brawl.

  • "Marth and Roy on Pokefloats!"

-When I announce a challenge to Lite of Marth vs. Roy on Pokefloats.

  • "Thunder thighs!"

-When I hit somebody with C. Falcon's 'thunder thighs' or electric knee.

  • "Driveby!"

-When I hit somebody with C. Falcon's F-Zero machine.

  • "That was nice."

-When somebody does a super awesome combo.

  • "Chalupas?"

-A newer phrase for whenever I see somebody.

Other characters I use



Names & aliases

From this point on I will be known as -Y462 for that is what I will be writing as my name in tourneys, as well as that is my nickname on my Brawl game.


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Favorite stages

Favorite Stages (SSB)

Favorite Stages (SSBM)

Favorite Stages (SSBB)

Favorite combos

that bombsoldier uses

in Brawl

down-throw, down-aerial. (I think he substitutes this instead of doing chain-throws.)

that he uses


Chain-throw(until around 40%),dash attack cancel Up smash, Back aerial, Falco Phantasm, back-aerial, back-aerial until hit of the Stage, unless already hit of the Stage(continued on bottom), then back-aerial until killed(KO'd). Unless Already Knocked Off of the Stage:(Its not a combo right here it just shows what I would do.)Grab edge and wait, back-aerial then grab edge until eventual KO.


(When I'm next to edge)Down throw, Side-special(All Four all forward[it will knock opponent off stage]),(the rest of these are just Multi-hit attacks) forward-aerial then grab edge, (if they use their Up-special) back-aerial then grab edge and continue until your foe is vanquished. (When enemy is at 0%)Down-throw, side smash. Works against many characters.

Favorite Taunts


Down Taunt "Hands off my bread".Grab FD's ledge, drop, wall jump, grab ledge. SHDL


down taunt.(Minna Miteite kure) grab ledge, drop jump, grab ledge. Craq Walk.<---Does Exist

My Tier List

-Y462's SSBM Tier list
Best(some I don't use) Very good Good Medium Low SUX


8.Dr. Mario

11.Ice Climbers

12.Captain Falcon
13.Donkey Kong

16-17.Young Link

23.Mr. Game & Watch

-Y462's SSBB Tier list
Best(some I don't use) Best but... I HATE THEM Very good Good Medium Low Very Low SUX

1. Samurai
2. Pidgin
3. Infiniters
4. F.C.R./Wall-E
5. Facs

6. Puff ball with mask
7. Chuck Norris
8. Chill Penguin
9. Rottwieler
10. 2-D
11. I luv picking roses
12. Go Grease Lightning

13. Triforce slap
14. Pyro technist
15. infielder
16. Inflatable

17. Black Belt
18. Prince Kong
19. Irish drunkey
20. Bycicleta
21. Anime Link
22. Angel

23. He-Man
24. King Kong
25. Head in toilet
26. Plumber
27. Sorceress

28. You're too fast
29. I'm in disguise
30. Tortuga
31. Zamus

32. Sucubus
33. Master Ball
34. Macho

35. Astronaut
36. Puffball
37. Dino

Summary of Y46264Y

Y46264Y is a fan of all Super Smash Bros. games. His personal favorite is Melee, for these specific reasons; there are many tricks that can be performed in Super Smash Bros. Melee that cannot be performed in Super Smash Bros. or Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Jigglypuff's rest is at maximum power in Melee, and it has the wavedash technique, and powerslide. There were also many characters Y46264Y enjoyed that were taken out in Brawl; Mewtwo, Roy, Young Link, and Dr. Mario. But he also gained new favorites in the Super Smash Bros. Brawl video game. They are Marth, Fox, Falco, and Ice Climbers. They are his arsenal of doom to demolish almost any foe that opposes him. Marth supplies him with speed, long-distance sword, rapid attacks, and a killer weapon (tip of his sword). Fox supplies him with more speed, lightning fast attacks, and a great Up smash. Falco is a foe to be feared of with his reflecting capabilities, terrifying chain-throws, amazing combos, a gun that stuns his enemies and a meteor smash. While the Ice Climbers have an even more impressing chain-throw, a great Meteor Smash, and an ability for the computer Ice Climber to use its up special twice(if it uses it and then you use it you will save it from its death). (Y46264Y does NOT use items under any circumstances, strictly because it is a cheaper way of winning.) OK i do use items but only when theres 4 players and we're really bored.(But just the smash ball That just about sums it all up so thanks for reading.

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