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Jigglypuff Warning!
This user is a rollbacker and therefore has some of t3h ph1re! And he has something even better... T3H R3ST!

Smasher information

Other Characters

Anything that can play gay.

Favorite Stages

These are my favorite stages in SSBM and SSBB as the section implies.

In Melee:

I don't like anything else for some reason.

In Brawl:

Anything really, it doesn't matter to me that much


In Melee

I have participated in five real life Melee tournaments with approximately thirty five participants. These tournaments were hosted in a local Gamestop store during fall of 2007. Note that I never placed far in the tournament. I used Roy in the first tournament I participated in. Every other one, I exclusively used Jigglypuff.

In Brawl

I have attended some online tourneys, but none IRL.


Tbh, it doesn't matter as of now.


These are videos of myself playing against other players. I will add more if/once the rest are uploaded or when we record more.

Melee videos

Brawl videos

  • None as of now.

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This is a collection of all of the signatures I have used, in order from first to last.

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  • None as of now.



These are other places that I be contacted at.

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