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  • I live in a house
  • I was born on December 27
  • My occupation is being hated
  • I am Male
  • Bio Not a lot to say about me, just hate me
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Hello! This is my userpage, I don't recommend you to enter here because it's very boring :v.

About me

  • I'm 14 years old
  • I like talking in English and Spanish at the same time
  • I'm from Nicaragua, so I can't talk in English very well so sorry for any grammar error
  • I'm obsessed with Ike, Little Mac and Richter, don't ask me why :v
  • I put ":v" for everything :v
  • Besides being obsessed with Ike, I principally main Kirby
  • Super Smash Bros. is my favorite videogame franchise ;)

How did I know Smash?

Not so long story: When I was 6, I was very fan of the "Super Brawl" series, "Super Brawl" is a fighting series where it mixes different Nicktoons characters, it was a generic 1v1 fighting game like "Street Fighter" or "Mortal Kombat", whatever, One day I was watching "Super Brawl 2" videos on YouTube, when I saw on recommended a video called: "Super Brawl 64", which was a SSBB mod where only the original 12 were playable, I thought it was a "Super Brawl" game :V, so I clicked on it, as I said before, the only playable characters were the original 12, the player selected Ness and Luigi, Kirby and Yoshi as the CPU, in that time, I thought Kirby and Fox were Pokémon :V, then I saw another video called "personajes de super smash bros brawl" (super smash bros brawl characters in spanish, I'm from Nicaragua) I also thought it was a "Super Brawl" game, so I clicked on it, I was confused, I didn't recognize most of the characters. These are the characters I didn't recognize:

then I Googled "Super Smash Bros. Brawl" and I discovered it wasn't a "Super Brawl" game, intead, it was a "Super Smash Bros." game, I watched some gameplays, read a little more about the characters I didn't recognize when I watched "personajes de super smash bros. brawl" and then I discovered there were 2 more games (SSSB64 and Melee), I read about those two games, the history of the franchise, and here am I now :), with 14 years and looking how Bandana Dee and Paper Mario got decomfirmed ;-;.


Here I'll rank every game in the SSB series from best to worst (my opinion):

  1. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
  2. Super Smash Bros. Brawl
  3. Super Smash Bros. 4
  4. Super Smash Bros. Melee
  5. Super Smash Bros. 64

My games

Here are the "Super Smash Bros." games I have:

This are the games I don't have but I have played them


Here are my mains:

  1. Pink puffball
  2. I'll fight for my friends
  3. adkgefycgaewug
  4. Rest, Rest everywhere
  2. Pink puffball
  1. Pink puffball
  2. I'll fight for my friends
  3. She's better than Waluigi, ok?
  1. O.K.


Some things about what you have read:

  • When I discovered the names of the characters I didn't recognize in "personajes de super smash bros brawl", I thought Captain Falcon and Falco were from the same universe :v.
  • Here are the "Super Brawl" games:
    • Jingle Brawl (Made to celebrate christmas).
    • Super Brawl (Made to celebrate Super Bowl).
    • Super Brawl Summer (Made to celebrate summer).
    • Super Fall Brawl (Made to celebrate fall).
    • Super Brawl 2.
    • Super Brawl 3: Good vs. Evil (Normal game).
    • Super Brawl 3: Just Got Real (Joke version).
    • Super Hero Brawl 4 (Made to promote "The Spongebob Movie: Sponge Out of Water").
    • Scary Brawl (Halloween version of Super Brawl 4).
    • Super Brawl World.
    • Super Brawl Universe (First game on the series to be available for mobile).
  • Link to the "Super Brawl 64" video:
  • I already knew Lucario was a Pokémon, besides only knowing the 1st Generation ones on that time.
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