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I was Xtrme (pronounced extreme), but I changed my tag/username to Skell, and I am American Smasher who is friends with JtM, and has also not gone to a tournament. the two of us often battle against each other. I main as Ganondorf and Meta Knight for Brawl singles, and Zero Suit Samus and Olimar for Doubles. on melee, I main as Ganondorf for singles and Mewtwo for doubles. Xtreme and JtM are very close friends who are nearly tied in skill level. I also am the creator of the | TV commercial wiki and am in dire need of help. also, if you can find my secret word, you get...... this!

     5|_|93]2 1337! | \/\/I|_|_ 73/-\(|-| |_| 1337!

My Brawl Tier List

1. Fox
2. Sheik
3. Falco
4. Meta Knight

1. Ganondorf
2. Ike
4. Kirby
5. Ice Climbers
6. Toon Link
7. Zero Suit Samus
8. Lucario
9. Bowser

1. Snake
2. Donkey Kong
3. Pikachu
4. Peach
5. Zelda
6. Yoshi
7. Link
8. Samus
9. R.O.B.
10. Olimar
11. Lucas
12. Captain Falcon
13. Luigi
14. Wolf

1. Diddy Kong
2. King DeDeDe
3. Pit
4. Wario
5. Ness
6. Sonic
7. Jigglypuff
8. Mr. Game And Watch
9. Squirtle
10. Ivysaur

1. Marth

Characters that should be Playable in the next SSB game

1. Ray MK III from Custom Robo
2. NiGHTS from the Nights series
3. Chibi Robo from Chibi Robo
4. Agent J from Elite Beat Agents
5. Pac-Man from Pacman series

Xtreme Challenge!

1. Ganondorf
2. Brawl
3. New Pork City
4. Lvl. 9 Ice Climber
5. smash ball's, Bumpers, and assist trophies on high
6 you must KO nana first
7. you must KO popo with a final smash

I did this is 5:14.

put down the time it took you to complete this here.

3.34 Ike6481 (talk) 16:21, 11 July 2008 (UTC)

Wait a sec, why did I post this? ParaGoomba348 (C'mon, just talk to me) 14:24, 16 September 2008 (UTC)

my favorite smash-related quote

On June 14th, 2008, a tournament held by JG in Clifton, was almost canceled due to rain. While waiting for a match, Mew2King informed Gustavo Gonzalez of what was causing the severe lighting. " It's a Pikachu! It's a Pikachu! Lets catch a Pikachu!", he yelled and then proceeded to violently shake him. To Gus's response, "Dude... what the hell!?". - from the M2K smasher page


pie is good
OBAMA '08!!

Shadows of the Fallen

my own version of the SSE.
Lucario wakes up and looks around, seeing nothing but subspace. he sighs, thinking "ugh.......I need to get out of here!" suddenly, he sees a light far away. he uses double team and transports to the light. When he arrives, Mr. Game & Watch is lying there. Lucario picks him up and asks him if he's okay. The two watched the horizon, then see a portal a short distance away. (begin level) Enemies in level: mites, Mizzo (in tanks that fall from the ceiling), Glice, Glire and Glunder, and Shaydas. Level design: Mostly flat, with several hills & extra platforms. After the level, the two reach the portal as it is shrinking. G&W sacrifices himself so Lucario can escape.

The Skies
Lucario jumps out of a strange orb and begins falling. suddenly, he notices a Charizard falling next to him along with an Ivysaur and a Squirtle. Lucario looks up and see Pokemon Trainer falling also. PT yells to Lucario "OK man, that was gnarly! how'd you do that?!". Lucario sighs, realizing they'll hit the ground soon. suddenly, the 4 hit a cloud. PT stands up and yells "Dude, that was wicked awesome!". Lucario rolls is eyes, and the two walk towards what appears to be whirlpool in the clouds. the 2 (PT has his PKMN in pokeballs) are suddenly sucked in and thrown to a flat area. Lucario sees another portal on the far side of the cloud, and the 2 run to it. (begin level)Enemies: Spaak, Shaydas, Towtow, and Auroros. Design: flat with the occasional pit or pillar. after level, they arrive at the portal, and Marth climbs out, injured & bloodstained. he says "ugh....... this again!?" before fainting.

The Shadows
Lucario and PT check and see if marth is OK. after making sure he's alright, Lucario heals him with aura. Marth explains that Wolf had fired a strange cannon at him. it hit him, hurting him, but it only caused a strange shadow to remain on the ground. marth says that it appears that they are the peoples shadows, and drain the victims energy. the three climb through the portal to regain Marth's shadow. (Begin Level) Enemies: Primid(All types), Floow, Spaak. Design: very hill-like, sloping up at first, then sloping down. (end level) they reach a strange spot where it appears that reality has been twisted. suddenly, the spot returns to normal, and a shadow version of marth appears. all of a sudden marth faints. begin first boss battle.

The Afterlife
Marth, in his black costume, is standing in front of a coffin (created by the shadow before it was fused with Marth) along with PT and Lucario. The front of the coffin suddenly explodes open, pulling the three into the portal. they wake up to see a strange figure standing in front of them. the figure kicks them and rudely yells at them. the three slowly get up, limping. marth has a chunk of wood stuck in his shin, which he pulls out and stabs the figure (Wolf) with. begin second boss battle.

The Island of Life
After beating Wolf, the Trio sets out via a portal after taking what appears to be a pistol from Wolfs belt. the land on an island. they heart a gasp, and the look behind them and see a Yoshi and Toon Link. The two groups talk and decide to team up to escape the jungle island. camera zooms out, showing the place where they are and the location of the closest portal. The view transforms into a parchment-style view, and is revealed to be a map drawn my TL. The group departs on their way. (begin level) Enemies: Spaak, Koopas, Towtow, and Puppit. Design: much like The Jungle stage from the SE.(end level) they reach the portal, which appears to lead to a field in front of a castle.

More later. comments on the talk page.

Favorite Things

Book: Artemis Fowl Series
Video Game Song: Tetris Theme
Song: Dracula by Gorillaz
Game (other than Smash): Guitar Hero III

My Sigs

Regular: Xtrme Whatever 02:52, 30 January 2009 (UTC)
Thanksgiving: Xtrme Pumpkin Pie! Turkey! 00:56, 12 November 2008 (UTC)
New Years:Xtrme Enter 2009 01:52, 30 December 2008 (UTC)
Valentines Day:Xtrme Cupid Will Get You.... 04:26, 4 March 2009 (UTC)

To-do List/Goals

  • 500 mainspace edits
  • Resolved user conflict
  • Helping new users often
  • Request for Rollback once 1st goal achieved
  • post-RfR vandalism clean-up
  • 1000 more mainspace edits
  • Eventual Request for Adminship
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