Hey, I'm XXXXX. I love SSBM and SSBB. I want to make this place the #1 site for Smash Bros. info. I also plan to bring new templates to the wiki. In fact, I already brought the talk bubble template (see here) and plan to make a userbox index. You can find me out and about on Zeldapedia.

Smash Characters

In order of frequency

  1. Zelda, Lucario, Luigi
  2. Pit, Mr. Game & Watch, Pokemon Trainer who's real name is Red
  3. Toon Link, Olimar
  4. Mario, R.O.B
  5. Wolf, Falco
  6. Samus (Even though I like her series)
  7. Link (Logically he should be higher because I love the Zelda series so much, and he is a clone of Toon Link
  8. Ness, Lucas
  9. Peach
  10. Snake
  11. Kirby King Dedede
  12. Yoshi
  13. You cannot pay me enough to be C. Falcon.

Note: I spent four days not knowing that King Dedede was pronounced dee-dee-dee'.

But I'm forgetting some. I'm not forgetting Jigglypuff. I would need hundreds more characters to place her correctly in the list.

Favorite Quotes

  • Announcer: (frightenedly) Ganondorf!
  • A few Snake transmissions
  • Luigi: Let's a go.
  • Falco: Personally, I prefer the air!
  • Pit: The fight is on!
  • Falco: (Because of his British-Australian sounding accent) Piece of cake.
  • Yoshi: Yoshi!
  • Me:Ike is a weirdo, which is actually just a polite way of saying he'll remain single in the loony bin for the rest of his life sharing a cell with Tingle and he'd be much better off selling Ragnell on Emblembay Shop Victoriously!! so Ike, jumping off a building would save your oh so sorry body time.

That's not to say that Ike isn't a good Brawl character.

My Style

I prefer using a reasonably controlled projectile (Zelda's Din's Fire, Pit's P. Arrow, Snake/(Samus)'s Homing Missle, Ness's PK Thunder, blah, blah, blah, etc.) from a distance. Then I come with close hand-to-hand combat. When the enemy is high in damage, I use a smash attack to finish them off.