I'm Tuth and what I do is try to find vandals on recent changes and random page. I will not report vandals without giving them fair warning. I may currently have a bad rep. for advertising my polls but I did not mean it to be spam. I stopped doing those edits. If you are here because you got my message and you are going to complain, don't worry about it because you won't get any more of those messages.

I will usually be on Mon,Tue,Thrs. 10-11 a.m.

My tier list

  • S Tier: Ike, Lucas, R.O.B., Luigi
  • A Tier: Pikachu, Olimar, Toon Link, Bowser, Falco
  • B Tier: Sonic, Ness, Mr. Game and Watch, Yoshi, Snake, Zelda
  • C Tier: Kirby, Link, Ice climbers, Peach, Meta Knight, Diddy Kong, Ganondorf
  • D Tier: Fox, Donkey Kong, King dedede, Captain Falcon, Lucario, Wolf
  • E Tier: Wario, Pit, Pokemon Trainer, Marth, Mario
  • F Tier: Shiek, Samus, Zero suit Samus, Jigglypuff

User boxes


User boxes below Pikachu have yet to be fixed.

Icon-mario.gif This user is not fat.
Icon-luigi.gif This user uses Fire Jump Punch.
SSBMIconDoc.png This user is glad Dr. Mario Isn't in Brawl.
Icon-peach.gif This user lives in a castle. (Not really)
Icon-bowser.gif This user beat Giga Bowser.
Icon-yoshi.gif This user hate's Yoshi's stupid sounds..
Icon-wario.gif This user want Wario to die in a bike accident.
Icon-donkeykong.gif This user will Meteor smash vandalism.
Icon-diddykong.gif This user believes that chain grabbing is spamming.
Icon-link.gif This user has the courage to fight vandalism.
SSBMIconYoungLink.png This user would rather have young link than Toon Link.
Icon-toonlink.gif This user has brown eyes.
Icon-zelda.gif This user has the wisdom to fight vandalism.
Icon-sheik.gif This user transforms his signature often.
Icon-ganondorf.gif This user has the power to fight vandalism.
Icon-samus.gif This user edits with Internet explorer.
Icon-zerosuitsamus.gif This user thinks that Brawl added some noobey characters.
Icon-kirby.gif This user will Inhale vandals.
Icon-metaknight.gif This user wants to smash MetaKnight out of the air.
Icon-kingdedede.gif This user will meteor smash vandals. (again)
Icon-fox.gif This user does not prefer the ground.
Icon-falco.gif This user does not prefer the air.
Icon-wolf.gif This user doesn't prefer the sea.
Icon-pikachu.gif This user hates "cute" pokemon.
Icon-jigglypuff.gif This user sucks with Jigglypuff.
SSBMIconPichu.png This user REALLY hates "cute" pokemon.
SSBMIconMewtwo.png This user will kill vandals pshycically.
Icon-pokemontrainer.gif This user hates unevolved pokemon.
Icon-squirtle.gif This user hates overpowered characters.
Icon-ivysaur.gif This user will cut vandals.
Icon-charizard.gif This user will rock smash vandals.
Icon-lucario.gif This user will power up against vandalism.
Icon-captainfalcon.gif This user will Falcon Punch vandalism.
Icon-ness.gif This user is under 18.
Icon-lucas.gif This user isn't very good socially in real life.
Icon-iceclimbers.gif This user hates being double-teamed.
Icon-marth.gif This user is from America.
SSBMIconRoy.png This user will destroy vandalism.
Icon-ike.gif This user owns people as Ike.
Icon-mrgame&watch.gif This user will beat up vandals so hard that they will become 2-D.
Icon-pit.gif This user is male.
Icon-olimar.gif This user sacrifices his teamates to win the battle.
Icon-rob.gif This user loves Smash Wiki but hates Wikipedia.
Icon-sonic.gif This user thinks Sonic has too many attacks that involve spinning.
Icon-snake.gif This user has created a Wiki.

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