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Welcome to my Page

Hi everyone. I look forward to working with you all to improve the Wikia of the game we all love. My name is Luke. I have only a few rules for contributions.

  • No swearing
  • No racist or sexist remarks
  • No claiming to be better than me at Donkey Kong
  • I'm a neat freak, so no messy spelling
  • Absolutely no bullying of anyone.
  • Play in the Sandbox if you wish

I hope you all have fun.

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Without a doubt, the best fighter around.

About me

While I never actually owned SSB, a close family friend of mine did, and I regularly played it there. I mained Donkey Kong.

I was fortunate enough to own Melee, and I got more practice in with characters. I mained Donkey Kong and Young Link, with Marth and Roy as secondarys.

File:Zelda Artwork.jpg

Definitely the toughest chick ever

In Brawl, my mains have switched to Zelda and Donkey Kong, with Falco as a secondary. Kirby is my main for the SSE.

I am also a user of Bulbapedia and Halopedia, under the names Aldosaur and Lance Corporal Legend.

I am an avid lover of the Smash Bros. series, and am a dedicated team player. Let's make Smash Wiki the best Wikia ever!

My Resume

Pages I have written include:

but hopefully that list will grow in the future.

While I did not create these articles, I either wrote a lot of it, or contributed significantly;

I also constructed a template for Minor Bosses, seen on the Giant Charizard page and others.

If I were to make a Smash Game

These are some of the things I would change.

  • Falco's Final Smash is no longer a Landmaster, it is an Arwing that bombs the stage repeatedly.
  • Zero Suit Samus is now like Sheik, no longer as a result of a Final Smash. You can openly select Zero Suit Samus in the start menu. Power Suit Samus would have more hit range, similar to Tabuu's move with the flying electric particles.
  • Link's Down B is now Ocarina of Time. It works like Transform or Pokémon swap. Link turns into Young Link.
  • Young Link is much the same, except with a slingshot instead of bow, Gust Jar instead of Boomerang and Triforce Slash as his Final Smash. Link's Final Smash is now Epona, who rides everyone down.

There may be some more in the future.

Toon Ganondorf (Likes and Dislikes)


  • Camera mode. God, this is fun.


  • Moltres (returning to Brawl when Articuno and Zapdos were cut, even though Ho-oh, Groundon, Entei and Torchic all have similar moves)
  • Toon Link (great character, but annoying because he doesn't fit in anywhere, no enemies, no allies just a cartoon Link)
  • The cutting of Mewtwo and Roy from the roster of Brawl. Whilst neither were favourites of mine, Mewtwo was the closest thing to a villain that Pokemon ever had, and Roy was an awesomely powerful swordsman.

R.I.P Mewtwo's place in Brawl

  • Mr. Resetti and the Devil (this doesn't even need expanding on, no one likes them)

Thanks for taking the time to read my page and feel free to chat to me about theories and pet peeves.

Cheers! Toon GanondorfTALK

My Tier

Sure, everyone else has one.

Toon's SSBB Tier list
My fighters Worthy of attention Meh, all right No complaints, but not my fighters Not my first choice Zero out of Ten

1. Queen of Power
3. Gutsy
4. The Eagle
5. Beast Ganon!

6. The Prince of Althea
7. Galaxia Swordsman
8. My arch-nemesis
9. Aura Jackal
10. Playing with Guns
11. Wigglytuff

12. Loud Noises
13. Koopa Trooper
14. The Exotic Dancer
15. And his brother
16. The Ancient Minister
18. Ninja

19. Apparently a bad guy
20. My American Friend
21. The Mad Pot Plant
22. Mrs. Chief
23. Kids in the Snow
24. Werewolf
25. Thunderbolt
26. Birdo in disguise

27. Do not put in mouth
28. Charmander-Char
29. PK Love
30. Pretty Boy
31. Chimp Flip
32. Slow and steady d-air loses
33. The stripper turned fighter

34. The Home Run Kid
35. Bimbo
36. You’re too weak!
37. Nothing Special
38. Weakling
39. Just disgusting

Poke Ball Pokemon

I am not happy with the current Poke Ball pokemon. This is what there would be if it was up to me.

Here are a few newcomers:

  • Arcanine - replacing Entei, due to Raikou's absence, you can't keep any of the dogs without keeping all of them in my opinion.
  • Glaceon - replacing Suicune, same reason as above
  • Gliscor - replaces Latias and Latios, because there are too many legendaries and they are quite common. It was better when the role belonged to Scizor and Hitmonlee (SSBM and SSB respectively)
  • Zubat - Takes damage percentage of the user and gives it to an opponent by using Leech Life.
  • Delibird - Fills the job previously held by Chansey. Uses Present, which causes severl presents to appear. These can either explode or heal the user (identical to the actual move Present)
  • Weezing - Bring him back from SSBM, he was really good.
  • Marowak - Uses Bonemerang, similar to both Link's and Tabuu's moves.

Final Smashes

My thoughts on Final Smashes.

Top five:

5. Mario Finale - quite unavoidable, but still not in the leagues of Light Arrow or Ganon.

4. Konga Beat - Awesome music, and a decent Final Smash if you get the timing right.

3. Aura Storm - The pure beam of energy just gets me excited.

2. Light Arrow - A near one hit KO, plus an awesome freezeframe when making contact. I K-O'd Ganondorf, CHarizard and both Ice Climbers with it.

1. Beast Ganon - A near unavoidable rampage. What's not to love?

Bottom Five:

5. Super Sonic - too hard to control.

4. Wario Man - A fat guy turns into a fat guy in purple who smells like garlic.

3. Fox's Landmaster - the worst out of the three landmasters. Nothing to make it unique or better.

2. Negative Zone - the colours and music are disturbing.

1. Peach Blossom - it doesn't even damage them

Future Characters

A little pastime of mine. Think of new characters and their movesets. A few of the ones I have down here are just old characters with new movesets.

Contact me if you have any new ones and I'll post them on here, or you can just add them yourself. Toon GanondorfTALK


(courtesy of Super Smash Brothers Melee)


  • Neutral B: Flare Blade - Same
  • Smash B: Double-Edge Dance - Less like Dancing Blade. Roy lunges with his sword, then cuts upward on the second strike.
  • Up B: Blazer - Same
  • Down B: Counter - Different pose, but same move. Roy kneels and stabs his sword into the ground.
    • Final Smash: Flaming Sword of Seals - Roy's sword catches fire and doubles in length. Leaps into the air and strikes the in front of him, to his left, to his right and then stabs downward. All the fire erupts of the sword and flies in all directions.
  • Side Taunt: Sheaths his sword, bends forward and gives a cry of "High-ya"
  • Up Taunt: Sword of Seals ignites, and Roy lifts it above his head.
  • Down Taunt: Tosses his sword from hand to hand, then strikes an imaginary foe.
  • On-Screen Appearance: Warps in using Warp Magic, and the warp panel turns into a ring of fire and burns out.
  • Alternate costume:
    • Neutral: Blue breastplate, purple cape.
    • Red: Crimson breastplate, maroon cape.
    • Blue: Light blue breastplate, blue cape.
    • Green: Green breastplate, black cape.
    • Extra #1: Silver breastplate, brown cape.
  • Kirby Hat: Kirby gains Roy's red hair and a minute Sword of Seals


Dr. Mario

(courtesy of Super Smash Brothers Melee)

  • Neutral B: Megavitamins - Basic move
  • Smash B: Lab Coat - Reflects attacks like Samus's Charge Shot
  • Up B: Stethoscope - Tether Recovery
  • Down B: Addiction Patch - Causes Flower head
    • Final Smash: Epedermic- Dr. Mario releases three Viruses and unleashes them on his enemies. They function like Metroids, and Dr. Mario will pull out a huge injection needle and stab each one, causing it to explode and launch enemies.
  • Side Taunt: Rolls a megavitamin along one arm, then flicks it up and catches it
  • Up Taunt: Presses his stethoscope against the air in three directions; left, right, then centre.
  • Down Taunt: Squeezes an injection needle, and says "This won't hurt a bit".
  • Alternate costume:
    • Neutral: White doctor's labcoat
    • Red: Pale red labcoat
    • Blue: Pale blue labcoat
    • Green: Pale green labcoat
    • Extra #1: Black labcoat
  • Kirby Hat: Kirby gets Dr. Mario's headlight.

Plusle and Minun

(courtesy of the Pra and Mai theory, and Bulbapedia)

Plusle & Minun Trophy.jpg

(not my idea, already a theory of a pair-up like Ice Climbers. For more on this theory, click here)

  • Side Taunt: Both Pokemon high-five and wave to the camera.
  • Up Taunt: Minun zaps herself and falls over, Plusle helps her up
  • Down Taunt: Minun jumps on Plusle's shoulders and they wander around in a circle.
  • Alternate costume:
    • Neutral: Plusle has red ears, hands, tail and cheeks, Minun has blue. Both have yellow complexion.
    • Red: Plusle red, Minun purple. Slightly oranger complexion.
    • Blue: Plusle purple, Minun blue. Slightly bluer complexion.
    • Green: Plusle brown, Minun green. Slightly greener complexion.
    • Extra #1: Plusle has a black tie, Minun has a white bow. Lighter complexion.
  • Kirby Hat: Kirby gains Plusle's ears and tail.


(courtesy of Super Smash Brothers Melee)

Mewtwo Trophy.jpg

  • Neutral B: Psybeam - Basic medium range move. similar to R.O.B's B move
  • Smash B: Psycho Boost- Powerful short range attack
  • Up B: Teleport - Same as Sheik's
  • Down B: Light Screen - Similar to PSI Magnet
    • Final Smash: Attack of the Clones - An idea from the first Pokemon movie, Mewtwo makes faster, more powerful clones of each of the fighters who then chase them and attack. Mewtwo is invulnerable during this time. Lasts a short amount of time, then clones disappear.
  • Side Taunt: Crosses his arms and looks scornfully at his surroundings.
  • Up Taunt: Spins around in a circle, small pebbles rising in the psychic energy field.
  • Down Taunt: Traces a path in the air with his hand, and then clenches a fist.
  • Alternate costume:
    • Neutral: White and purple.
    • Red: White and orange.
    • Blue: White and blue.
    • Green: White and olive.
    • Extra #1: Black and dark purple.
  • Kirby Hat: Kirby gains Mewtwo's ears and tail.

Black Shadow

(courtesy of...well, just my own genius)

Black Shadow Trophy.jpg

  • Neutral B: Black Horns - Headbutts enemies with his horned mask
  • Smash B: Shadow Break - Black Shadow lunges at an enemy, seizes them and raises them off the ground, slamming them against his knee, then hurls them at the ground.
  • Up B: Shadow Uppercut - Similar to Falcon Dive
  • Down B: Nightmare Shed - Similar to Sheik's up Smash, Black Shadow raises both arms into the air and smashes people on either side of him.
    • Final Smash: Black Bull - The Black Bull plows through the centre of the field. Fairly even speed, but enourmous launch.
  • Side Taunt: Cracks his knuckles and mutters "You're goin' down"
  • Up Taunt: Throws his head back and laughs madly
  • Down Taunt: He jumps and slams into the ground, causing it to shake around him. He yells "Lets go" and stands upright
  • Alternate costume:
    • Neutral: Murky purple armour with a purple cape
    • Red: Redish armour, maroon cape.
    • Blue: Bluish armour, navy cape.
    • Green: Greenish armour, Dark green cape.
    • Extra #1: Bronze armour, light blue cape
  • Kirby Hat: Kirby gains black horns and a cape

Pokemon Co-ordinator

(courtesy of...well, just my own genius)

(Rather than a new Pokemon trainer. She has a Rapidash)


  • Neutral B: Flamethrower - Same as Charizard and Bowser
  • Smash B: Horn Attack - Powerful Smash attack with good launch
  • Up B: Bounce - Flies up and glides
  • Down B: Stomp - Powerful smash attack, Rapidash rears and comes down hard opn people in front. If hit directly by the hooves, they will be driven into the ground.
    • Final Smash: Glory Charge- Rapidash engulfs in flame and charges around the field, and a contest judge appears and gives a perfect score. Confetti and streamers rain down. Rapidash is invincible during her charge and launches opponents on contact.
  • Side Taunt: Rapidash rears and shakes her mane.
  • Up Taunt: Pokémon Co-ordinator strokes Rapidash.
  • Down Taunt: Rapidash paws the ground impatiently.
  • Alternate costume:
    • Neutral: Pokémon Co-ordinator wears red, Rapidash has a cream body and orange flames.
    • Red: Same as neutral.
    • Blue: Pokémon Co-ordinator wears blue, Rapidash has a bluish-cream body and blue-orange flames.
    • Green: Pokémon Co-ordinator wears green, Rapidash has a greenish-cream body and green-orange flames.
    • Extra #1: Pokémon Co-ordinator wears white, Rapidash has a cream body and grey flames (actual alternative colour scheme for Rapidash).
    • Extra #2: Pokémon Co-ordinator is a member of Team Rocket, Rapidash has a black body, red eyes and red flames.
  • Kirby Hat: Kirby gains Rapidash's horn and flaming mane.

Dark Samus

(courtesy of Wikitroid)

Dark Samus.jpg

  • Neutral B: Shrapnel Beam - A Phazon beam, which fires in a short burst.
  • Smash B: Phazon Super Missiles - Same as Samus.
  • Up B: Phazon Boost Ball - Similar to Screw Attack, but slower and more powerful.
  • Down B: Ice Beam - Similar to Suicune's Aurora Beam, but if it hits, the beam freezes across and traps the opponent. During a period of being frozen, the character is taking damage.
    • Final Smash: Dark Echoes - Dark Samus clones herself thrice and the four Dark Echoes spread across the battlefield and attack with a mix of Super Missiles, Ice Beams, Plasma Beams, and Shrapnel Beams.
  • Side Taunt: A spectre of her appears beside her, which she trades glances with, and the spectre dissipates.
  • Up Taunt: Glows menacingly and raises a hand toward the sky.
  • Down Taunt: Draws Phazon from the ground through her cannon.
  • Alternate costume:
    • Neutral: Dark Blue
    • Red: Magenta
    • Blue: Same as Neutral
    • Green: Evil Green
    • Extra #1: White
  • Kirby Hat: Kirby gains Dark Samus' black helmet.

Princess Daisy

(courtesy of Mario Wiki

Princess Daisy.jpg

  • Neutral B: Toadette - Daisy pulls Toadette from somewhere and uses as a shield against blows. Can be an effective counter.
  • Smash B: Daisy Slugger - Daisy pulls out a bat from Mario Super Sluggers and deals a mighty blow. Stall time, but effective launch.
  • Up B: Parasol - Same as Peach, but a more powerful blow and slower ascent.
  • Down B: Hammer Throw - Pulls out a hammer from Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games, swings and throws. Large start up lag, but deals a large amount of damage. Works like Bonsly
    • Final Smash: Grasswhistle - Daisy whistles a shrill melody. Grass and daisies grow over the stage, and all opponents fall asleep. Daisy is free to walk around and strike them. After a while, the daisies disappear and the characters wake up
  • Side Taunt: Examines a daisy, before letting it fall between her fingers.
  • Up Taunt: Holds up her crown, catching the sunlight. She tosses her hair and puts the crown back on.
  • Down Taunt: Checks the hem of her dress.
  • Alternate costume:
    • Neutral: Gold dress.
    • Red: Salmon
    • Blue: Cyan
    • Green: Dark Green
    • Extra #1: Pink (Peach's coloration)
    • Extra #2: Black
  • Kirby Hat: Daisy's brown hair and crown.


(courtesy of...well, just my own genius)

  • Neutral B: Kazooie Drill Peck - Kazooie sticks her head out of the backpack and pecks several times
  • Smash B: Elbow Smash - Thrusts with his elbow, like Captain Falcon's smash attack. Strong knockback.
  • Up B: Kazooie - Kazooie flies up and lifts Banjo with her
  • Down B: Ground-Pound - Performs the Ground-Pound move from his games.
    • Final Smash: Dragon Kazooie- Kazooie becomes a Dragon and flies around the field at a high pace. Also drops Fire Eggs, which Banjo (under the control of the player) can be pick up and throw, exploding on contact.
  • Side Taunt: Tosses a Jiggy from one hand to another.
  • Up Taunt: Backflips.
  • Down Taunt: Banjo flips onto his back, Kazooie walks up and back several paces.
  • Alternate costume:
    • Neutral: Brown fur, blue backpack. Orange Kazooie.
    • Red: Reddish-brown fur, red backpack. Red Kazooie.
    • Blue: Bluish-brown fur, blue backpack. Blue Kazooie.
    • Green: Greenish-brown fur, green backpack. Green Kazooie.
    • Extra #1: White fur, grey backpack. Grey Kazooie.
  • Kirby Hat: Kirby gains the ears and blue backpack.

Amy Rose

(courtesy of...well, just my own genius)

Amy Trophy.jpg

  • Neutral B: Piko Piko Hammer - Amy swings her Piko Piko Hammer around her. Powerful with decent launch.
  • Smash B: Comet Jab - Amy lunges and jabs with her hammer. Much like Quick Draw.
  • Up B: Piko Flip - Amy leaps into the air and forward flips, swinging her hammer around her.
  • Down B: Piko Counter - Amy holds her Hammer against her. Any physical attack is blocked, and Amy strikes back against the attacker. Any ranged attack is reflected.
    • Final Smash: Rose Team Blast - Big the Cat appears and bounces Amy on his umbrella as roses fall. For fifteen seconds after Big disappears, Amy is invincible and much faster. Her Neutral B move is a one-hit KO.
  • Side Taunt: Amy twirls her hammer and leans it against her shoulder.
  • Up Taunt: Amy winks at the camera and gives the peace sign.
  • Down Taunt: Glares forward and says "This is for Sonic!"
  • Alternate costume:
    • Neutral: Pink
    • Red: Orange
    • Blue: Blue
    • Green: Teal
    • Extra #1: Cream (Cream colouration)
  • Kirby Hat: Kirby gains her hammer and hair.

Galleom Mech

(courtesy of Blue Ninjakoopa)

Not to be confused with actual Galleom. Mech is a smaller version of Galleom, created by an unknown builder.

  • Neutral B: Missile - Missile flies from Mech's pack. Heat seeking, but requires time to reload, like R.O.B.
  • Smash B: Tank smash - Galleom converts to tank form and rams forward. Strong launch.
  • Up B: Mech tornado - Mech spins at high speed. Creates a vacuum effect. Vertical and horizontal recovery, much like Spin Attack.
  • Down B: Fissure - Mech strikes the ground and fissures run through the ground for several feet.
    • Final Smash: Subspace Bomb - Subspace Bomb emerges from Mech's head, screen freezes and zooms in on the timer, which counts down the three seconds. Subspace bomb detonates and the expanding Subspace sucks people in. When it reaches the maximum size (about the size of Jigglypuff during Puff Up), the Subspace area shrinks, releasing the fighters and launching them. Mech regenerates.
  • Side Taunt: Sparks fly from his eyes.
  • Up Taunt: Mech detaches one of his arms and swings it around his head.
  • Down Taunt: Galleom jumps and lands heavily three times. One of the few damaging taunts
  • Alternate costume:
    • Neutral: Silver armour and Purple.
    • Red: Rusty Silver and Wine Red
    • Blue: Steel Blue and Royal Blue
    • Green: Green Metal and Dark Green
    • Extra #1: Bright silver and White
  • Kirby Hat: The missile pack and the metal cap of Galleom.


(small courtesy of Masterman


  • Neutral B: Egg Shot - Shoots an egg from her nose and bumps opponents back. Minor damage.
  • Smash B: Tennis Racket - Birdo smashes to the side with her Tennis Racket
  • Up B: Egg Juggle - Juggles three eggs and on the second pass, throws them up. They break on contact. Similar to Egg Throw.
  • Down B: Ground Pound - Birdo jumps into the air and digs down sharply with her tail. Can spike, but if used on ground enemies, buries them. Similar to Yoshi Bomb.
    • Final Smash': Tennis Storm - Birdo raises her tennis racket and unleashes tennis balls upon the field in every direction. Similar to Palutena's Army or Waddle Dee Army. Occasionally eggs will go flying through the air among the barrage; these do considerably more damage. Touching Birdo will result in a huge launch.
  • Side Taunt: Adjusts her bow
  • Up Taunt: Sticks her tail into the ground and rises up, waving to the camera
  • Down Taunt: Sneezes, and an egg falls out of her nose. She stares at it in alarm.
  • Alternate costume:
    • Neutral: Pink body, red bow.
    • Red: Same as neutral.
    • Blue: Blue blue body, yellow bow.
    • Green: Green body, red bow. (Yoshi's colour scheme)
    • Extra #1: Yellow body, pink bow.
    • Extra #2: Gold body, silver bow.
  • Kirby Hat: Kirby gains Birdo's bow and top of head, like Yoshi.

Knuckles the Echidna

(partly courtesy of Smore and Falconpawnch)


  • Neutral B: Knuckle Fist - Similar to Giant Punch, but with less charge time and less launch.
  • Smash B: Megaton Rush: Charges, then shoots through the air. Similar to Green Missile
  • Up B: Uppercut - The uppercut move from Sonic Adventure/Sonic Adventure DX:Directors Cut
  • Down B: Dig - Knuckles goes down in the ground and appears behind a player with a powerful counter attack similar to Double Team.
  • Side Taunt: Punches his fists together.
  • Up Taunt: Does a triple back flip and lands on his feet, saying to the camera, "Impressed?"
  • Down Taunt: Heaves a rock out of the ground, tosses it up, shatters it with his fist, and lets the shards of rock rain on the ground. These, like Luigi's kick taunt, can hurt other characters.
  • Alternate costume:
    • Neutral: Red
    • Red: Red
    • Blue: Blue (Sonic scheme)
    • Green: Green (Jet's scheme)
    • Extra #1: Yellow (Tails scheme)
    • Extra #2: White (Silver's scheme)
  • Kirby Hat: Kirby gains Knuckles hair and gloves.

Trophy Description

A powerful red echidna also known by his full name, Knuckles the Echidna. Knuckles resides on Angel Island, where he guards the Master Emerald. Both friend and rival of Sonic, Knuckles is a martial-arts expert who can fly through the air.

Sonic the Hedgehog 3


(courtesy of...well, just my own genius)


  • Neutral B: Double Laser- Krystal draws two Blasters and fires repeatedly, alternating shots. Can be used repeatedly, but does little damage.
  • Smash B: Sacred Fire - Krystal charges, then launches a blast of sacred fire from her staff. This attack cannot be reflected and does moderate damage.
  • Up B: Spirit Lift - Krystal's eyes and body glow blue and she floats up a great height. Very good recovery move.
  • Down B: Horizontal Kick - Krystal stabs her staff into the ground and grabs hold, swinging around vertically. Can sweetspot if the tip of her boots hit an opponent.
    • Final Smash: Fire in the Sky - Krystal leaps into her Arwing and flies across the battlefield in a cinematic. She shoots a Wolfen out of the air, which spirals down and crashes into the battlefield, exploding and launching everyone. Krystal leaps back onto the field after the fire clears.
  • Side Taunt': Fixes hair as if the current battle is boring to her.
  • Up Taunt: Does an amazing trick with her staff and says "Is that all you've got?"
  • Down Taunt: Krystal takes a fascinating position and glows bright blue while slightly floating in the air. Two Krazoa Spirits fly around her.
  • Alternate costume:
    • Neutral: Sapphire Blue outfit
    • Red: Magenta Outfit
    • Blue: Cyan Outfit
    • Green: Emerald Green Outfit
    • Extra #1: Gold Outfit
    • Extra #2: Pink Outfit
  • Kirby Hat: Kirby gains Krystal's hair and ears.

Trophy Description A member of the Star Fox team welcomed in Star Fox Adventures after the team met her on planet Sauria when responding to a distress signal. Krystal is capable of telepathy and is a valuable member in combat. After becoming romantically involved with Fox, their relationship gets very rocky in Star Fox Command.

Star Fox Adventures

The Hidden Chapters of the Subspace Emissary

Incorporating my characters. Bosses Battles are in Bold-Italic, and Character debuts are in Bold.

The Mountain Pass

Knuckles is wandering through the mountains when he is attacked by Primids. He defeats the first few, but realizes that there are too many. He takes off down a nearby pass, pursued by three Giant Primids.

A Not-So Warm Welcome

Knuckles shelters in the cave, but the Primids pursue him. Cornered, Knuckles prepares to fight, but a yell is heard and Dr. Mario leaps from the shadows and plunges a huge injection needle into the chest of the first one. It disintegrates and the other two back away. Dr. Mario harasses them until they leave, then turns on Knuckles. He hoist the needle, and Knuckles looks at his fists and prepares to fight.

The Egg Hatches For Knuckles

Knuckles stands over the trophy of Dr. Mario, panting. Hearing a sound, he turns to see a golden egg in an incubator. The egg trembles and hatches, revealing Plusle and Minun. The two little Pokémon scamper playfully around the cave, but Plusle stops short when the two huge Primids are forced back into the room. Knuckles revives Dr. Mario, who glares at him, but then turns to face the Primids.

The Egg Hatches For Dr. Mario

Dr. Mario stands over the trophy of Knuckles, panting. Hearing a sound, he turns to see a golden egg in an incubator. The egg trembles and hatches, revealing Plusle and Minun. The two little Pokémon scamper playfully around the cave, but Minun stops short when the two huge Primids are forced back into the room. Dr. Mario revives Knuckles, who glares at him, but then turns to face the Primids.

Dr. Mario's refuge is destroyed

As the four celebrate, the clouds part and Mewtwo is revealed. He flies down towards the cave and orders two R.O.B's to place a Subspace Bomb on the roof. Inside, Dr. Mario notices the bomb and runs outside, and Mewtwo fires a Dark Cannon at him, turning him into a trophy. Scope Primids line up to make sure that Knuckles, Plusle and Minun don't escape. Mewtwo seizes Dr. Mario and flies away. Inside, Knuckles smashes a hole in the wall with his fist and seizes the little Pokemon, leaping to safety.

Birdo's Harvest

Birdo is preparing its crops in the afternoon when a Greap bursts from the trees and razes the field. Terrified, the little creature can only watch as the Greap closes in. Suddenly, with a yell, Rapidash leaps from the sky and uses Stomp on the Greap, denting its head. As Rapidash skids to a halt, Pokémon Co-ordinator leaps from Rapidash's back and Rapidash jumps forward, blasting the Greap with a Flamethrower. The Greap is destroyed. Beckoning to Birdo, Pokémon Co-ordinator points towards a road.

A Block In The Road

Rapidash stops, and Birdo skids to a stop beside her. The trio look ahead, seeing that their path is blocked by a blockade of Sword Primids. Rapidash lowers her head, and Birdo raises her fists.

The Black Bull

Rapidash tramples the last Sword Primid, and turns to Birdo and Pokémon Co-ordinator, who both cheer. Suddenly the Black Bull pulls up and Black Shadow leaps out. He fires a Dark Cannon at Pokémon Co-ordinator, and Rapidash takes the hit. Black Shadow seizes the trophy and laughs, moving back so that a horde of Primids can approach. Birdo steps up to defend Pokémon Co-ordinator, but realizes too late that that was his plan. Pokémon Co-ordinator is hit by the Dark Cannon. Laughing, Black Shadow tosses the two trophies into the cargo behind him, and then leaps into the Black Bull, taking off. Birdo bolts for it, running back the way she and Pokémon Co-ordinator came.

The Mighty Mountain Beast

Knuckles, Plusle and Minun are hurrying through the mountain pass when they reach a clearing. The great statue of Regigigas is standing to one side, but is completely immobile. Suddenly, Mewtwo appears and orders swarms of Shadow bugs to take form over a slab of rock, a lump of steel and a chunk of ice. These Shadow bugs form Regirock, Regice, and Registeel. With the three present, the huge Regigigas statue rumbles into life. Mewtwo vanishes, cackling, and the four Regis turn on the three heroes. Regice lumbers to the front. Knuckles, Plusle and Minun take off with Regice in pursuit.

Roy Splits the Regis

Regice collapses in a ruin of ice and Shadow bugs. Meanwhile, Regirock and Registeel prepare to attack. Plusle and Minun shock them to no effect, and Knuckles' fists do no damage; Registeel swats him aside with ease. Suddenly, there is a cry, and Regirock collapses in ruin. As the rock disintegrates, Roy is revealed. He stabs Sword of Seals into Registeel, and the sword ignites, splitting Registeel in two. He withdraws his sword, and turns to face Regigigas. Plusle, Minun and Knuckles hurry to his aid.

Foul Play

Regigigas stumbles forward, then tumbles off the cliff, disappearing below. Meanwhile, Mewtwo has reappeared with R.O.Bs. They prepare a Subspace Bomb, but Roy stabs the cliff, shearing a chunk of rock away, carrying the heroes towards the ground. The mountain is engulfed in Subspace, and Mewtwo vanishes in disgust.

Ambush In The Countryside

Banjo is strolling down the countryside with a Jiggy in hand. Kazooie pops from his backpack and snatches it away. Banjo grumbles, and suddenly dual laser fire rains on Banjo. He shelters behind a tree, and Krystal emerges from her concealment, pausing only to pick up the fallen Jiggy. Suddenly Banjo leaps from cover and tackles her. They roll to their feet, and Banjo aims a blow with his foot, which Krystal parries with her staff. Suddenly, a horde of Primids force them to stop fighting and join forces.

From Enemies To Friends

Krystal stabs her staff into the ground, and grabs onto it, spinning horizontally around and kicking all the Primids that attack her. Banjo slams two Primids' heads together. As the last Primid falls, Banjo and Kazooie wander over and shake hands with Krystal. Kazooie pinches the Jiggy back without Krystal realizing. Banjo and Krystal run down the path.


Banjo and Krystal are cornered at a cliff with a huge canyon. Banjo grabs Krystal and leaps off the edge, and Kazooie springs out and flies them to the other side. Scope Primids fire at them, but Krystal shoots back and the pair escape.

Sonic and Amy are attacked

Amy Rose walks down a garden path. She stops and smiles at someone in the shadows. Sonic steps out and smiles back, but the sunshine is blocked. A crude looking ship flies overhead, dropping Shadow bugs, forming Primids and other horrors. Sonic and Amy prepare to fight.

Sonic Saves Amy

From the crude ship comes a shadow. Landing heavily, the monster reveals itself; a ten-foot tall metal Colossal Mario. He shatters the tree near them, and closes in on Amy. Sonic leaps from the shadow and rushes Colossal Mario. Driving him back, Sonic rushes away, leading the huge foe away and saving Amy.

Dyna Blade Foils Mewtwo

Mewtwo and his band of Primids are hurrying along a forest path. Suddenly a black shape swoops down on them. Mewtwo turns and notices that three of his Primids are missing. The black shape swoops again, and four more Primids disappear. Mewtwo prepares a Psybeam, but the black shape tackles him away, throwing him into a tree. The black shape flies into the sunlight and is revealed to be Dyna Blade. Dyna Blade snatches away Doctor Mario's trophy. Dyna drops the trophy in her nest and settles down. Mewtwo is furious, but is unable to do anything and leaves.

Birdo is Run Down

Birdo is running as fast as she can, but the three Roaders in pursuit are faster. The front one rams her, running her over. When they stop, she has become a trophy. The Roaders disintegrate into Shadow bugs, and absorb the trophy. Shadow Birdo swells to a huge size, and storms off.

Krystal and Banjo prepare to fight

Kazooie sees Shadow Birdo in the distance. Running towards it, the trio come across a cliff face. In the distance they can see a bubble of Subspace growing. Suddenly, Shadow Birdo finds them. Banjo raises his fists and Krystal swings her staff.

Birdo Joins The Group

The Shadow bugs scatter, leaving Birdo's trophy behind. Banjo wanders over and revives her, despite Krystal's warning. Birdo springs to her feet and sneezes, then bounces up and down in excitement. She hurries off, beckoning to Krystal and Banjo.

Amy finds the Distant Shack

Amy crests a grassy hill and sees a desert plain and a small shack in the middle. Suddenly, a band of Primids spot her and she takes off, heading toward the Distant Shack.

Amy and Galleom Mech

Amy is cornered in the shack. Suddenly, Galleom Mech awakens and obliterates the Primids with his missiles. Turning on Amy, he threatens her, but Amy points outside with her hammer. More Primids are milling around the shack, and Big Primids are smashing against the door. Mech lifts Amy and throws her out of the window, before activating the Subspace bomb in his head. Mech's enormous strength carries her far out of range of the explosion, which engulfs the shack and surrounding desert plain. Amy watches as a small figure shoots from the Subspace. Mech has regenerated and catches up with her. Landing in the clouds, the two continue on.

Dark Samus' Ambush

Daisy and her little group of subjects, are wandering along a mountain path. Suddenly, Dark Samus and some Space Pirates appear and unleashes a Shrapnel Beam, hitting and destroying her follower. Daisy responds by attacking the Space Pirates with her baseball bat, defeating them as well. The two groups engage and fight, and during the fight, Dark Samus attacks Daisy with a Dark Cannon, trophy-izing her. As Dark Samus gloats, Daisy's followers flee. However, one of the Space Pirates' weapons disturbs the mountain, and an avalanche obliterates Dark Samus and her followers. Dark Samus' and Daisy's trophies are seen swept from the path.

Dyna Blade Prepares To Hunt

Dyna Blade dive bombs Banjo's group, grabbing Krystal in her claws. As she rises, Kazooie shoots from Banjo's backpack, slicing Dyna Blade's foot. Krystal falls to the ground, rolling gracefully to her feet. Dyna Blade swoops before them, preparing to attack.

The Doc Joins The Mob

Screeching, Dyna Blade crashes into her nest, knocking it into the ground, then tumbles out of sight. Krystal, Banjo and Birdo look into the nest. Seeing Dr. Mario, Birdo revives him. Dr. Mario shakes his head, grimacing. Suddenly, a pack of Primids appear, and Krystal and Banjo leap to the front. Dr. Mario joins them.

The Big Picture

The group reach the end of a path, and stand by the cliff. In the distance they can see the Isle of Ancients being destroyed.

Black Shadow Reaches The Temple

The Cargo pulls up beside a large temple, and the driving Primid gets off. Pulling the trophies of Pokémon Co-oridinator and Rapidash off, the Primid heads inside. The Black Bull screeches to a halt, running over the Primid and sending the trophies flying. Black Shadow steps out and raises one hand, catching Pokémon Co-oridinator in one hand while Rapidash lands behind him. He walks inside.


Two Scope Primids are on patrol. Suddenly there is a flash, and Roy's sword slices through one and sticks into the other. Roy runs across and grabs his sword. Plusle, Minun and Knuckles hurry after him. They look at the temple.

Crazy Hand

Hundreds of Primids are marching in the centre of the temple around a statue of Crazy Hand. They bow to it, and Crazy Hand appears from above it. Groveling, the Primids part and allow Black Shadow to pass through, carrying Pokémon Co-ordinator and Rapidash. He places them beside Crazy Hand, and Crazy Hand revives them. Pokémon Co-oridinator shakes her head, then looks in terror at Crazy Hand, who grabs her and Rapidash in preparation to crush them. Realising that it is some sort of horrid sacrificial ceremony, Roy, Knuckles, Plusle and Minun rush from cover. Knuckles punches Black Shadow, throwing him into a corner. Plusle and Minun shock Crazy Hand, who releases Pokémon Co-oridinator. Pokémon Co-oridinator and Rapidash rush over to the group. Crazy Hand hovers low before them.

If Fighting Fails, RUN!

Crazy Hand crashes into the statue, shattering it and raining chunks of stone on the Primids. Black Shadow rises and gives an order. R.O.B's move into place, carrying three Subspace Bombs. Roy desperately chops one of the R.O.B's in two, while Knuckles beats another, Plusle and Minun shock another and Rapidash burns a fourth. Nothing works. Finally, they run for it. Black Shadow gets in their way, but Roy whacks him with Sword of Seals. Black Shadow's trophy is left behind as the Temple is engulfed in Subspace.

A Hunter's trap

Still flying through the air, over a forest, Amy sees what she thinks is Sonic, and shakes free of Mech's arms and drops. However, it isn't really Sonic, but bait. As the fake Sonic crumbles, an Empress Bulblax emerges from the trees. Mech thuds beside her and prepares to fight off the Empress Bulblax.

The Next Stage

Wounded and beaten, the Empress Bulblax retreats, leaving the two heroes panting. They move further along into the forest, into a cold, wintery section.


Amy and Mech discover an avalanche has swept two trophies into the forest. Mech is cautious, but Amy brushes him aside impatiently, awakening the trophies. Daisy pulls herself out of the snow, before hugging Amy in thanks. Dark Samus, however, is less than cordial, preparing to fight them. She fires a missile, but Mech blocks her attack with missiles of his own. Dark Samus faces him angrily, and Mech challenges her.

The Fate of those who are Evil

As Dark Samus falls back into the snow, the trio of heroes see that R.O.Bs are preparing to use a Subspace Bomb near the forest. Leaving her to her fate, the trio run off.

Meeting up

Rapidash flies Pokémon Co-ordinator and Plusle and Minun to safety while Roy and Knuckles run on the ground. As Rapidash descends to the ground and meets up with the two runners, they come across Mewtwo and a huge band of Primids. Mewtwo turns on them, before flying into the air and ordering the attack. Fortunately, Krystal, Banjo, Birdo and Dr. Mario leap from a nearby cliff to their aid. At the same time, Daisy, Amy and Mech appear from another section of forest. However, Colossal Mario charges forward from amongst the Primids. Amy looks at him in horror, then stares around, hoping to see Sonic, but he isn't there. All the heroes band together facing off against Colossal Mario.

An Unanticipated Move

As the Metal Mario falls, Mewtwo descends to the fight. However, Knuckles points in shock towards the ruined army, and Mewtwo turns to see two R.O.B's have activated a Subspace Bomb. The Subspace engulfs them all.

Mewtwo's Horror

Mewtwo shakes his head, then prepares to strike. However, something catches his eye; a trophy of Lucas. He looks in horror to the left, where he sees Zelda, and then Mario, Yoshi and several others. He also sees Master Hand's ruined frame. Looking up at Tabuu, he fires his stored Psybeam at him. Knuckles and the others run up.

Mewtwo's Sacrifice

Tabuu easily blocks the blow, then prepares for another Off Waves. Seeing that there is no hope for all of them, Mewtwo dives beside Plusle and Minun and uses Light Screen. The Off Waves turns the other heroes into trophies, but Mewtwo holds the Light Screen. The strain is huge on him, and Tabuu launches another wave. Drawing the shield in front of him, Mewtwo charges at Tabuu, taking the full blow.

Positive Energy

Plusle and Minun cling to each other in terror, then watch as Tabuu creates the Great Maze. Once he is gone, Plusle looks around. Scampering over to Dr. Mario, he tilts his head, then taps the base, reviving him. Clapping in delight, Plusle and Minun, along with Dr. Mario, set off to find the others.

The Doctor's Remedy

Dr. Mario comes upon Mewtwo's trophy. He is about to kick it away, when Plusle and Minun tell him what Mewtwo did. Dr. Mario lowers his hand and revives Mewtwo.

A Shadow Before The Dawn

As Mewtwo and company prepare to enter the Great Maze, Black Shadow shows up, followed by Dark Samus. Cracking his knuckles, they bar the way. Mewtwo holds out one hand, stopping the others, and steps forward to confront his old comrades in evil personally.

Every Shadow has Light

Mewtwo revives Black Shadow and Dark Samus, before pointing at Master Hand. Black Shadow lowers his head, while Dark Samus can only stare in disbelief at her former master. As Mewtwo and company start up the stairs. Black Shadow follows them, then Dark Samus.


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