I'm Theman98- I may be new to Wiking (?) but I am by no means am new to Smash Bros. Ice Climbers rule =P

I have SSBM(super smash brothers melee, hopefully everyone knew that [>.<] ) and i am waiting for Brawl to come out. Hopefully I'll be able to get a copy before Christmas.

Characters I want in Brawl

1-A NES style character/ two dimensional sprite. Remember Game and Watch?

2-Luigi (called it, but i mean, duh)

3-Waluigi, maybe (nay)

4-Alternate costumes being different people. For example, maybe Links alternate costume could be the Cel Shaded Link, instead of making him a whole seperate character. (YAY! I called it!)

5-Mii, or an Animal Crossing character, that you can fully customize.

6- Ice Climbers (YAY!)

Characters everyone else wants in Brawl, and I don't

1- WW Link. WHAT IS SO EXCITING ABOUT THIS GUY?!?!?! Seriously. Hes either going to be a clone, or alternate costume. Neither one is good, in my opinion. I would like him to just die off or something.

2- Captain Olimar. Don't know much about pikmin, but from what i do know, i dont like this guy. the actual pikmin are pretty cool though. Hidden character? =](DOH, hes in and the pikmin too)

3- Anyone from Final Fantasy 1 through whatever number they're on now.

4- Wario. Well hes in, but i still dont like him.

5- Any Pokemon besides Pikachu, or MAYBE Jigglypuff, only because Jigglypuff was awesome in Melee. (WTF Lucario? WTH)

6- Tom Nook. What exactly would he do? Wait, I can picture his final smash now...

File:Buy and die.JPG

First you buy, then you DIE! Ho ho!

Goals that I hope to accomplish on the Wiki

Have most of the items, stages, and misc. stuff covered in the wiki. Princess Peach doesn't have an article? (well, now she does, just a really crappy and short one =P)

Work on the "Wanted Pages" list.

Finish the Ice Climbers' page, I started it, and I want to finish it.

Get Brawl, unlock all the characters, and post them (ok, that might be pushing it)

One last thing

I suck at writing articles. I can do a little bit, but other than that, dont expect much.

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