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HEY! L33T VANDALS, STOP BEING COWARDS, AND LEAVE SILVIE ALONE! Hey, VV|-|Y |>0|/-|- Y0U G3-|- 0V3R T3H 1337 S|>34K, Y0U 5-|-U|>1|> /b/-|-4RD5!!

Ha, troll that away! XD! :—-The Blue Blur in Nearly Blur Mode., RU|_3Z/Freakin' idiots.../index?pn=index


WARNING THE BLUE BLUR SAYS: "I will be less active in the Smash community, as I'm still playing Pokémon Platinum, Pokémon Mystery Dungeon EOD and the new PS3. (LittleBig Planet, tell me if you've got a PSN account ;p) I'm also having the wii taken outta mah room, so expect me to be back and training again in 1+1/2 weeks!"

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Template:SA BoxMy name is Jake. Also known as The blue blur. You can call me TBB, Teh blu blur or (If you're evil) Teh blue scrub! Please feel free to send me a message or invite me to a good 'ol fashioned Brawl.

This user has made 2,049 edits. <--- PWNT. <--- PWNT.

"He is..."

He is a HUGE sonic fan who mainly uses all out offensive tactic. For so long he has been waiting for sonic to be in the smash bros series, and here he is. His Friend code is: 0001-5797-8820 and name is TBB (The Blue Blur)  

General Info

Well, i'm The blue blur (Jake) who is a mario and sonic fan and has been playing them for a very long time.

I LOVE to talk about mario and sonic every day, any day. My favorite type of games are adventure games. (With the exception of brawl, a fighting game. Also my favorite game and best game i have ever played!) You may be thinking "Pft, amature 'eh?" No, i can be classed as one but im still good. Dont hesitate to brawl me though...

You can find me at AllisBrawl under "The Blue Blur".

Code blue's smashwiki only tournament!

Code blue (With the assistance of the DDA and Cheezperson)are holding a SmashWiki - only tournament. 

If you would like to join in in this tournament please sign your name below. (Also, like on the smasharena, please sign your name with a # just before it! (It's very handy!) For more information please check Ike's best buddy's page or code blues page please!

(Note:The tourney's gonna take place sometime in March-May, so be patient. Code blue are currently encountering problems.)

They aren't wotking because you're leaving a line's gap Ike's Best Buddy/Bird Of Prey Don't try me!

Tournament contestants

  1. ~Teh Blue Blur~A revolution begins...
  2. Masterman 2009
  3. GalaxiaD Talk
  4. Ike's Best Buddy/Bird Of Prey Don't try me!
  5. ~PrinceMarth sMarth~
  6. MarioGalaxyTalk
  7. ↓LINKS-ASSISTANT↓ (talk)
  8. Torisunanoho
  11. ParaGoomba348 00:42, 11 February 2009 (UTC)
  12. Y2J or Achilles :P
  13. Zixor (talk) 15:49, 7 March 2009 (UTC)
  14. Meta-Kirb (talk) 11:07, 5 April 2009 (UTC)
  15. Smasher2008-09 15:49, 13 April, 2009


The date the tournament will take place. (The tourney will begin when we have enough contestants (In a week or 2 (Or 3!)))

Date: TBA

New stuff

I have beaten tabuu on intense.

I have done co-op missions on hard/medium by myself. (Except the one with luigi's mansion in it) Got the Tabuu with the wingz trophy!!!!

Mah Friends...

These guys make smashwiki fun to hang out on and contribute in my spare time...



Ike's best buddy!

Crystal lucario!


Prince Marth!

Mario Galaxy!

Sapphire! KFC!!!


Unknown the Hedgehog

(Sorry if i forgot anyone lulz!)

Poll of the week

Do you live far away from where major tournaments are held? (NO major tournaments are held in England! It sux! I can even get there when I want! And it's like, 150 miles away!)

The poll was created at 11:35 on May 25, 2009, and so far 30 people voted.


~Teh Blue Blur~~You're too slow!~ My standard signature for this wiki.
~Teh Blue Blur~A revolution begins. My Crew's promotional signature.
--~The Blue Blur~New main in training! When I have a new main in training...
File:Real signature for SmashWiki.gif (U-T-C) My Signature... Which I use for showing off!

My favorite stages and stuff...

My favorite stages.

(1) Smashville

(2) Spear pillar (But I HATE that stupid Cressalia, and Palkia *shudders*)

(3) Bridge of eldin

(4) Temple

(5) Pirate ship

My worst stages.

(1) Hanenbrow

(2) Norfair

(3) Port Town Aero Dive (Nothing personal... Just not my kinda stage...)

(4) Pokemon stadium (Yet again, not my kinda stage...)

(5) Pokemon stadium 2 (You know, the same story...)

For my favorite stages, I would put down many more, but I'm limiting it to 5.

Pictoquote number 4!!

Sorry for it taking so long, guys. I completely forgot about my pictoquote, so here it is.

Click here for archived pictoquotes!

Wolf wolfflash01

What Really Happenned in Star Wars

Zelda: If you strike me down, I shall become even more powerful.

Wolf: (Wolf Flashes right through Zelda and into Fox's laser sword)L33t Silvie F33R T3|-| L337!! 20:37, 17 April 2009 (UTC)

  • And so it came to be that Zelda gave birth to a homnicidal wolf, with a strange love for stealing lightsabres by the wrong end... we all blame Link(eww). Ike's Best BuddyHere, my Friends 09:48, 23 May 2009 (UTC)

Character suggestions


Neutral a combo - Punch , punch, spins foward.

Side A - Simalar to mario's side a, only faster.

Down A - Same as sonic's.

Up A - Shadow does a backflip and kicks upwards.

Smash Side - Shadow teleports in behind them and does a spin dash back. (Similar to Double Team.)

Smash down - Same as sonic's

smash up - Same as sonic's, only it has higher knockback and there is no Vacuum.

neutral B - A slower, more powerful homing attack - Homing attack

up b- A spring jump and shadow's shoes give out fire for more suspension. - Spring jump

side b - Similar to illusion fox, shadow thrusts foward at incredible speed. - Chaos control

down b - a spin dash, just like sonic's. - Spin dash

final smash - super shadow just a tad slower, but the a button(/ 2) Makes him teleport behind the enemy.

Smashwiki user

This is kinda like a copy of Miles.Oppenheimer's one. FEEL FREE TO EDIT THESE INTO YOUR OWN MOVE. NO VANDALISM.

A combo - IBB - I FIGHT - FOR - MYFRIENDS!!!!! (A, a, hold a)

A up -

A foward -

A down -

Smash foward - Alex25 - FORX! (Player looks like alex25's head and TBB's body and stabs with 2 blunt forks foward.)

Smash up -

Smash down -

Grab down - BNK - BNK'S head appears and coninually says "SCRUB!" while a kitchen cloth is being rammed in the users face.

Grab up -

Grab back -

Grab foward -

Neutral B - Chocolatepie - Slams out a piece of Chocolate Pie for 6% damage, than eats it if he connects with an opponant to heal 5% damage. Minimal knockback.

Side B -

Down B -

Up B -


Up taunt -

Down taunt -

Side taunt - TBB - Runs around in a circle while shouting "TOTAL PWNAGE". (2.5 Seconds)

[Under construction]

My created articles and stuff...

Lightning Spring Jump - I first found out about this when me and my friend (Not a user on smashwiki but very experianced player) were just doing a few games, (which i mostly won...) and suddenly, as i was viciously smashed off the edge, i rocovered with a.... Lightning spring jump. In amazement he could only but watch as i serenly and skillfully all at once, took him out with a miraculous counter. And so it was the birth of the *DUN DUN DUUUUUUUUNNNNNNN!!!!!* LIGHTNING SPRING JUMP. 



I kinda have a confession to make... I kinda use the Wiimote & Nunchuk... But I'm good (but not as good as the W&N) with the GC controller... If that amuses you...

Check out my:-

version of teh front page! 

Feel free to watch tv here...

Wanna brawl me?

Sign your name below.

I'm still open for more beatings! LOL! Check the DDA talk page Ike's Best BuddyMerry! Christmas!!

--tarrant1400 (talk) 22:55, 9 January 2009 (UTC)

--MỸŠŦЄЯỸЊӘҒҒ TALK 04:11, 26 January 2009 (UTC)

Uhh i just got wifi, so send me a message with ur code thing and ill add u, i can play almost all weekend. Im pretty bad, but i dont really care i just want to play online.User Talk:LordGarbageMan

-- I would like to brawl sometime, I need to get better playing people online, I would need to give you my code so if you are interested, just message me on my talk page. And Sonic is always watching me.JMASTER IS THERE NO ONE ELSE!!! (talk) 15:46, 18 February 2009 (UTC) --Hi, I'd like to fight you. You never know what will happen. FC:1247-5080-9379 name: KAKE Chocolatepie (talk) 14:44, 9 June 2009 (UTC)

Littlebig Planet

The most awesome game out. 

My favorite costume

Probably The Ape Escape costume, slightly edited, with Blue pants instead of Yellow, and new skin. 

My first level

It's called Video Game Adventures PART ONE!! And it features Sonic and Dr. Robotnik (And a cameo appearence of ball Kirby), who's placed in Nintendo desert. It starts off with Sonic who's seen in a cage being dragged across the desert by Robotnik's Eggmobile. Sackboy (you) has to venture the desert, while advoiding/destroying Robotnik's badnik's and collecting score bubbles. You must go travel on the massive elevator, then climbing aboard my custom made roller coster cars (This bit is seriously fun, when I get Capture Card, I'll post it on youtube, and If you've got a PS3/LBP, PLAY IT!!!) and jump over the daring pit of fire. (In the 'beta' version, there was going to be another roller coaster, but it got replaced with a bonus area with stuff I made/collected) After you make it, grab a jet pack and take on Robotnik yourself. Hurl explosives at him and advoid his three deadly launchers! (This bit's very tricky, so I may fix this in version: 1.7 (Yes, I have fixed a few errors before)) If you finish the level without losing any lives, then you get my Sonic and Robotnik prize! Oh, and if you have a ps3, then add me. I'm "The Blue Blur1337"! 

why are you still here?!?!

RANDOM GALLERY Heh... I made that... Heh... I made that too... With MS Paint, Gimp and (Buutton style.)

Ownage meter

Name Ownage meter from 1-10 Description
ME!! 8.5 Just for reference lulz! So you know what your comparing with! :D I DARE you to challenge me. Go on!
Masterman 8 At first I underestimated him... But when i found out his true potential, he was very impressive... But it was very annoying when he TAUNTED ME WITH HIS OWN SONIC!!!! lol, kinda... But he was very good. There we're even!
Prince Marth 9 Hmmm.... Yet again, I underestimated a user because this one was new. Next time I brawl a new user, DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE THEM! But very good Marth. I would say he's the best in code blue. I even reckon he'd go pro with his marth and Pikachu.
Mario Galaxy 8.5 This guy has INTENSE SKIILS! My sonic just couldent beat his legendary Falco... But meta knight and fox had a chance. But yeah... His skill are incredible. (For these who are reading this and are yet to brawl him, heres a hint. When you dodge him, watch his attacks and movements. This is sure to help you.)
IBB 7 Well, this dude is a good Ike player. I'd say we are the same, but i'm a tad better... Sonic has got a few bruises from his vicious Great Aether but, yeah, i hope to have a rematch soon.
Smore 8 Great brawler. We're tied in skill in brawling though, but overall, hes still very good. He has a very good ganondorf , which is one of the best i've seen.
Shade 8.5 He's a great brawler! He can beat me most of the time, but his Gimpy inspired Boozah is amazing! Only MK can really beat him... Although, when it comes to zelda char brawls, I pwn.
lucasguy 5 OK brawler... he tries hard but i've beaten him every time...
Zixor 6.5 He's a good brawler, i can beat him most of the time... He has a good fox and kirby, but he's a good brawler.
UTH 7.75 He has a good sonic. Good brawler but does use sonic too much. It takes him a while to work out what tag is... Lol! But we kinda ganged up on him with mine and m's meta kinght in the cruel combo... But hes a good brawler. (My sonics better though... Heh, though he has beaten mine a few times.)
Xtrme 7.5 I've beaten him every time, but i remember he had a good lucario. I didn't beat him by much though. So yeah... thats it. Some say hes a good player, but i could still beat him, (Even with lucario vs lucario (I think)).
GXD 8 Hmm, well, he's a very good brawler indeed, especially his Meta Knight. I mean, It was so hard to catch that guy. I may have been lucky, but I (surprisingly) won 75.45643% of all the matches, but he holds a very good place on my roster. (If this didn't make sense, then GTHO.)
JtM 8.9 ۞_۟۞ Too good. We brawl properly soon. 'Nuff sed.
FireWario/Jens 7.2 He's got a very good Wario and a good Ganondorf. He's only won one serious match though.
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