The Dark Muse

I'm not very good with wikia profiles, so this'll be somewhat primitive for a while.

But while I'm at it, I'm The Dark Muse. I've played all three SSB games. I'm decent at SSB64, kinda bad at Melee, and acceptable at Brawl (not anywhere near pro levels, though). My best character in SSB64 is C. Falcon. In Melee, my best is Falco, but I'm willing to use most anyone else. In Brawl, my best are (in order from best to worst) Snake, Wolf, Marth, Game & Watch, Meta Knight, and Lucario.

My tier list

Note: This is purely my opinion - none of the stated facts are necessarily true

  • Feel free to criticize, but don't flame or anything similar, and realize only my playing of the game or rereading the list might cause me change it. If you want Pokemon Trainer in there instead of all three individual Pokemon, put him in Squirtle's spot and remove the three from the list.