Me in a Nutshell

Hi, welcome to my userpage. I'm TheDarkMuse. I'm a fan of Smash (who here isn't?), and I own the original Nintendo64 version and Brawl, and I'm borrowing my friend's Melee (possibly for forever).

In my opinion, Melee is the best of the games (no, I am not a wavedashing, Fox-maining, Final-Destination lover or anything of the sort, even if I enjoy playing the 4th, 5th, and 6th ranked characters.). Brawl isn't bad at all, Melee is just more intense and I'm more comfortable with the play style. The N64 version is also fun, I'm just more used to Melee.

My favorite game series is the Donkey Kong Country series. I also enjoy Mario Kart Wii (I do not own it yet) and Mario Party (any of them BEFORE 7 (not including 7)).

Smash History

I first played the game a few years when my friends showed me Melee. I was pretty bad at it, eventually maining Falco because he was spammy when I used him and he was a bird. My friends and I would three-on-one a Lv. 9 Bowser with max handicap to 'train'. By myself, I still had trouble beating Lv. 5 CPUs.

When Brawl came out, my friends got it (I was stuck with a Dreamcast). We were still about as good bad as we were before. However, through the course of that year, I started improving, using my shield to outdo my friends who couldn't land as many hits. During an attempt to dodge a CPU Dedede's Final Smash, I started using rolling dodges, calling it 'shield-dancing'.

I did get my own Wii on Christmas 2008, with Brawl following. It is still the only Wii disc I own (other than WiiSports and my Wii Channels). I do tend to play under 'pro' conditions, mainly because I feel items were either unfair or useless (depending on the item) and Stock is more fun than Time. My friend lent me his Melee, so I usually play that now, due to my disgust with Brawl's AI.

Although I'll probably never get there, I think it'd be cool to be on the Melee/Brawl Power Rankings in the state I live in. Who knows. Maybe you'll see the name 'TDM' over a Snake in a tourney.

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