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Captain Toad/Captain Toadette Moveset

Name Description
Neutral Attack A rapid-jab move. The first hit is a slap, the second hit is a kick, and the third is a revolving and constant hit from his/her pickaxe.
Forward Tilt Shoves the handle of his/her pickaxe forward.
Up Tilt A small jump that hits the enemy with his/her headlight.
Down Tilt A foot-sweep from below. Has a small chance of tripping like Kirby's Down Tilt.
Dash Attack While running, he/she swings his pickaxe wildly around him/her. The dash attack covers in front and on top of him/her.
Forward Smash Turns around quickly, which swings his/her backpack luggage at the enemy.
Up Smash Charges the move while trying the lift up a heavy Brick Block. When released, he/she lifts it above their head, causing damage.
Down Smash Charges the move while holding one of Wingo's feathers. When released, he/she spins around
Neutral Air While holding a Power Star, he/she spins around mid-air.
Forward Air Flails his/her pickaxe in front of him/her.
Back Air Holds a Key item and pokes the head of the Key behind him/her.
Down Air He/She turns upside-down and hits the opponent down with their mushroom-head. Is a good meteor-smash move.
Grab Grabs the opponent with his/her hands.
Pummel Hit's the enemy with his/her pickaxe.
Forward Throw Hit's the enemy really hard after swinging his/her pickaxe.
Back Throw Throws the enemy backward and bumps them with his/her backpack.
Up Throw Throws the enemy up and pulls up a turnip, which connects with the throw.
Down Throw Places the enemy down and drops a Special Gem on top of them.
Neutral Special Pickaxe Charge. Holds his/her pickaxe and charges it slowly like Chrom's Flare Blade. When fully charged, his/her pickaxe temporarily turns into the Super Pickaxe and, along with the strong forward hit, goes forward with two weaker hits.
Side Special Headlight. He/She flashes his/her headlight onto the opponent, putting them under the paralysis condition. The sweetspot is on the headlight itself, in which it will instead stun the opponent. It has some endlag.
Up Special Flaptor Flap. Rides a controllable but slow Flaptor to the stage, similarly to Duck Hunt's Duck Jump. Once the move ends, the Flaptor claws forward with its talons.
Down Special Plant Pull. Similar to Peach's Vegetable move, but has three different options. If the button is pressed once, it pulls a normal radish. This radish can be used just like the Vegetable Princess Peach pulls out. If the button is held, it pulls three coins. The coins are hitboxes and can only hit enemies in front of him/her. If the button is mashed or pressed repeatedly, it pulls a Piranha Sprout. The Piranha Sprout spits a small rock forward, doing damage.
Final Smash Draggadon. The giant Draggadon appears in the background of the stage, spewing hot fire that does massive damage. The player is still able to attack freely which the Final Smash is happening.

Marx Moveset

Name Description
Neutral Attack A three-hit-jab move. The first hit comes from the left tassel of his hat, the second hit comes from the right tassel, and the third hit is a strong kick.
Forward Tilt A small headbutt from Marx.
Up Tilt Marx strikes upwards with both of his hat tassels.
Down Tilt A foot-sweep from below. Has a small chance of tripping like Kirby's Down Tilt.
Dash Attack Marx runs and lunges forward. A mini clown-ball also goes forward, similarly to Isabelle's Dash Attack.
Forward Smash Marx swings his hat tassels forward while shooting a small Ice Ball. The Ice Ball counts as a projectile like Mega Man's Forward Smash, so it can be reflected. If the Ice Ball hits the opponent, then the opponent freezes. Based on one of his attacks in his boss fight in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.
Up Smash Marx's hat tassels spread out, gaining toothy spines. When released, the hat bites upward really quickly. Based on the Giant Claws copy ability from Kirby 64.
Down Smash Marx summons a small clown-ball to stand on while charging the Down Smash. When released, the ball pops and little air waves go to the left and right, similar to the projectiles that come from King Dedede's Super Dedede Jump.
Neutral Air Marx spins mid-air, sending out small Shooter Cutter pieces surrounding him. Based on his Shooter Cutter attack from Kirby Super Star.
Forward Air A small forward kick from his shoe.
Back Air A small backward kick from his shoe.
Down Air Tilts his head back and slams both of his hat tassels down. Is a good meteor smash move and is similar to Diddy Kong's Down Air.
Grab Uses the ribbons from his bowtie to grab the opponent.
Pummel A headbutt.
Forward Throw Kicks the opponent forward with his shoe.
Back Throw Throws the opponent backwards with his bowtie ribbons.
Up Throw Throws the opponent upward as hit hat grows spiny teeth and bites upward, similar to his Up Smash. Almost the same as Piranha Plants Up Throw.
Down Throw Throws the opponent down, stomping on them with his shoes. Similar to Meta Knight or Kirby's Down Throw.
Neutral Special Ball Kick. Marx kicks his clown-ball in front of him. The move has random range and different damage is done when kicked. A short distance kick does the most damage, a medium distance kick does neutral damage, and a large distance kick does little damage. Based on one of his attacks from Kirby Star Allies.
Side Special Mini Black Hole. Marx creates a small black hole in front of him. It has a pulling effect on nearby fighters and does small damage the longer the opponent is trapped in the attack. It acts like a small version of the Black Hole item with less duration and does damage similar to Piranha Plant's Poison Breath. Based on his Black Hole attack from Kirby Super Star.
Up Special Warp. Marx sprouts his wings and teleports upwards. The move is used for recovery and can be slightly angled. It is better for going up then sideways. When aiming up, it goes a great distance, similarly to Mewtwo's Teleport. When aimed left or right, it goes a short distance. Based on his movements in Kirby Super Star.
Down Special Time Bomb Jester Ball. Marx lays his clown-ball is front of him and it explodes shortly after. The explosion does a decent amount of damage when left alone. It stays in place when put down. If it is attacked instead of waiting for it to go off, it will create a bigger explosion and does a great amount of damage. It is like a mix of Snake's C4 and Link's Remote Bomb. Based on one of his attacks from Kirby Star Allies.
Final Smash Nova's Destruction. Marx turns into his True Form and lunges himself straight forward, similar to Wario or King K. Rools Final Smash startup. The opponent is then shown laying atop of the Galactic Nova in space. Marx then lunges himself straight into Nova, causing Nova to explode. Based on the ending of Kirby Super Star.

Steve/Alex Moveset

Name Description
Neutral Attack A three-hit-jab move. Hit's forward with his/her fist.
Forward Tilt Holds a Gold Shovel and pokes it forward.
Up Tilt Holds a Banner item upward and swings it. The color of the Banner randomly changes.
Down Tilt Sweeps the floor with an Iron Axe.
Dash Attack Holds an Obsidian block in front of him/her while dashing.
Forward Smash Holds an Iron Door with a Lever item. When released, he/she flicks the Lever and the Iron Door opens forward.
Up Smash Holds a Diamond Sword and slashes upward three times. The same as Link's Up Smash.
Down Smash Holds one Splash Potion of Harming in each hand. When released, he/she throws the two potions down, causing damage. It was considerable range and can reach a bit farther than other Down Smashes.
Neutral Air Holds one Torch item in each hand, spinning around with them. The sweetspot located on the Torch's flame does fire damage.
Forward Air Hold's several Beetroot items in one hand and waves them forward. Can be chained to create a Wall Of Pain effect if used correctly.
Back Air Hits backward with a Stick item in his/her hand.
Down Air Hold's down a Piston item and releases it with a Lever item. It has some startup lag and is similar to R.O.B's Down Air, but is a powerful meteor smash move.
Grab Reals a Fishing Rod item forward and grabs any opponents stuck in it. The same as Isabelle's Fishing Rod except it leads into a grab instead of an automatic throw. Can be used as a Tether Recovery.
Pummel Hit's the opponent with a Bone item.
Forward Throw Swings around a Blaze Rod item and hits the opponent, sending them forward.
Back Throw Throws the opponent behind him/her and hits them with a Stone Hoe.
Up Throw Throws the opponent up and hit's them with a Trident item.
Down Throw Holds the opponent down, throwing several Snowball items at them, then launches them.
Neutral Special Block Place. Places a Wood Plank block in front of him/her. The block acts solid and can be stacked. Only three can be on the field at a time. They start to break over time and can easily be destroyed with one hit.
Side Special Music Disc. Throws a Music Disc item forward before it shatters when it hits an opponent. The disc that is thrown is random and it has a different effect and makes a different noise on contact.
  • If Disc 13 is thrown, it has a Normal effect and makes a Lever flick noise.
  • If Disc Cat is thrown, it has a Slash effect and makes an Ocelot meow noise.
  • If Disc Blocks is thrown, it has a Paralyze effect and makes a Dirt breaking noise.
  • If Disc Chirp is thrown, it has a Stab effect and makes a Parrot chirping noise.
  • If Disc Far is thrown, it has a Fire effect and makes a Fire placing noise.
  • If Disc Mall is thrown, it has an Electric effect and makes a Button pressing noise.
  • If Disc Mellohi is thrown, it has a Slip effect and makes a Witch laughing noise.
  • If Disc Stal is thrown, it has a Magic effect and makes an Anvil placing noise.
  • If Disc Strad is thrown, it has a Grass effect and makes a Wood breaking noise.
  • If Disc Ward is thrown, it has a Bury effect and makes a Grass breaking noise.
  • If Disc 11 is thrown, it has a Stun effect and makes no noise.
  • If Disc Wait is thrown, it has a Flower effect and makes a Scaffolding breaking noise.
Up Special Elytra. Gains an Elytra and Fireworks. The Elytra helps his fly upward to the stage while he/she shoots Fireworks upwards, causing damage.
Down Special Shulker. Holds out a Shulker in front of him/her. The first few frames act as a counter move, where if an opponent hits Steve/Alex, the Shulker attacks. The rest of the frames act as a shield where Steve/Alex will take no damage or knockback as long as the Shulker is still there. The Shulker goes away after a little bit of time.
Final Smash Ender Dragon Breath. Holds up an End Crystal and summons the Ender Dragon. Steve/Alex rides atop it and shoots tons of Dragon Breath onto the opponent.

Jibanyan Moveset

Name Description
Neutral Attack A very fast three-hit-jab move. Hit's forward with his left paw, then his right paw, and then pummels forward with both paws.
Forward Tilt Holds his tail and pokes it forward. The sweetspot in on the tail's tip, which does fire damage.
Up Tilt A small punch upward.
Down Tilt Pokes the ground with boths of his tails.
Dash Attack Lunges with his elbow forward and lands on the ground.
Forward Smash Charges a fiery punch and releases it.
Up Smash Holds a random big fruit corresponding to one of the Fruitnyans (can hold a watermelon, grape, strawberry, apple, orange, kiwi, or melon). When released, he lunges the fruit above his head, acting as a small-lasting projectile.
Down Smash Holds up both of his tails. When released, he slams both of them down, creating a blue fiery burst. Almost the same as Mega Man's Down Smash.
Neutral Air Spread his arms and legs out around him while spinning, causing damage.
Forward Air Creates a miniature flare in front of him, causing damage.
Back Air Kicks behind him.
Down Air A stall-and-fall move. Jibanyan hoists himself up and goes down head-first. It is a good meteor-smash and can ground the opponent when onstage. However, if used onstage, Jibanyan will also get buried.
Grab Grabs the opponent with his hands.
Pummel Punches/pokes the opponent.
Forward Throw Summons Whisper as a bat and swings him at the opponent, sending them flying.
Back Throw Throws the opponent backwards and summons Whisper as a bat and swings him at the opponent.
Up Throw Throws the opponent upward and swings Whisper above him.
Down Throw Holds the opponent down and uses Whisper as a drill on the opponent, similar to Kirby's Down Throw.
Neutral Special Blaze. Shoots a short-going flame forward. It creates a small explosion on contact.
Side Special Inspirit. Inspirits the opponent, causing them to gain a random status. Some involve randomly taunting, tripping, falling asleep, or getting buried.
Up Special Whisper Jump. Rides on Whisper's head, to go upwards. The move has a cooldown like Olimar's Winged Pikmin and can't be used constantly.
Down Special Adrenaline. A semi-counter move that works similar to Incineroar's Revenge. If used while the opponent is attacking, it sends them back a bit and Jibanyan gains an attack boost for 30 seconds. The timer resets if Jibanyan successfully uses the move again.
Final Smash Paws Of Fury. Jibanyan hit's opponents in front of him, trapping them in his Final Smash. Jibanyan then release a flurry of punches and finishes with a tail slam. If it is used offstage, the tail slam is a guaranteed meteor smash.

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  • Neutral B = Magic Sphere
  • Side B = Mini Sphere Doomer
  • Up B = Spike Summon
  • Down B = Blue Fire-Guard
  • Final Smash = Master Crown

Unova Pokémon Trainer


  • Neutral B = Razor Shell
  • Side B = Surf
  • Up B = Waterfall
  • Down B = Pokémon Switch


  • Neutral B = Toxic
  • Side B = Leaf Tornado
  • Up B = Vine Whip
  • Down B = Pokémon Switch


  • Neutral B = Hammer Arm
  • Side B = Heat Crash
  • Up B = Wild Charge
  • Down B = Pokémon Switch
  • Final Smash = Triple Pledge
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