• I live in ‘Murica. Heck yeah!
  • My occupation is former part-time YouTuber, student.
My name is TheSonicManiac, I was introduced to Smash in 2015 via SSB4, and instantly loved it. I’ve only recently joined the Smash Fandom here, but I’m hoping I can make a difference here. Be sure to check out my YouTube channel, The TEAM, which I work on with my friends.

Behold, my channel!

The Ultimate Playlist

(Current of 2/10/19)

Notice—This list contains songs immediately available from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s soundtrack. The names of some songs are cut down fro their actual titles in-game.

-Menu (Brawl)

-Menu (SSB4)

-Main Theme—Brawl

-Menu—Super Smash Bros. Melee (Brawl)

-Menu 2 (Melee)

-The Light Realm—Prologue

-Battlefield (Brawl)

-Battlefield Ver. 2 (Brawl)

-Underworld (Kid Icarus Remix)

-Wrath of the Reset Bomb

-Magnus’ Theme

-Dark Pit’s Theme

-Gang-Plank Galleon

-Title Theme (Punch-Out!! Wii)

-Minor Circuit

-King Dedede’s Theme (Brawl)

-Meta Knight’s Revenge (My Favorite as of writing this)

-Pink Ball Activate!

-His World (Theme of Sonic)

-Reach for the Stars

-Windy Hill (Zone 1)

-Rooftop Run

-Knight of the Wind

-Fist Bump

-Live and Learn

-Bomb Rush Blush

-Calamari Inkantation

-Break Free (Lead the Way)

-Corneria (Star Fox Zero)

-Escape From The City

-King Dedede’s Theme (SSB4)

-Go! Getsu Fuma

-Gourmet Race (64)

-Gourmet Race (Melee)

-Gourmet Race (Brawl)

-Sunset Heights

-Xenoblade Chronicles Medley

-Still, Move Forward!

-Guile Stage

-Star Fox Medley

-Fossil Falls

-Steam Gardens

-Excitebike (Mario Kart 8)

-Waluigi Pinball (MK DS) 

-Encounter (Metal Gear Solid)

-Nothing to Lose

-Tomorrow is Mine (Bayonetta 2 Theme)

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