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Tera is an odd, mysterious girl of detail. little is known of her, except that she always referrs to herself in 3rd person, and has an unusual liking for pies. She does not care if other people say something about her here.
As of April 4, 2007 Tera was banned, which caused immediate celebration from many other members. However, this ban was temporary, and going to be lifted on April 18, 2007 at 9: 11 PM.
From there, Tera stated to another member that: "All hell will break loose" once she returns.

The Zabutur Controversy

Tera returned to her usual spamming an annoying behaviors until recently, when she was banned again for no apparent reason. it was afterthis that her brother, codenamed Zabutur, made an appearance on the site. "In order to spite you, sis," he said, "I'm going to join your little chat room thingy".

Tera's Sweet, Sweet Revenge

After about 2 weeks of this, Tera managed to somehow acces her brother's account, (super hax, anyone?) and post under her own name, putting her conspicuous singoff (~Tera253~) under some of his posts. this resulted in immediate banning of Zabutur. Tera later said that it was done to spite him back.

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