Hello, I'm Tarrant1400. I live in Georgia and am interested in joining a crew. I have Melee, but very much prefer Brawl.

  • note: if it is crossed out, it no longers applies

I HAVE NO OTHER SMASH ENTHUSIASTS IN GA! thats georgia for you yankees and surfers dudes. PLZ ADD ME FOR WI-FI!!

Due to lag,i am hesitant to brawling, through Wi-Fi, people in CA.


In Person I'm usually very happy and likable(?) in person, though often annoyingly so. i say arrogant things without meaning like "your mom". I'm very interested in philosophy. i procrastinate and get crazy mood swings sometimes. i learned that im naive when it comes to people. I'm pretty academically gifted, but I'm a couch potato.

grades have fallen, but i work out now and ride my bike tons more.


im mixed, closer to black, 5'8, 160ish, i have short hair, but afro-style.

In Brawl

i prefer hit and run. i often sacrifice my stock to destroy (for lack of a better word) my opponents. i guess you could say im high risk high reward. i often over use D Specials like Lucas', Counters, etc. (not transformations)

Mains (in Brawl only)

*Toon Link My MAIN main. i prefer fast characters. i played the Zelda series so that may have to do with my choice. i often over- and mis- use his DAir, resulting in a SD. my aforementioned friend notices this a lot!

  • Mario i enjoy using him occasionally because of his balance.
  • Lucario he has lots of combos. can't describe his allure right now.
  • Captain Falcon first became attracted to him for all his voice-acting. i enjoy his depth.
  • Marth has a good, versatile natural combo.
  • Lucas
  • Pokemon Trainer

current Mains

Toon Link- pretty good. i played an enemy TL com, lvl 9 for about an hour and figured i need to use his nair ALOT more. and practice his d-air. playstyle- camping is what i do against people that can't camp back or reflector and characters that are faster than me. im pretty extreme when it comes to KOing: either they have a lot of damage or i spike them b4 100 i usually only play Coms and my friend Leehenry2 and his lil bro, ALL of which are predictable to me now.so that affects it.

good at: projectiles bad at: forgot "how to use" u-air, z-air, n-air, natural combo, and U-special on the ground.

Marth i can do the ken combo. CAN. i stink at damaging. all i ever do to kill is finish off stage with fairs or usamsh or fsamsh!

Lucario all i do is gimp against Coms. need human sport :(

Lucas seriously, the only hard thing to do with this guy is sweetspot his uairs and bairs.

Link hes great. he gots combos and power.


  1. no spammable characters like kirby or zelda.
  2. no landmaster, its CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP!!
  3. Wii-mote
  4. in person to online.
  5. i dont think edge guarding should always be used to KO, its kind of underhanded and dirty.

FRiend COde

1633 7690 7027

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