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Final Destination Brawl

Final Destination, My Favourite Stage

Hello fellow brawl fans. i will try to help people with some pages improve this wiki. I also plan to create a crew so if anyone has some information on it just put it on my talk page please. :-) some of the pages i will do are:

  • Character Combos feel free to add your own combo if it says *Add a combo here*
  • SSBB Challenges also you may add your own Challenge info (conditions apply)

and some more later

Pages I will Edit:

And more later

My Best 5 Characters are:

My Best 5 Stages Are:

My Favourite 5 Items Are:

My Favourite 5 Final Smashes

My Home Run Contest Record

My Co-op Home Run Contest Record (with Josh my mate)

Endless Brawl Record

  • 140 (Ike)

Cruel Brawl Record

  • 10 (Pit)

Subspace Emmisary % Completed

  • 94%

Target Smash Level 1 (With All Characters) Time

  • 10:42 71 (all characters under 20 seconds)

Target Smash Level 2 (With All Characters) Time

  • 9:23 47 (all characters under 20 seconds)

Target Smash Level 3 (With All Characters) Time

  • 14:59 94 (still trying to get under 30 seconds)

Target Smash Level 4 (With All Characters) Time

  • 20:41 27 (still trying to get all under 40 seconds)

Target Smash Level 5 (With All Characters) Time

  • 15:40 39 (all characters under 30 seconds)
  • Characters unlocked
  • All 35
  • Stages unlocked
  • All

Challenges Completed

  • 3 to go! woot!
  • Events Completed
  • All 41 (going for all on normal)

Some people that rule at the game that I know

  • MysteryHeff is one of the best brawlers that i know of and a great person to know
  • Jebus4eva is a reaaly good friend. my favourite at the moment. =)
  • Jumbojoe Jumbojoe hates asians.... racist as hell but funny too!
  • Laurence, a friend who has not yet signed up to this wiki.
  • And anyone else I forgot

Have Fun Reading My pages!

What is the best Crew name Here? if you vote Other, please suggest a name that would be better than them all so i know the reason why you voted for it. thanks.

The poll was created at 00:34 on December 15, 2008, and so far 7 people voted.

Have Fun Reading My Pages!!

Ssbb legend Is in!

creating your own coloured sig

also, if you would like to know how to create a sig like mine, here is the code:

[[User:<your username>|<span style="color:<write 1st colour here>"><insert first part of name here</span><span style="color:<write 2nd colour here>"><insert 2nd part of name here></span><span style="color:<write 3rd colour here (optional)>"><insert 3rd part of name here (optional)</span><span style="color:<write 4th a colour here (optional)>"> insert 4th part of name here (optional)</span>]]

hope the sig works for you!



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  • MysteryHeff & Ssbb_legend_is_in both nominated for adminship.
  • 6/12/2008: The new Template for Template news has been released. The Template is made for Jebus4eva, MysteryHeff and Ssbb legend is in.
  • 6/12/2008: If anyone wishes to join this template and use it please leave a message on Jebus4eva's talk page.
Ahhh, dont you love seeing news? lol

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