My name's Brent, usually referred to as Talfreo. I'm not new to Smash, yet I'm not a veteran. I kick some major @$$, and I'm one heck of a defender and survivalist. Online, I went to 300+ damage before dying. WHILE lagging. My recent (not really) profile stats say that I have taken over 2000% of damage, dealt over 1750% damage, and only SD'ed once. Not bad, considering myself of course. It is actually better, but I don't use my profile much (forget -_-). If I ever brawl, It's Snake/Lucario FTW. These two are even better when teamed. They cancel out any disadvantages of each other, and the damage is devastating. If you ever want to brawl me, my FC is: 5370-6471-6019. Ttyl, and see ya on brawl.


Icon-snake This user pwns with explosives.
Icon-lucario This user has the aura within him.
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