Alright, well, as my name says I main Sonic, R.O.B., and Pokemon Trainer. I'm also a newbie here.  
  I started smashing at the age of nine when I got a Gamecube and Melee for Christmas. 
  I've been playing ever since. Most people consider me pro level, but I've never entered a real  
  tournament or anything. When it comes to characters, I'd say I play a wide variety. I usually use  
  fast lighter characters, but I can do well at other types. However, besides Charizard,  
  I reak at using heavyweights. My playing style is as follows:No items,5 stock,any stage,usually teams. 
  My mains are Sonic, R.O.B., Pokemon Trainer, Toon Link, and sometimes Meta Knight and Lucario.

I'm currently working on a few projects.

  • A characters list for smash 4. This includes newcomer movesets and changes to veterans.
  • A fanfic of sorts that I am developing as Smash 4's Subspace Emissary. It includes all of my newcomer ideas but I left Lucario out of it because I don't thnik he'll return. I did include him in my roster though due to fan service.

About Me

I'm all into video games, as long as the series is mainly Nintendo. My favorite series are:

My Favorite Games

  • Super Smash Bros
  • Super Smash Bros. Melee
  • Super Smash Bros. Brawl
  • Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal
  • Pokemon Emerald
  • Pokemon Diamond/Pearl
  • Pokemon Mystery Dungeon
  • Pokemon Mystery Dungeon:Time/Darkness
  • The Legend of Zelda:The Wind Waker
  • The Legend of Zelda:Twilight Princess
  • Super Mario 64
  • Super Mario Galaxy
  • New Super Mario Bros
  • Mario Kart:Double Dash!!
  • Animal Crossing
  • Animal Crossing:Wild World
  • Paper Mario:The Thousand Year Door
  • Sonic Adventure
  • Sonic Adventure 2
  • Sonic Heroes
  • Elite Beat Agents

My Favorite Game Characters

  • E-123 Omega(Sonic Heroes)-My absolute favorite game character. There's just so much awesomeness behind his character that should be used more.
  • Petey Pirahna(Mario Sunshine)-Don't know why. He's a giant man-eating flower. What's not to love?
  • Torterra(Pokemon)-My favorite pokemon and starter. He looks awesome and is a great fighter.
  • Mudkip(Pokemon)-Who duzn't leik Mudkipz?
  • Claus(Mother 3)-Laser Sword, PSI powers, arm cannon=pure win

My Brawl Strategies

General Info

  • My favorite color is green, but I like green and silver as a combo.
  • I love Sonic, but I am not a supporter of third-parties in Smash.
  • I believe in tiers, except in Melee, which was very balanced in my opinion.
  • My favorite non-Smash Bros series is Pokemon.
  • My favorite series symbol and victory theme is that of the Mother series.
  • My favorite singer is Matisyahu. I also like Bob Marley, Weird Al Yankovic, and Third World.
  • My favorite movies are Forrest Gump and Napoleon Dynamite.
  • I believe Snake and Jigglypuff are the only characters that don't deserve their roster spots.
  • Yes, I like TP and WW more than OoT.
  • I like to make friends.
  • I'm almost always playing Brawl, on the computer, or if neither of those, at the beach.
  • I am commonly on Youtube and MySpace. Over at those places I go by "E123Brawler".

My Smash Bros 4 Newcomers

Balloon Fighter

B-Helium Pump:Balloon Fighter sticks his air pump into the opponent's mouth. They will swell, then he will let go, and the opponent will fly upwards.

Up B-Balloon Pipe:The balloonist will take out the pipe from the Balloon Fight minigame, sending one balloon upwards, to hit an aerial opponent. Similar to Pikachu's thunder. He lacks a third jump because he already has great recovery skills.

Down B-Balloon Inflate:Balloon Fighter has two balloons. He can lose one by being attacked.As such, this move takes time to charge, but if you can pull it off without being attacked, then you get a new balloon. It fails if you already have two balloons.

Smash B-Flipper:Since the flipper was removed during the Melee-Brawl transition, how about bringing it back as an item? When the move is used, BF will throw a flipper in a fashion exactly like the Waddle Dee Toss. A flipper lasts for about the same amount of time as in Melee and only about two or three can be in play at a time. If the max number of flippers is already out, and the move is used again, the oldest flipper will disappear and be replaced. More flippers are allowed if there are more Balloon Fighters playing.

Final Smash-Score Breaker:Thunderclouds appear on the stage and shoot very powerful thunderjolts in random directions.

Overview-Balloon Fighter puts Kirby's recovery to shame. With two balloons, he can execute five long jumps, but is the lightest character in the game, and can be sent flying very easily. With one balloon, he gets three long jumps, and recieves Kirby's weight. When he has lost all balloons, he has only two short jumps and recieves Mario's weight. Balancing your balloon count is a simple but crucial way to use the character. He can use weak air pump blasts for standard moves(like Game and Watch). His smash attacks will involve him popping balloons in his opponents' faces. Like an Olimar without pikmin, Balloon Fighter can't even do a smash attack without a balloon. Balloon Fighter is floaty and descends slowly.

Stage-Balloon Trip:Basically,it's the extra mode for the original game. Like Mushroomy Kingdom,it's side-scrolling. There are little platforms to stand on, but a vast ocean below you. The fish may eat you if you fall in. Another hazard is the abundance of electric chains. The world stays true to its roots but is given an updated look.

On-Screen Appearance-He gently floats over the stage, but his balloons pop and he comically falls down.

Icon-A balloon

Paper Mario

B-Hammer:The famous hammer. Hold B for a spin attack.

Up B-Carrie:Carrie boosts PM upwards.

Down B-Boomer:Place Boomer on the ground, or tilt the joystick to throw him. Press b to detonate him at will.

Smash B-Art Attack:One of PM's star specials. PM shoots a star out of nowhere. Control it like Ness' PK Thunder. However, it doesn't do direct damage. Draw circles around the enemy to deal damage or stop a recovering opponent a la edge guarding.

Final Smash-Supernova:The Ultimate Star Attack. Basically a one-hit KO for anyone on screen-if you use it wisely. The power and range increase the more damage you have.

Overview-PM is flat like Mr. G&W. all of his techniques reflect upon his past games. He enters a battle out of a flip portal. His footstool jump uses the Spring Jump. He side-step dodges by "flipping". He dodge rolls as the paper tube. He can glide as a paper air plane. When in the water, he swims as a paper boat. He air dodges by using his stylish poses from Super Paper Mario. His shield is Barry's barrier. Even Dashell appears when he dashes.

Stage-"The Stage":The Stage you battle on in the Paper mario RPGs. Like in the game, props fall on you, the spotlight hits you when you taunt, and the audience cheers you on and throws items to you. Epic!

On-Screen Appearance-He comes out of a flip portal, as if he was just coming out of 3D mode.

Icon-Hmm.... I guess he'd have the Mushroom like normal Mario.

Knuckles the Echidna

B-Hammer Fist:Basically, Knuckles' special move from Sonic Battle. Hold B to wind up for a punch. Knux will start glowing darker the longer you hold it a la Marth's B. Let it go whenever you want, because you can't move while charging, or move when done charging. If you fully charge the move, Knux will instead punch the ground and cause an explotion like Roy, also damaging himself somewhat. When fully charged, it's a one-hit KO, but even a minimal charge can prove to be a powerful attack. That's Knuckles.

Up B-Spiral Uppercut:As the name suggests, Knuckles spirals upwards, performing an uppercut in the process. Taken from the game Sonic Adventure 2, Knux is able to enter a glide at the end of this jump.

Down B-Drill Dive:Knuckles digs almost as well as he glides and throws temper tantrums. If used on the ground, Knuckles simply digs into the ground for a split second, then comes up executing a punch to anyone above him. This feature also happens if used in air, but Knuckles will also hit enemies as he spirals to the ground. When underground, you can move slightly to the left or right in the split second before he reamerges. He is also vulnerable if he misses while coming up. Sometimes he'll pull up an item.

Smash B-Earth Power:Knuckles is very powerful, and is somehow connected to the earth. For his forward special, he will pull a boulder out of nowhere like Charizard, but he throws it in a small arc forward, in an uncontrollable angle and distance.

Final Smash-Earthquake Weapon:Pressing B while Knuckles has the Smash Ball causes him to jump back to the center of the stage, then pound his fist into the ground. This causes a giant eruption of fire to cover the floor of the stage, as if Ike's eruption had a much larger range. If you think you can dodge it by simply standing on a higher platform, think again. Flaming boulders will erupt from the earth, flying skywards, making even aerial dodging difficult. Many of Knuckles' normal moves are innacurate, so this Final smash just screams "revenge". In case you want to know, this move is based upon Knuckles' final level up ability in Sonic Heroes.

Overview-Altogether a mix of power and speed. Not as fast as Captain Falcon or Fox, but almost so. The player would have to focus more on perfectly aiming one attack at a time instead of wildly pressing buttons hoping to hit someone. Knuckles will have a unique ability in that he cannot only glide, but climb. If you execute a wall cling, you will grab onto the wall and can move up and down.

Stage-Angel Island:Imagine the stage as if you were looking at Angel Island from Sonic Adventure at a side view. The steps leading to the Master Emerald shrine would provide sloped terrain. To the right would be the wooden bridge. If it takes too much damage, it will collapse, making the stage smaller. The Master Emerald will sit on the pedastal in the stage's center. You can attack it to eventually brake it. You know what happens when you brake the Master Emerald. If a player brakes the emerald, the whole stage will plummet, and the island will fall into the ocean, providing an area to swim. Eventually the emerald shards will gather back together, and the stage will rise back up. If the bridge was broken, it will be back when the stage rises.

On-Screen Appearance-If he spawns on a thick platform, he digs up out of the ground. If he spawns on a pass-through platform, he glides into battle.

Icon-Sonic's head, more formally known as the Sonic Team logo.

My Personal Experience With the Fighters of Brawl

  • Bowser-He's alright. Better than Melee, and next to Charizard, my most used heavyweight.
  • Captain Falcon-More like C#aptain Falcon. He's all about aerial game, and Brawl's mechanics detroyed that.
  • Diddy Kong-I like him, and use him every now and then. No complaints, but nothing nice to say.
  • Donkey Kong-If he wasn't a gaming legend, I never would have even tried using him. I think I've only plyed him once since launch. He's too weak now, and his punch couldn't hit a boulder siting in front of him.
  • Falco-Out of the three StarFox fighters, my favorite, but not my best. He's way weaker now, and I always suicide with him.
  • Fox-Played him once, and won't again for a long while.
  • Ganondorf-In a way, better than Melee, but also worse. I can never hit anyone with this guy.
  • Ice Climbers-BIG improvement. Not bad. I'd use them more if I could get them mastered better, but I never find the motivatiion to do so.
  • Ike-I'm pretty good with Ike, but then again, who isn't? He took no skill for me to master him. I think he's too overrated though.
  • Jigglypuff-Played her like twice. She can't kill for beans now, and she dies when she gets hit by Mario's fireball.
  • King Dedede-Not a bad character at all, and right now I'm rying to main him. Great priority with his aerial game, but poor ground moves.
  • Kirby-Don't really use him. Too slow now and his special moves are useless.
  • Link-Someone put lead in his shoes and made him a pacifist.
  • Lucario-Like him, just can't get him down. I've been trying him since day 1, but to no avail. He couldn't kill a fly.
  • Lucas-I really like Lucas. He has quick, powefrul smashes, and his FS is better than Ness'. Overall, he is way better than Ness.
  • Luigi-Eh, better than Mario, but lacking power in his once great aerial game.
  • Mario-.............What happened to Mario? Laggy, boring to use, lame FS, and absolutely no killing power.
  • Marth-Never use Marth. He was a main for me in Melee, but he's got no range and even less power. I can't play him like I used to.
  • Meta Knight-I love Meta Knight. He really racks up damage and has great air prowess. He's also much more powerful than most players make him out to be.
  • Mr. Game and Watch-Major improvements, but he's not fun for me to use anymore. I don't know why.
  • Ness-NEVER use him at all. He's way too laggy, much weaker, and like Capt. Falcon, his aerial game was destroyed. Why play Ness when I have Lucas?
  • Olimar-Way better than I expected. I use him every so often. He's a fun character to use, and I am really glad he plays so powerfully.
  • Peach-See Ness.
  • Pikachu-Like Marth, my Melee main. He seems to have traded power for speed, and I can't play him the same anymore. I also hate his FS with a passion.
  • Pit-I'm okay with him. I can use him pretty well, but he's boring to play as. Too many similar moves.
  • R.O.B.-I own with R.O.B. Whether it's his great aerial game or his deceptive smashes and projectiles, I gotta love the guy.
  • Pokemon Trainer-Love him. I can use all three monsters to great effect, and they all work together in great unison. When I pick him, my friends are all like "Oh boy...."
  • Samus-Way to weak. She's garbage to me.
  • Zero Suit Samus-I can use her fairly well. She's hard to get the hang of, but I think her priority is good.
  • Snake-I can use him to an extent, but he lacks interesting moves. Mines get boring. His projectiles suck, and only his melee moves are useful. The problem is, he lacks physical moves. I don't think he totally sucks, but I didn't even want him in the game in the first place.
  • Sonic-Freain' love Sonic. His aerial game is simply amazing, his recovery is reliable, and he can combo like there's no tomorrow. My very best fighter.
  • Toon Link-Top of the tier lists, that's all I got to say.
  • Wario-He's pretty good, but I can never land that fart attack.
  • Wolf-Not bad, but I always kill myself with him.
  • Yoshi-See Donkey Kong.
  • Zelda-She's stronger, but lacks a real aerial game.
  • Shiek-Meh, boring.
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