Solox is one of the new breed of smashers popping up across America since Brawl came out; online players. Solox played Melee but never got into it competetively. He has since taken to Brawl like a fish to water and can be found playing random pickup matches online. He doesn't consider himself very professional or good but it is improving every day and someday soon hopes to start going to tournaments. Solox has also written a series of quick strategy tips for playing Pikachu, reproduced here.

  • When playing Pikachu, you have three really good killing moves: Up-Smash, Thunder, and Side-Smash, in order of decreasing strength.
  • Skull Bash is rather slow to charge, but has more knockback than a Bat coupled with a fair chunk of damage. It's uses are fairly situational, but it's not a move to totally forget.
  • While you are good in the air, the one cardinal sin of Pikachu is to use your back aerial. NEVER use it. Your Nair is much better and nowhere near as laggy.
  • Your short hop is one of the smallest and hardest to use. However, once mastered, Nairs and Fairs become incredible dangerous. Keep on the lookout for frontal attacks too, and quickly dodge roll and short hop Nair.
  • Try to build damage with Short Hopped Nairs or regular A attacks. Juggling is your friend, with two possibilities to kill juggled opponents. Another good combo is to do an up throw, Usmash, then Thunder to finish.
  • Overall, you are slightly better on the ground than the air, so keep that in mind. As a general rule, edgeguarding works best for you with your Side smash or Thunder.
  • When sent flying, try to DI as much of the knockback away as possible. If you are still far out, use Skull Bash, then Quick Attack to recover.
  • In general, techs and good DI make you much more viable.
  • Don't write off Thunder Jolt. While it is a bit slow and laggy, it clings to walls. It can be a life saver in edgeguarding scenarios or just used to build damage.
  • Your throws are all good, but Up and Back throws easily combo into edgeguarding or juggling.
  • Remember you can use wall jumps and the Footstool jump to increase your aerial possibilites, as well as make up for a lack of meteor smashes.
  • Wavebouncing is a fairly new trick, but you will grow to love it! First of all, Auto-RAR had no appeal for you, as your Bair is horrible. However, sliding up specials, and wavebounced neutral, side, or down specials are amazing.
  • The side special is once again situational, but can provide some quick knockback.
  • Neutral can be used to score a quick hit against projectile users, melee fighters, or other wavebouncers, especially Lucas. Lucas is neigh unstoppable with wavebounced PK Fire. However, with your own wavebounces, you can disrupt him severely.
  • Wavebounced Down Special is an incredible gift from Sakurai for Pikachu. You now have a whole new layer of possible mind games to contemplate. Short hopped Nairs along with dash attacks and regular attacks build damage to allow a quick KO with a wavebounced Thunder.


  • Mains Pikachu
  • Secondary: Lucas, Lucario, ROB, Luigi, Jigglypuff
  • Primarily uses quick, strong attacks or combos.
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