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My achievements of Brawl

Since obtaining Brawl on June 23rd, I have. . .

  • Beaten SSE on Intense difficulty (most credit to my brother)
  • Collected EVERY FRICKIN' STICKER (just now after 2 million sticker factories and doing the Ruins and Battlefield Fortress a ton on Intense; also, the dreaded sticker was Donkey Kong. half-ish credit to my brother).
  • Obtained every trophy (Waluigi and Stickers were the last ones, respectively).
  • Cleared every Challenge (Including Boss Battles on Intense, thanks to Charizard
  • Collected 1700+ KO's as Snake, 600+ as Marth, 500+ as Diddy, and 200+ as Triple D.
  • Formed a crew with a bunch of noobs (they're great tho)

I blew up two Wiis. Hooray

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