aka Darth Weegee/Luweegee

  • I live in Space, The Final Frontier
  • My occupation is Smasher
  • I am Here
  • Bio I hang around here and complain. That's pretty much it.

    I play Smash 4 on a competitive level. Although I'm not very good, I'm constantly trying to become better and stuff like that.

    When I'm not rotting my brain out in Smash, I rot my brain out on the Internet, or I actually do something constructive. What do I do that's actually constructive?

    That's a good question.

    Oh yeah, if you must know, I also main characters. Here they are:

    R.O.B.: My primary main and the character I play in bracket. This is the character that feels natural and the reason I haven't mained a high tier. I also strive to show what the character can do in the competitive scene.

    Bowser: My secondary. I recently picked up Bowser and played him in bracket for the first time recently. I play him as a backup character if I feel I can't win a battle with R.O.B.

    And no, I did not pick him up because Nairo did.

    Cloud: My high tier character and former secondary. I kind of mained him by accident (don't ask). So yeah, I'll pull him out on For Glory every once in a while or when I want to be annoying while playing with friends.

    Wii Fit Trainer: My pocket character. Since I love matchup inexperience so much, I thought this would be a great option to go for. Plus, this character is secretly stupid.

    I also have a YouTube Channel called Darth Weegee. Here's the link:
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A Little About Me

I'm Smasher51, one of the editors here. I enjoy hanging out with the community and writing blogs (although I do have a tendency to vanish at times). I've played every game in the series, and occasionally play competitive Smash 4 under the tag Darth Weegee/Luweegee.

My Mains







Wii U/3DS





Dr. Mario

Cross-Game Main

This character I'm good with in almost all games.


Project M


My Amiibo

As of 12/26/16

Samus X (Samus, Lv. 50)

Rock Light (Mega Man, Lv. 50)

James M. (Fox, Lv. 50)

Kris (Marth, Lv. 50)

Rockin' 85 (R.O.B., Lv. 28)

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