I use a gamecube controller.

SSBB Tier List







6.Captain Falcon

7.Meta Knight





12.Pokemon Trainer





17.Toon Link







24.Donkey Kong

25.Diddy Kong


27.King Dedede


29.Ice Climbers


31.Mr Game & Watch







An adventure mode, stages charachters, moveset changes and items that would be in SSB game if I made it

Changes to Charachters

Moveset changes:

  • Mario- *His side special could be Mario Hammer which can bury oppenents and still reflect projectiles. When used in the air Mario will swing his hammer and propel upwards and still be able to use another jump after that.
  • F.L.U.D.D can now damage oppenents.

  • Sonic- * When Sonic activates his final smash he will still be able to get a LV up style item (see STYLE ITEMS)or another smash ball . If he gets a LV up style or a Smash Ball he will unleash his true final smash; Hyper Team Blast where Super Tails and Super Knuckles come and the trio will create a tornado that will suck everybody(except the user) into any SD zone. Super Sonic can still be damaged.
  • Super Sonic will have his own moveset. It is an upgraded versions of Sonic's.
  • Super Sonic will last 60 seconds. If Super Sonic is able to use his true final smash he will remain Super Sonic for the remainder of the match.

  • Lucario- *When his health is below 100%, it will be the original Aura Storm. When above 100% Lucario will fire two beams. When above 200% it will be 3 beams. And when over 300% it will be 5 diffrent beams that spin in diffrent directions.
  • Lucario's side special will be changed to Bone Rush which is like Angel Ring.
  • Falco- *Falco's new Final Smash would be Arwing assault where Falco jumps in his Arwing and circles the stage dropping bombs.

Houleseum(Custom Robo Arena)

  • A simple houleseum from Custom Robo Arena. Sometimes a cannon will in the middle of the of the stage. You can jump in the cannon and fire yourself at oppenents.
  • Home Stage to Ray MK III

G.U.N. Fortress(Shadow the Hedgehog)

  • Like Corneia, will be on jet in the G.U.N. Fortress but it will crash and you will be in a side scrolling stage with G.U.N. troops shooting around. Evantually you will be back on the jet doing the whole thing again.

  • Home Stage to Shadow the Hedgehog

Silver the Hedgehog

  • Normal Special:Psycho Shot- Fire a purple shot that can be charged to do more damage.

  • Side Special:Silver Light- Use a ray of light to go straight through your oppenent while doing damage.

  • Up Special:Teleport- Teleport to a safer place with psychic powers.

  • Down Special:Earth Shaker- Shake the ground with your hand and anyone near you will be paralyzed.

  • Final Smash:Psychic Force- Lift all oppenents in the air, slam them into the ground and throw them off the stage. Impossible to dodge.

  • Up Taunt- Teleport somewhere and return staraight away.
  • Side Taunt- All seven chaos emeralds will circle Silver while saying "So this is what ultimante power feels like."
  • Down Taunt- Float in the air and spin around.

  • On-Screen Appearance- Teleport around the stage with light flashing around you.

  • Kirby Hat- Kirby gains Silver's quills.
  • Special Features:
  • Silver can Glide.
  • Silver's grab is a long psychic coil.


Mewtwo Trophy Render

Same moves as Melee

  • Final Smash:Psychic Storm- Fire a beam of darkness from your hand to damage your oppenent.Angle and trajectory can be adjusted.

  • Up Taunt- Spin around while laughing.
  • Side Taunt- Throw a mini shadow ball at the ground.
  • Down Taunt- Use "Psychic" to pick rocks off the ground.

  • On-Screen Appearance- Escapes from one the dark pokeballs in "Pokemon, the First Movie."

  • Kirby Hat- Same as Melee.

Mega Man X

As he is a 3rd party person he is not in the game yet so there is no picture.

  • Normal Special: Quick Shot- Fire a quick beam attack.

  • Side Special: Bullet Barrage- Rapid-fire bullets at your oppenents or charge for a single beam.

  • Up Special: Light Beam- Travel upwards in a beam of light.

  • Down Special: Upgrade- Absorb projectiles so that the next time you use your normal or side special, its power will be increased.

  • Final Smash: EXecuter(notice the pun)- Fire many bullets in to sky and they will come down hard passing through platforms.

  • Up Taunt- Lift cannon arm up in sky, spin it and bring back down.
  • Side Taunt- Do a press-up.
  • Down Taunt- Stamp the ground.

  • On-Screen Appearance- Drops in from a beam of light.

  • Kirby Hat- Have the helmet.


Same reason as above.

  • Normal Special: Plasma Sword- Throw your sword like a boomerang.

  • Side Special: Sword Shot- Have your cannon aimed behind you and your sword held in front of you. Charge forward with your sword still up and fire your cannon from behind you.

  • Up Special: Missle Launcher- Fire a missle above you and grab on to it to get higher(You will automaticaliy grab it.)

  • Down Special: Upgrade- Same as Mega Man X. SEE ABOVE.

  • Final Smash: Zero Soul Crusher- Once you have gotten the Smash Ball, if you press B once a shining light will appear in that place. Once four locations have been marked, anyone inside the area of it will be serverly damaged.

  • Up Taunt- Your sword will circle around you.
  • Side Taunt- Spikes will grow out the side of your armor then go back in.
  • Down Taunt- Do a backflip.

  • On-Screen Appearance- Come down in a beam of light.

  • Kirby Hat- Gain Zero's hair and helmet.



Same moves as Melee except Flare Blade charges longer.

  • Final Smash:Ultra Flare Blade- Strike your oppenent into the air and jump and do a fully charged Flare Blade and fire will erupt on to your oppenent.

  • Up Taunt- Same as Melee.
  • Side Taunt- Like Ike's down taunt.
  • Down Taunt- Fire will erupt somewhat around.

  • On-Screen Appearance- Come in using warp magic and unsheathes his sword.

  • Kirby Hat- Same as Melee.

Pokemon Fire Master

  • Pokemon in Possesion- Blaziken, Charizard and Chimchar
  • (You should know what Charizard does)
  • Final Smash:Blast Burn- All Pokemon will use the move.

  • On-Screen Appearance- Flys from Charizard.

Special Features:

  • When he throws the pokeballs they do damage.


Blaziken Trophy
  • Normal Special:Flamethrower- Fire a blast at your oppenent.

  • Side Special:Blaze Kick- A Falcon Kick.

  • Up Special:Extremespeed- Same as Lucario but has more invincibility frames.

  • Down Special:Pokemon Switch- Switch Pokemon.
  • Up Taunt- Roar into the sky.
  • Side Taunt- Breathes fire.
  • Down Taunt- Does random karate moves.

  • Kirby Hat- The Feathers.


Chimchar Trophy
  • Normal Special:Scrath- Scrath.

  • Side Special:Fire Spin- Fire a chargeable beam from your mouth.

  • Up Special:Quick Attack- See Above.

  • Down Special:Pokemon Switch- See Above.
  • Up Taunt- Jumps around saying its name.
  • Side Taunt- Shakes the ground angriliy.
  • Down Taunt- Stamps foot on ground.
  • Kirby Hat- Head shape.


Ray MK III Trophy
  • Normal Special:Gatiling Gun- Press B reapetedly to keep firing your gun.

  • Side Special:Twin Flank Pod- Fire two homing missles at an enemy.

  • Up Special:Formula Legs- Use your jets on your legs to boost upwards.

  • Down Special:Straight Bomb- Charge downwards by holding down B and fire wide ranged explosive bomb.A one-hit KO if fully charged.

  • Final Smash:Soulboost- Much like Super Sonic, turn gold and your speed and power increases and you become invincible.
  • Up Taunt- Quickly take off your suit and fling your cube in the air then put your suit back on.
  • Side Special- Show off many diffrent of your guns.
  • Down Taunt- Your legs will break off and will be repaired instantly.

  • On-Screen Appearance- Appear as a noraml boy but will use your cube to transform.

  • Kirby Hat- Gain the RAY MK III's hair.

Leon Powalski

  • Normal Special: Leon Blaster- Like Falco and Fox's put together.
  • Side Special: Leon Stomp- Like Wolf Flash except it goes downwards and creates a mini earthquake. If on the floor Leon will jump and then use it.
  • Up Special: Leon Wind- Adjusts himself so he can travel in the direction of the wind.
  • Down Special: Refelector- You must know what these are by now. He throws his around himself.
  • Final Smash: Wolfen Wrath- See top of page for changes to characters and see Falco's.

  • Up Taunt- Kicks something to the ground.
  • Side Taunt- Punches forward while saying "Star Wolf rules."
  • Down Taunt- Does a front flip then a backfilp
  • Smash Taunt- Does a Star Fox conversation.

  • On-Screen Appearance- Drops from a Wolfen.

  • Kirby Hat- Kirby's head adjusts until it matches Leon's.

Metal Sonic

  • Normal Special:Lightning Beam- Similar to Aura Sphere, although becomes a beam and will charge longer to do more damage.

  • Side Special:Pulser- Same as Charge Shot..

  • Up Special:Chaos Control- More like Sheik's Teleport then anyone else's.

  • Down Special: Black Lightnin- Metal Sonic darkens the area around him. Anyone in that area will be damaged.

  • Final Smash: Metal Overlord- Transform into Metal Overlord and go to the background of the screen. Shoot many beams from the top of screen. Passes through platforms.

  • Up Taunt- Jumps and cracks the ground.
  • Side Taunt- Emit a dark force field around you.
  • Down Taunt- Throw the red chaos emerald into the air and catch it.

  • On-Screen Appearance- A machine similar to an assist trophy will appear and Metal Sonic will come out of the process.

  • Kirby Hat- Gain Metal Sonic's quills.
  • Special Features:
  • Like Lucario, when his damage percentage increases his strength increases.

Shadow the Hedgehog

  • Normal Special:Chaos Spear- Fire a chargeable shot.The longer you charge it, the more shots will come out.

  • Side Special:Chaos Control- Much like Wolf Flash.

  • Up Special:Jet Boots- Use the jet boosts to boost upwards.

  • Down Special:Chaos Blast- Simalar to Wario's Waft except it covers more area when charged longer.

  • Final Smash:Chaos Controller Performance- Make illusions of Shadow 4 times the number of oppenents and each 4 of them will attack one foe. At the end each Shadow will fire a powerful shot againest the foes.

  • Up Taunt- Shot the air with a gun.
  • Side Taunt- Your image will fade a little and then return.
  • Down Taunt- Close your eyes and laugh eviliy.

  • On-Screen Appearance- Use chaos control to come in.

  • Kirby Hat- Gain Shadow's quills.


  • Normal Special: Dark Pulse- Fire three energy shots.
  • Side Special: Shadow Sneak- Dissapear and reappear in the direction you press on the control pad. Much like Meta Knight's Dimensional Cape.
  • Up Special: Dark Wings- Teleport to the top of the screen like Snake's Cypher.
  • Down Special: Double Team- Same as Lucario's.
  • Final Smash: Dark Void- Jump to the top of the screen, charge a ball of darkness and many smaller balls of darkness will come out. Anyone affcted by it will be put to sleep and their life will be sapped, 25% every 3 seconds.

  • Up Taunt- Same as Lucario's except more eviliy and darkness will emit around you.
  • Side Taunt- Laugh Eviliy.
  • Down Taunt- Legs will extend out of the lower part of your body.

  • On-Screen Appearance- A dark ball will come and Darkrai will break it.

  • Kirby Hat- Kirby will go pitch black, have red eyes and claws.


This is Tabuu when he is weak and hardly has and power left. Instead of teleporting he hovers on the ground.

  • Normal Special:Bullet Rain- Less like the actual Tabuu's. Press B repeatedly to keep on firing.
  • Side Special:Shark Blade- A smaller version of the actual thing. Can be stopped by pressing B.
  • Up Special:Winged Tabuu- Tabuu spreads his wings and flys up.
  • Down Special:Golden Bracket- The same except hangs in one place instead of moving along the stage.
  • Final Smash:Off Waves- Tabuu flies to the middle of the stage and lets loose his Off Waves.
  • Up Taunt- Spreads his wings.
  • Side Taunt- Emit Subspace around.
  • Down Taunt- Two mini R.O.B.s will go in front of Tabuu and let loose Subspace.
  • On-Screen Appearance- Come in through Subspace.

  • Kirby Hat- Gains Tabuu's texture.
  • Special Features:
  • Can Glide.
  • When grabbing, the long coil he uses to attack is used.

Style Items

Description:An item box that will change the style of a charachter.They are all random and will appear even if a Smash Ball if around.Each will last for 1 minute. You can set which ones you want in a match.

Good Styles:

Knight Style:Become a knight and wield and a sword. Not avaliable to charachters that already have a sword(Meta Knight, Link, etc).Knockback and defense will be increased

Fire Style:Envelope yourself in flames and damage any oppenent who touches you(This will replace the Superspicy Curry).

Dark Style:Resemble a shadow bug and you will become insanly fast and strong.

LV up Style:Turn into a stronger form of a charachter if they have one(Sonic - Super Sonic, Bowser - Giga Bowser, Zero Suit Samus - Samus etc).If not it will act as if the charachter just broke a Smash Ball and will be able to use their final smash making it 3 ways to use your final smash(Pity final smash, Smash ball and this).

Crystal Style:Defense will be greatly increased(Will replace Metal Box).

Bad Styles: These styles can be passed onto other players by smashing them.

Acid Style:Every 5 seconds you will melt the ground and be buried.

Poison Style:Your life will constantly be drained(This will replace Lips Stick and the flower effect).

Stun Style:Your charachter will not move except from knockback, however you will still be frozen.

Adventure Mode: The World of Negative Energy.

(The writing in bold means it is a boss battle)

The Three Hedgehogs

Sonic, Silver and Shadow are walking along Green Hill Zone until something out of nowhere turns them in to trophies.Fortunetly, upon knowing of the defeat of Tabuu and the Dedede time badges, Shadow was instantly revived.He then faces off againest 2 shadow bug clones of Sonic and Silver.

The one behind the cloak

Shadow revives Sonic and Silver and they follow the craft that let out the clones.However, they are stopped by an energy being in a cloak. Instantly, his cloak is knocked off by Master Hand not forgetting what had happened.The energy being had turned out to be Tabuu himself! Shadow rushes at Tabuu but he uses his Off Waves to trophize Shadow and the range of it affects Silver. Sonic gets angry at the sight of his trophized friends and becomes Super Sonic. He faces off againest Tabuu( Tabuu will have a HP bar like Master Hand in Classic Mode).

The Pokemon Trainer's Pokemon Master

The Pokemon Trainer is searching around for a new pokemon but has not found any pokemon so far. Suddenly he is attacked by several Primids, Koopas and Bytans.Although they all destroyed by an on coming meteor. The Pokemon Trainer looks around for the source and notices that it is his old master with his trusty Charizard and Blaziken. They both fight out againest the army.

The R.O.B.s Robot

On the new Isle of ancients, after peace was restored, R.O.B. is experementing with a new type of robot;Custom Robo. Entering threw a door is Zero Suit Samus and she has a little boy with her. The boy is told to put it on and he becomes the RAY MK III. Suddenly the lab is attacked by several Primids and Ridley. The three face off againest them.

The Mega Crew arrives

Although, they beat Ridley, the team are overpowered the number of Primids. When it looks like they are nearly deafeated, Mega Man X and Zero come in clear the area using there final smashes. They decide to become a team.

Bird meets Sword Master

While Falco is busy flying in his arwing he notcies a crash on the left wing so he looks out to see what it is. Roy was brought down by a new race of enemies called Royakles, who are giant stones that can fly. Falco is able to dodge most of them.

The arrival of the Wolf

Super Sonic revives his friends, with Tabuu being defeated. Super Sonic turns back into Sonic but Sonic is afflicted with the stun style effect. Wolf then jumps out of his wolfen and grabs Sonic in his paralyzed state. However, 30 Royakles crash into the wolfen and is then shot down by Falco's arwing.

Sonic's Death

Due to Falco shotting the crashed wolfen, Sonic is blasted out and is thrown on to the ground. Falco lands and Roy jumps of the wing of the arwing. Everyone crowds round Sonic's motionless body. Falco suddenly relizes that Wolf's body must be nearby but he can't find him. Silver lifts Sonic's body with his psychic powers and attempts to heal him. Sonic wakes up but is still severly injured. Meanwhile, Wolf summons two more wolfens, one to gve him a ride and one to knockout everyone else.

The Theif

Bowser minions a checking on a mysterios experimants: a Smash ball and a LV up style items. The have worked out that if they were able to combine them Bowser would be able to turn into Giga Bowser for ever. While writing down notes on changes, they realize that the Smash ball has dissapeared! Suddnely both guards are put to sleep and the theif uses dream eater to suck their dreams away.

The Help of a friend

Darkrai appears on the Isle of ancients to be able to give Zero Suit Samus her power suit with the smash ball. Darkrai gives it to her and she thanks him. Zero Suit Samus activates it to regain her power suit.

Snake's mission

Snake is seen beating up a punching bag for training when Mei Ling tells him that their base is being destroyed. Although her face is not shown, Snake rushes over to save them without even considering that it might be a trap.

Enter Nega

Master Hand is travalling through Subspace destroying everything he has in his sights. He then travels through a portal another world; the Negative World, the complete opposite of the World of Trophies. Upon traveling through it he meets several negative versions of all charachters including bosses. When he reaches the end he address his master, Nega. Master Hand tells him that he will need all the help he can get to defeat everyone living in The World of Trophies. Nega sends his left hand or to be exact, Crazy Hand, his right foot, Ruler Foot and his left foot, Psyhco Foot all to help Master Hand defeat every charachter. They decide that they should split into to teams: Master and Crazy Hand go to the west while Ruler and Psyhco Foot go to the east.

Positive vs Subspace vs Negative

While travelling together, Master and Crazy hand notice Tabuu was hovering below them. Suddenly Zero, Mega Man X, the RAY MK III, Samus and R.O.B. land right in front of Tabuu. Master and Crazy Hand decide to send the group's Nega Clones. Once the Nega Clones arrive Tabuu realizes that he is outnumbered so he sends in Subspace clones of each of them. One at a time in this order; R.O.B. will face his Subspace clone and Nega Clone, then Samus then the RAY MK III, then Zero, then Mega Man X.

The Wrath of Giga Bowser

Upon recovering another Smash Ball, Bowser's Minions tell him that it was ready for Bowser to become Giga Bowser forever. Bowser becomes Giga Bowser and go off for his rampage.

Perfect Chaos vs Giga Bowser

Of on his rampage Bowser happens to come across Perfect Chaos. Playing as Giga Bowser you must survive longer than 2 minutes, in a partly water stage. Mario, who is watching, rushes off to find Sonic as he knows that Super Sonic is the only one who can defeat Perfect Chaos.

The Dark Portal

After Snake reached his destination he finds out that it was all a fake because no and nothing was there except for a strange portal. Darkrai suddenly apper behind Snake but he senses no danger within him so he does not attack. Entering through the portal is Mewtwo and Metal Sonic. Snake decides that they should hold each others hand so they will enter in the same place.

The Reunion

Riding on a warpstar, Kirby and Meta Knight land by Rayquaza's lake. Meditating on a tree is Lucario. He jumps down and addresses Meta Knight. Rushing through the trees is Link and Sheik in training. Suddenly the portal opens and releases Darkrai, Snake, Metal Sonic and Mewtwo. Landing from the sky is Zero, Mega Man X, Samus, R.O.B. and the RAY MK III. Palkia comes out the water and the Pokemon Trainer and Pokemon Master come off. Pikachu then rushes out the forest runs around Samus happily. She pets him. Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong and Yoshi complain about all the noise while they were trying to sleep. Pit then lands from the sky and the dives into the water and jumps out. Having a race, Captain Falcon and Fox jump out of thier ships and land on the ground where everyone else is. Sheik tranforms back into Zelda and the Pokemon Trainer and Master call back their pokemon. All join hands and travel through the portal together.

The 2nd Reunion

Jumping out of the portal is the group and they land in Green Hill Zone. Falco senses them and alerts his group. They agree that they are no danger. Zelda fully heals Sonic so he can get back on his feet. Mario then lands on the ground panting and explains to Sonic about his problem. The gang travel to where Giga Bowser is fighting where Giga Bowser is on the floor and is shrunk back to normal Bowser. Super Sonic then rushes at Perfect Chaos in eyes destroying it. Silver and Zelda heal Bowser. He does not feel right working with Mario but he lives with it. The gang travel back to the portal and once again hold hands and jump in to the portal.

The gang meets Ganondorf

The portal teleports them in Subspace. While searching around, Fox finds Ganondorf's Trophy. He asks Zelda and Link if they should do it and they agree. Ganondorf then awakens, then prepares to fight but realizes he is outnumbered so he stops. Ganondorf joins the group.

Tabuu's Sorrow

The gang travel to Tabuu's chamber and accuse him of their new problem. Tabuu shakes his head and points into the same portal that Master Hand went through to meet Nega. Tabuu's image now was stating to fade. R.O.B.'s eyes then flash. When he was on his side a special link was made between them. R.O.B. then explains to everyone that Tabuu is weak and his energy is fading away. He then tells them Master Hand and Crazy Hand are loose in the World of Trophies and are looking for them. Tabuu then starts to shrink and he falls to the ground at Ganondorf's feet. Ganondorf is just about to step on him for revenge but Mario holds him back. Captain Falcon helps Tabuu up. Meanwhile Master and Crazy Hand have found the portal the heroes went in. Ruler Foot senses this so he and Psyhco Foot travel to the old Ilse of Ancients and they go into the light. The four all end in Subspace and confront the heroes. Mario, Sonic, Snake, Bowser, Kirby, Ganondorf, and the RAY MK III face off againest Master and Crazy Hand in a party of 4 with a partner of your choice. Captin Falcon, Meta Knight, Link, Falco, Pit, Samus and Tabuu face off againest Ruler and Psyco Foot in a party of 4 witch a partner of your choice.

Inside Nega's Realm

When they have defeated the body parts of Nega, he decides to close the portal. Tabuu keeps it open with the power of Subspace. Every charcter(including Tabuu)jump through the portal. When they reach solid ground, Nega congratlues them for their efforts but says that their adventure is over. Nearby, Toon Link, Lucas, Ness, Jigglypuff, Mr Game & Watch, Marth, Ike, the Ice Climbers, Luigi and Olimar are standing right behind Nega. Toon Link attempts to slash him with his sword but goes right through him. Getting annoyed, eveyone lets loose their Final Smashes on Nega. Although Nega seemed weakened, He let loose one of his ultimante moves; Complete Destruction. Much more stronger than everyone's Final Smash put together. The effects are so powerful that it blasted everyone out of the World of Negative Energy, out of Subspace and back into the World of Trophies. This is a giant problem as Nega already closed the portal. Shadow then flashes back to the time they were attacked by Tabuu and the aircraft ecsaped. Shadow asks Tabuu if he knew anything about it. Tabuu says its to late because that ship once belonged to Untochable, Tabuu's father. He also explains that Untouchable is Nega's brother making Nega Tabuu's uncle.

The search for the body parts

Tabuu is able to get everyone back in Subspace as he controls it but Nega had closed the portal to his realm. Peach then notices something strange, Master and Crazy Hand along with Ruler and Psycho Foot have dissappered. Mario asks Lucario if he can sense them using his aura but he says they aren't in Subspace. They go back into the World of Trophies to look for them but they are nowhere to be found. Suddenly they can here a voice laughing and Nega appers as holographic image and shows them that his body parts are back with him.

Back in the Negative Dimmension

Lucario searches out Untouchable's craft ship to find a way to defeat Nega. Once they get on they are surrounded by Koopa Troopas. Bowser asks why they are going to attack him(In there lanuguage). Once they have seen Bowser they all get on their knees and bow. Suddenly Primids come out from all directions while explosions are coming out of the control room. Everybody rushes in to see what is going on but Ganondorf jumps in to the hereos way and rushes in. The group follow him in and meet Nega already there holding Untouchable by the neck. King Dedede, Leon, Wario, Wolf and Ganondorf are surrounding Nega along with Waddle Dees and Doos right behind them. Nega realeses Untouchable and teleports all Waddle Dees and Doos in the room along with King Dedede. While wondering what had happened every charachter one by one starts to disappear and reappear in the Negative World. Mario thinks he now can defeat Nega without any problems but the charachters must face their respective Negative clones by finding them and fighting them(much like the great maze) in the Negative Realm.

Untouchable's Sacrifice

Nega locks everyone in place using his powers and sends Crazy Hand, Master Hand, Ruler Foot, Psycho Foot and Negative Head to attack. Untoucable blocks their attacks and weakens them but Nega amushes Nega and destroys him. Tabuu calls for his father but its to late. When Nega was not looking, Shadow uses Chaos Blast to out. Shadow jumps on to Nega's realising his restraint on the charachters. They must face all the bosses listed above in order, one by one.

The Final Battle

Everyboy lays tired on the ground after defeating so many bosses at a time and Nega laughs at this. However, the bunch off Waddle Dees and Doos surrond Nega. Knowing that they are defenseless, they still stand large and proud for they're master. While Nega is stalled destroying them Mario and his brother have the energy to get up and attack. Luigi starts charging Green Missle and with all the strentgh he has Mario uses his hammer(see top of page for changes to charachters) to knock Luigi in with more power. When Luigi is knocked as far as he can go he uses Negative Zone when he reaches Nega which really turns in to a positive zone as they are already in a Negative Zone. Everyone got up and looked at Nega weakened. Together they all charged.

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