Smash Pro64

aka Somebody that you used to know!

  • I live in somewhere in the Universe
  • I was born on January 30
  • My occupation is Being a person
  • I am a potato

Hello, Im Smash Pro64, A.k.a (Insert real name here) I made this account a few years ago. I have intrests in many games, Mario, Pokemon, Yoshi series, Donkey Kong series, Smash Bros. (Of course), and Many, MANY more games. I joined this wiki a few months ago, Im aiming to become an admin, Rollbacker, or anything else. Sometimes people call me nerd, or stuff like that at school. Probably just because I like Video Games, alot. I even come home every day, anxious about playing Wii Fit, it's fun, and it's umm... healthy, I guess I would call it? You don't know where I live. ._. If you do, then, Hello! See you soon! And that is alot about me, I have lots more stuff to say, but for now, this is Smash Pro64, a.k.a, (Insert Real Name Here) Signing off!

______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Super Smash Bros. Stuff: Le Guy: "Hey, dude, why did you do this on your page and not Smash Bros. Stuff" Me: "My... My god! You're Right! I'm gonna do it-" Le Guy: "Yay!" Me: "You didn't let me finish. I'll do it tomarrow" Le Guy: "Damnit"

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