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Hey, I'm Rita. Bay Area born and raised, but far from gangsta. I'm notorious for taking things too seriously or not seriously at all. Here's some stuff about me, in case you wanted to know.


I'm kinda like a cat. When I'm playful, I'm friendly and fun. When I'm serious, I'm cold and indifferent. Piss me off, you get clawed. Make me happy, I'll... purr? This metaphor doesn't work in every aspect. Basically, catch me in a good mood, and good stuff happens. Ruin my mood, and stuff gets bad, fast. Throw me something shiny, and I'll be distracted for the next 10 minutes.

Names and Aliases

My username here is "Silverdragon706", but it's so old that I've basically abandoned it. I'm not FyreNWater here, so anyone seen using that name is pretending to be me and will be banned as such. I sign with "SD706/FnW - (UTC )", so if you don't see that, it's probably not me. Or I forgot the tildes again.


...Sure. But don't treat me differently, aside from not addressing by the internet default of "male". Well, that and no stupid comments about PMS, mood swings, or that sort. When I'm in a bad mood, it's for the same reasons why anyone gets in bad moods: stress, bad days, dealing with annoying people/things, etc.

As a Sysop

I basically have a no-nonsense take on my role here. Vandals get banned, junk gets deleted, and vandalism gets cleaned up. I try to resolve problems in the fastest and simplest way, which is why you'll probably see me handing a lot temp-bans to vandals instead of asking them to stop. I treat this more like a job than a hobby, so sometimes it's more business than social.

You're a bitch

Well, I don't have to be one. If you feel that I'm doing something wrong or being unfair, please let me know. And by "let me know", I mean "point it out to be", not clutter my talk page with "WTF undelete my page it was good" As long as one plays nicely, follows rules, and does their best to help, I'm generally nice to them.


Whenever someone does something that's against common sense, like making a user page in the smasher section, adding obvious lies to pages, and general silliness, I respond in LOLcat. Why? 'Cause they're doin it rong.

As a Smasher


Bot P was my crew, but we disbanded after a few tourneys. The members scattered, moving to places like Los Angeles, Oregon, and Brazil (long story). We still play when we end up in the same area, but it's a rare event.

Play Style


For silly games, pretty much anything goes. (Except Kirbycide. I'm looking at you, King.) Sometimes I play as the politically-incorrect "Suicide Bomber Link". I pull out a bomb and stand near someone until the explosion damages us both. I also like Luigi and Ness as characters, but not so much as fighters. I'm not half bad with them, but I usually get owned. I really enjoy playing as Jigglypuff, but aren't good enough to make her/him/it a Lethal Joke Character. My brother came up with a game called "Narcoleptics". All players play as Jigglypuff and the only attack allowed is Rest. I lose more lives to self-destructs than anything else.

In group battles, I target the player with the most stock remaining. For one-on-one battles, I'm always in the opponent's face throwing attacks, regardless of how much damage I take in return. I love to juggle and am almost always using aerial attacks.

My favorite place to play is in the "Fight Club" of the Temple. I can tech pretty well, especially ceiling techs. I love surprising people by teching out of a strong attack and returning to KO them.


I tank in MMORPGs and it's carried over to Smash Bros. When I choose heavier fighters, I don't worry too much about taking damage and just stay in the fray.

I can't play without the sound effects. Music doesn't matter, but sound effects are pretty much crucial. I relies on my hearing as much as (and sometimes more than) my sight and get disoriented when the sound is off.

Random Smash Bros Info

  • The highest damage I've ever reached in normal gameplay is roughly 410%, achieved in the Fight Club with Roy, my old main.
  • When I started playing Smash64, my friend told me (i.e. lied) that B was the only button with an action. The only character I ever used was Kirby and I spammed Stone. Obviously, I learned how to play since then.
  • I don't really have complaints about the Brawl roster, but part of me died when I realized there was basically no chance for Banjo & Kazooie to be in it. I was also hoping for a Wolf Link & Midna duo and Viewtiful Joe. And yes, I do have fan sets of moves/attacks for those two pairs. Bug me about it and maybe I'll get around to illustrating/animating my fan movesets for them.
  • I'm anxiously waiting for a Smash Bros DS game. WHY ISN'T THERE ONE ALREADY OUT?

As a Gamer

I jump, I screw attack, I dodge and shoot, I cannot grasp the true form of this list, I snipe, I mix powders, I escape, I howl, I keep up with fashions, I sail, I touch fuzzy and get dizzy, I cheer, I know about timed attacks, I dance, and obviously, I SMASH.

As an Artist

Yes, I draw/paint/sculpt/etc. stuff. It's more than just that: I'm striving to become an art teacher. I don't like to make things just to be pretty. I like having deeper meanings and philosophical &/or social commentary in my works. A picture to inspire those thousand words, and then some. Of course, superficial pretty stuff is still fun to make.

Go ahead and throw some suggestions at me, and remember to keep it reasonable and tasteful. <shameless plug>If you want some spiffy art and don't know who to ask, go ahead and contact me.</shameless plug>


Here's a random list of stuff I like, in no particular order:
Pretty beaches, hardcore techno/trance, philosophy, sleep, kitties!, zombies, Orange Lounge, fruity candy, symphonic metal, MythBusters, awesome headphones, ninjas and pirates, bilingual bonuses, SCIENCE!, (intelligent) satire & parody, questioning everything, aquariums & zoos, sushi, The Missing Piece & The Big O, watergun fights, Darren Styles, photography, sarcasm, cephalopods, collecting quotes, awesome sneakers, Michel Gondry's genius videos, epic stage magic, making and sharing theories, crazy Japanese(-style) game shows, lying/rolling in the grass, raptors, witty comebacks, knowledge & learning (but none of that crap you learn and never use again), Futurama, sharing stories, puzzles & brainteasers, vg music remixes, and Klein bottles.

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