Hi, brawlers everywhere; I guess you want to hear some stuff about me.----




Recently updated stuff

Stuff about me/things that have been happening

Well I have played all 3 Super Smash Bros. games and I really love to play Super Smash Bros. ; I entered into a Super Smash Bros. Brawl tournament on April/March 8 the day before the game was released and I got in 3rd place on the tournament; in the Tournament we were using the Wiimote & Nunchuck set everybody was required to, to keep the newcomers and veterans at the same level; I was playing as Link and I lost to one of my friends(who was playing as Bowser). I think that I am more of a different brawler than the average one you would see online. I play using the Wiimote & Nunchuck combo; but I also taught myself to play with all the other game control styles I choose the Wiimote and Nunchuck style because it lets my arms go into a comfortable position when playing. I will appear suckish when brawling somebody knew because I am not familiar with their style; or they pick the player who has my players weakness' so don't think that I am not good because it takes a while to learn their style then get my brawl on :)

(In addition I also have Mario Kart Wii if anyone has that then post your MKW code and I can add you)

Recently (yesterday June 10, 2008 Tuesday) I bought 3 new hermit crabs (not the kind down there so don't think that) to go with the 3 crabs I already had. Yesterday my crab (Gaoren) was fighting with my new crab (Lightning) though they stopped themselves after a few seconds because the other crabs were worrying and trying to shake off Gaoren. Last night before I went to bed I checked on the crabs to see if they had food, and water and if they weren't fighting; they seemed to get along well after their little brawl-off, I woke up in the morning to find my first crab Gaoren dead... The impact of having one of my crabs dieing fell heavy on me; I was in denial of thinking that he was killed, but after examining Gaoren I found his vital area had been cut by a claw. I was hoping that they would have gotten along well; but apparently Lightning and Gaoren still had a score to settle; I wish I was awake to stop their fighting so that I would still have all 6 of my crabs instead of having 5; Gaoren is in a better place now though, better than anything that I could have gotten him, I hope that where he is there are plenty of apples for him to eat so that he can enjoy his afterlife to the fullest; he always loved to eat apples and he was "the Alpha-Male" of the group of crabs I had before the 3 new ones Lightning, Grenade, and Ridley, came in; I would have given back the crab Lightning to the place where I bought him; but the way the place was set-up he would die in a matter of weeks in there; I hope no more murders happen in my tank because if would kill me to see more of my crabs die with the impact of one... I will never forget Gaoren, he was my favorite crab and I pray he is in a better place... - Sideways 360

Today in Karate class I finally got my Karate uniform; it fits kind of big but the other size my sensei said it would have fit kinda small. Sensei put me and the other students in the class over our limit using a new technique called the reverse jab punch and a spinning back kick almost like a roundhouse kick =D . Even though my Karate uniform fits me big I'll grow into the thing in a few years and make my sensei proud. - Sideways 360

one of my friends recorded videos of him and I playing team multiman brawl search it up on youtube if you want to see us kicking butt (hiscore record on endless brawl has gone as high as 288! that has not been posted up yet I think) SSBB Wi-Fi: Multiman-brawl with Mike part 1. P.S. I cant say who it is because everyone will probablly want to add him - Sideways 360

on mario kart wii I spent hours working on time trial mode and unlocked 32 expert staff nintendo* racers and unlocked Mii outfit B and the sprinter

This afternoon (1:30 central) my mom took me my bro and her bf to gatti-town (nothing special other than her bf as we call him Mosca was shooting the hell out of one of the handgun games) after that we went to the stores for sandals for when we go out of town and we went to Padre Staples mall; after a while I got bored and left to Hot Topic except instead of going to Hot Topic I went to this place called Chang's Import's where they sell chinese imported things and when I was browsing around I saw Cosplay Items like swords shurikens Ninja stars and the Link's Master Sword and Hylian Shield! I bought the master sword; I repeat I BOUGHT THE MASTER SWORD FOR 48.90 its a real sword the hilt is durable the sheathe is wood and the blade is made of real metal ( I checked myself) but its not used for cutting anymore than it can be used for cosplay because the ends are not sharp. my friends all freaked out when I told them that I bought the Master Sword for 48.90! and im going to buy the Hylian Shield eventually for about $70.

today (Saturday June 21, 2008) got my mouth guard for Karate class so now I can spar with the other kids in the class and kick their -4KIDS- - Sideways 360

today (Sunday June 22, 2008) I finally got the Hylian Shield to match with the Master Sword that I posted about. I bought it from Chan's Imports for way cheaper than its original price by about $40. Yet I can't figure out how I'm going to hang it on my wall :( the handle keeps on getting in the way and if I hang it from the base bottom of the shield the top could just fall down. - Sideways 360

Last week (I have forgotten to come back onto my wiki page) my friend JUAN and I have gotten very far into 15 minute man brawl. we survived the whole 15 minutes(we could have gone as far as 20 minutes maybe) with 460 kills on it. - Sideways 360

A few things that I think make me a rather unique/different brawler

Some things that I think make my style different from others is that I love to do Tether Recovery rather than using the players default Up Special Move recovery (i.e. I would prefer Samus's Grapple Beam other than her default recovery move Screw Attack), and when it comes to Team Battle I fight with my team members, defending their weaknesses and helping them when they're getting beaten like piñatas. I do not like to Edgehog players (though I will on most occasions edge guard), because I like to give them a chance to recover. When there are items on the field I try to take them before my enemy can and either A) throw them over the edge so they can't use them, B) throw it at the enemy to stop them in their tracks, and C) use the item to it's fullest effect then follow with B and A, I practice grabbing thrown items at me so that wont work on me most of the time people ;) also I try not to let items get the better side of me; I try to be item independent but sometimes that fails me. I get paranoid when it comes to enemies who have assist trophies because you never know whats going to come out and kill you! - Sideways 360

Main players

I do not have a main character, though some players would think of not having a main character would be a slight weakness, I actually use it as one of my most powerful strengths; I split my ability to play with almost every character on the roster (with exception of Wario, Ganondorf, Yoshi, Bowser, Peach, Wolf, Donkey Kong, and Jigglypuff). ----

Here is a list of my main players meidocre players and my hated players not in any specific order

Main players the top 3 on the list are 3 of my favorite/bset brawlers.

1) Toon Link like Link but better recovery and 'rang is awesomely nerfed out!

2) Link everybody's gotta like Link and his new 'rang pulls enemy's in!

3) Samus Many useful projectiles and Tether recovery

4) Zero Suit Samus her speed and recovery methods are 2nd to none

5) Pit obviously because he has many different tactics

6) Meta Knight his attack speed is 1st class all the way

7) Lucas hes an oriental and hes got dangerous smash attacks

8) Ike Super Armor Frames and has the most killable attacks in the game

9) Snake his knack for setting traps can be used to the fullest

10)Sonic because hes on speed of course!

11)Sheik (With Zelda to act as the killer) Sheik is fast and racks up nicely

12)Mario c'mon everybody has to know how to play as Mario on default

13)Pikachu Pika's electric attacks and double recovery is a force to be reckoned with!

14)Mr. Game & Watch 2-D! Judgement can kill and his up special move parachutes now!

15)Falco new moves kicks reflector spins yea it kinda speaks for itself

16)ROB its smash attacks and recovery makes him a hard character to beat...beep

17)Kirby (as gay as it sounds I play as Kirby cause of his plushness!)

18)Lucario the weaker he gets, the stronger he gets; and his recovery can go around edgegaurds and cling onto walls!

Meidocre players

19)Fox new look moves never changes and reflector holds in air

20)Diddy Kong his small chimpanzee body lets him move freely; up special is hard to do

21)Luigi somewhere between the line of Meidocre player and the lower classed ones

22)Pokemon Trainer (all 3 Pokemon) great variety of tactics! gotta switch though...

23)King Dedede his heavy weight, hammer, and waddles make him a different heavy class!

24)Ness PK Fire can hold enemies for few seconds and a movable up special move

25)Marth his side special move can rack damage, tipper, and he is jugglable

26)Ice Climbers lose nanners and your screwed! good as a team though keeps noobs from noobing for almost every occasion!

my You'll-never-see-me-use-this-person players

28)Peach weak power, not many killer moves, and float can be a burden

29)Bowser a powerhouse but slow much wind up lag and hard to catch enemies

30)Wario hes just an overall ridiculous player, final smash is a joke...

31)Ganondorf powerhouse but almost all attacks have the biggest windup lags in the game

32)Jigglypuff floaty, unkillable, easily juggled, no up special move recovery

33)Captain Falcon as fast as strong but he drops too fast for me

34)Wolf hes not like the starfox gang he has no combos blaster is abused bad recovery

35)Yoshi up special move gets only the size of a Pikmin, side special uses recovery

Stuff that I hate, do not deal with or approve of

I do not deal with players that tend to abuse players attacks (i.e. when my enemy is using Pit and tends to abuse his Angel Ring, and Palutena's Arrow or if the enemy is playing as Fox, Falco, or Wolf and repeatedly abuses their Blasters). Well I deleted about 5 friends for doing that stuff. At times I can be either your best friend, or your worst enemy. When item setting is turned on the following items are the ones that I do not like to use because they give a huge difference: Cracker Launcher, Super Scope, Ray Gun, Metal Box, Bunny Hood,(though their an ok item to play with) Curry, Home-run Bat, Beam Sword, Fire Flower, Starman,and above all else the Fan, though this is a kind of a large list of things that I hate they really are the mostly abused weapons in the gameAbove all I am a fair brawler and evens out the game by choosing the right player, well I hope to see many of you and don't forget; "Show your moves!" ----

Contact me!

If anyone wants to contact me and chat with me you can if you have Yahoo! messenger just add me stating "SmashWiki", or "SSBB" and we can talk; my address is "" it would be good for me if you have a mic to talk with too! happy brawling! Sideways 360 (talk) 06:01, 5 June 2008 (UTC) ----

Here is my friend code

for those of you who want to add me, here is my friend code brawl code: 1504-5367-9510 post your codes on the comment section if you want me to add you as well.

Here is my Mario Kart Wii code if anyone has and wants to add it: 5069-4319-6894

my Idea of the perfect brawler

specials: ROB's robo burner Ike's counter Kirby's inhale Sonic's side spin dash

aerial: Snake's standard aerial attack; Falco's down air, meta knights forward air Pit's back air and Zelda's up air

smashes: zero suits down smash, Lucas' up smash ness' forward smash and Sheik's neutral attack

tilts: King Dedede's forward tilt, Marth's down tilt, and Mr Game and Watch's up tilt

Yoshi's jumps

samus' grapple and Lucario's dash attack

final smash would be Toon Link's Triforce prison

Olimar's dodging too (sidesteps on ground and air)

( I only picked one move from each brawler on the roster and trust me that was hard!) - Sideways 360

glitches tricks or messages I found in brawl

(I find these on my own not from SmashWiki or any other site)

(I will update these once a day if you are interested)

The message I found in King Dedede's final smash was slightly vague but if you listen to when he pulls his arms in on the 2nd half of the special theres a weird voice that says "such a.....funny..." but the last word is blocked out by King Dedede's voice; this happens twice in his smash.

(anyone who fixes any major mistakes please sign your names next to it so you can get your props.)

When Luigi charges his Green Missile he can actually get his head stuck in some walls for about 2 seconds (I haven't fully tested it out but I did it on the curve of Final Destination and he gets his head stuck).

Ness's PK Thunder can be curved faster allowing for an easier recovery than Lucas's PK Thunder that needs more space for the right angling.

Charizard and Jigglypuff are the only 2 pokemon who cant crawl or wall cling.

In a custom stage where there are spikes, computers often spend a good majority of time near the spikes.

When Olimar does his final smash his Pikmin are (supposedly) invulnerable until the time when his ship crashes; then the Pikmin can be killed while he is helpless.(my computer messed up I hope these make up for it).

When ROB is tiny ( from a Poison Mushroom or from a Tiny Brawl) doing his down air can keep him in the air virtually forever so long as he is small.

Samus's Zero Laser has the range of about the length of the stage Temple.

If Toon Link or Link attack the CPU partner Ice Climber with a Final Smash after Popo is dead, Nana will dissappear and leave the Triforce empty, but the attack will continue (same thing should go for everybody else who has a solo target final smash, such as Ike).

The Pokemon Trainer's pokemon, Squirtle, Ivysaur, and Charizard, all show that they get weaker the longer they're out by panting and dragging their body lower.

If brawlers do their up special moves and get Footstool Jumped when they are helpless (with the exception of Pit), they can use their up special moves again (very useful for team battles with a slow falling character).

When you throw an average sized hothead and make it travel to the nose of the Great Fox on the stage Corneria, the hot head will get stuck on the mounted guns and keep circling it eventually when the guns explode (you have to make it travel from the top of the ship to the left side to the nose [enter from northwest tip]).

Link's Gale Boomerang, with perfect timing, can be used to push enemies off the stage when they're doing a ground special move i.e. when you're fighting someone like Toon Link or Zelda and they use a move that would normally put them in a helpless state, if you push them over the edge with the Gale Boomerang or Toon Link's down air (which makes the enemies move away at close range) it will leave the enemy helpless and have a 90% chance of making the enemy fall to death.

The size of the brawler doesn't determine the length of their up special move recovery, when their tiny from a poison mushroom. i.e. when Ike throws his sword in the air when he is tiny it only goes a short range in the air but when he reaches to grab it he jumps to the distance that his up special move would have gone the distance of when normal sized.

the following characters are the only ones who talk in the whole subspace emissary (grunts and other various noises don't count and Diddy Kong is the only exception to be counted as talking.

Diddy Kong - he tries to talk to Fox and Falco

Ness - "PK Thunder!" and "PK Flash".

Lucas - "PK Thunder!"

Captain Falcon - "Falcon Punch!" "Come on!"

Ike - "Great Aether!"

Snake - "Kept you waiting, huh?"

Pikachu - "Pikachu!"

Yoshi - "Yoshi!"

Peach - "No!" Zmario (talk) 19:55, 19 June 2008 (UTC)

this does not include Jigglypuff, Wolf, or Toon Link because they are not part of the storyline. - Sideways 360

even though Toon Link and Link have the final smash called "Triforce Slash" that uses all the pieces of the triforce (courage, wisdom, and power) Link and Toon Link only have the triforce of courage yet somehow in their smash they have all the 3 pieces of the triforce.

Charizard's up special move recovery has super armor frames at the beginning of the attack.

(this was a weird one I found on accident) Toon Link if he is sent flying into the air a big distance (about the size of battlefield if it were tilted sideways) do his double jump and his down air attack almost at the same time; this will cause him to literally pause in the air for a few seconds.

Yoshi can be easily killed if it is toadstool jumped after or when it is doing it's double jump when it is off the stage above a kill zone.

Link's Clawshot attacks twice in the air (one for the extension and one for the claw closing in) and can be used to set up a grapple with a short hop or be used to combo into his Final Smash

when you change Link's Costume color his Master Sword doesn't change colors.

Combo's strategies or tricks that can help

Anyone interested may post their own strategies for other players such as the one below. Just don't forget to post your name so you can get your credits :)


1: Stay evasive. Do not stop alot or else your enemy can have a chance to attack you.

2: A very good trick to use for when the enemy is coming and manages to get you in their grapple is to throw a bomb in the air so that way when they attack you or grapple you (especially when fighting cheap players) they will get hit by the bomb and you will suffer less damage (that works especially good if you have a low % so that you jump out of the way before getting hit by the bomb)

3: an additional option to throwing the bomb in the air is when the enemy is coming after you, throw the bomb in the air then YOU grapple the enemy pummel them once or twice or 3 times then throw them upwards into the bomb. A combo I always use :)

4: Bombs are your friends, always keep a bomb on you at high %'s. when you get flung nearly out of the top end of the stage the bomb can explode on you (if pulled out with the perfect timing) and keep you alive (it was a trick I learned on Melee with Young Link


Thats all the tricks I want to give with the Link's any other of my tricks would just not be fair...FOR ME! - Sideways 360


Most annoying taunts in brawl (name of the player who has the most annoying taunts, not name of the taunt)

I hate Olimar's taunts. They are so stupid. No originality! I CAN DO THOSE STUPID TAUNTS! Zmario (talk) 21:57, 5 July 2008 (UTC)

snake's taunt. Kperfekt722 (talk) 22:05, 5 July 2008 (UTC)