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| name = Sheikan ''"<span class="explain" title=>Akiro</span>"''

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About Me

My name is Alejandro. I was born 12.19.91 in Chicago, Illinois. I'm Mexican and part Indian. I love going out partying and I'm very athletic. I currently live in Colorado Springs, CO and a Junior in highschool. This is the only game I've ever played so I'm obsessed with the series of Super Smash Bros. I'm a very friendly guy who won't judge nobody. I have tons of friends that are awesome and love my family. If I'm not playing Super Smash Bros. I'll probably be out and about just going somewhere with friends.

(If you want to challenge me on Brawl my Brawl Code and Nickname is down below, I'll pretty much brawl anybody unless you suck so bad that it's no fun. But other than that, good luck... you'll need it)

Super Smash Bros Brawl

SheikBrawlSmash BallZeldaBrawl
Brawl Code: 1247-4687-3145
Nickname: Akiro
File:Triforce Icon.gifFile:Fire Emblem Icon.gifFile:Dreamland Icon.gifFile:Mushroom Icon.gifFile:Starfox Icon.gif
Sheikan Tier List
Expert With Really Good With Good With Average With Okay With Bad With Poor With

1. Sheik
2. Marth
3. Kirby
4. Luigi
5. Zelda
6. Wolf

7. Yoshi
8. Wario
9. Zero Suit Samus
10. Fox
11. Ike

12. Lucario
13. Link
14. Bowser
15. Olimar
16. Jigglypuff

17. Ice Climbers
18. Mario
19. Lucas
20. Toon Link

21. Falco
22. Samus
23. Sonic
24. Mr. Game and Watch
25. Ganondorf

26. Ness
27. Donkey Kong
28. Meta Knight
29. Pokemon Trainer
30. Pit

31. Diddy Kong
32. King Dedede
33. R.O.B.
34. Snake
35. Captain Falcon
36. Pikachu
37. Peach

Zelda and Sheik ZeldaHeadSheikHeadFile:Triforce Icon.gif

I've used Sheik since the first time I've ever played Melee. I was fairly decent with Zelda but preferably used Sheik most of the time. I would say I'm an expert when it comes with Sheik. Zelda I didn't really use until Brawl. You gotta admit that she has gotten a lot better than in Melee. When it comes to my skill in Brawl, I'm still an expert with Sheik and now an expert with Zelda.

Marth MarthHeadFile:Fire Emblem Icon.gif

I really didn't use Marth so much in Melee, due to the fact of Roy being in the game, but since they replaced him with Ike, I've grown attach to Marth. My skills with him have greatly improved than that of my Melee skills. I would say I'm an expert with Marth, but not having Roy around isn't the same. I guess Marth will have to do.

Kirby KirbyHeadFile:Dreamland Icon.gif

When I recieved my copy of the original Super Smash Bros, my main character was Kirby. When Melee was released I rarely ever used him as much, due to the fact of newer and cooler characters, but when Brawl was released I started getting back my touch with Kirby once again. Now I'd say I'm an expert with Kirby and have enhanced my skills with him since playing him in Super Smash Bros.

Luigi LuigiHeadFile:Mushroom Icon.gif

I played Luigi since the very first installation. He is my favorite character of the Super Mario Series. With every installment added to the series, the better I've gotten with him. Now I play him nearly in every match, besides with Sheik, and consider myself an expert with him.

Wolf O'Donnell WolfHeadFile:Starfox Icon.gif

Lately I've been playing Wolf and I've been pretty good. Now I consider myself an expert with Wolf. I've dodged nearly every possible final smash with his Anti-Reflector and have spiked many along the way. I'm still testing him out but watch out, I'm no push over when it comes to Wolf.


Final Smashes

Light Arrow (Zelda) TrophyLight Arrow (Sheik) TrophyFile:Critical Hit Trophy.jpgFile:Landmaster (Wolf) Trophy.jpgFile:Great Aether Trophy.jpg


Icon-ganondorf This user believes that "darkness" and "shadow" are two different things.
Icon-sheik This user is an expert with Sheik.
Icon-iceclimbers This user likes winter.
SSBMIconRoy This user wished Roy was in Brawl.
Icon-luigi This user thinks Luigi is better than Mario.
TabuuFull This user has beaten Tabuu on Intense with all 39 characters.
Mexicoflag This user is Mexican, Viva La Raza!.

Brawl Codes

If you're pretty decent and looking for a new challenge

put your Brawl Code and Nickname down here and I'll add you.

(Don't forget to add me - Akiro - 1247-4687-3145)

  • StF95 - 0989-7690-0057 add me!
  • MarioGalaxy: 1547-4970-0643
  • KingBowser: 2277-8192-4093
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