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FFS people we're people, not kings. stop acting like we're gods that you have to bow to every time you have a question.
Am I approachable?
I suppose
Not really
Absolutely not
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Hi, I'm Shadowcrest. If you ever want to know about me, [ this] is a pretty good description. :P
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| name = Shadowcrest
| image = Zelda Light Arrow trophy.jpg
| mainssbb = Peach
| 2ndmainssbb = Zelda
| 3rdmainssbb = Marth
| otherssbb = Meta Knight
| 2ndotherssbb =
| skill = I can beat my friends :P
| alias =
| crew =
| brawlcode = 4425-7325-7355
Even though my pic is Zelda's arrow, I don't like Final Smashes. Though if I did, I'd like Zelda's the best anyway.
I think these would be cool characters. But, coming up with a moveset for them is very hard. PRZ I RLY NEED HALP!
*Neutral A- Midna extends an arm and a ball of twilight appears in her palm. Two hits, at 3% each.
*Dash attack- Midna extends both arms, with twilight trailing from them. Decent horizontal knockback. 9%.
*Forward tilt-
*Up tilt-
*Down tilt-
*Forward smash-
*Down smash-
*Up smash-
*Neutral air- Midna twirls in mid-air with twilight energy around her arms. Similar to Zelda's and Peach's n-airs. Two hits, each dealing 7%.
*Forward air- Midna flips and her hair swings forward to hit the opponent. High horizontal knockback. 15%.
*Down air- Midna extends her legs down and creates a ball of twilight at the bottom of her feet. If sweetspotted, it makes a powerful spike; otherwise quite weak with low knockback. 6%, or 17%.
*Back air- Midna extends her legs behind her and creates a large ball of twilight. She stops moving when she does this. 3 hits at 4%, 5%, and then 6% for a total of 15%.
*Up air-
*Grab- Midna swings her hair-hand forward and grabs an opponent.
**Pummel- Midna constricts her hair-hand. 2%.
**Forward throw- Midna slams the foe into the ground in front of her. 10%. More vertical than horizontal knockback.
**Back throw- Midna twirls her hair around once and throws the opponent behind her. 8%. Mostly horizontal knockback.
**Up throw- Midna throws the opponent up gently, then quickly swings her hair upward for another hit. 3%, then 8% for 11% total.
**Down throw- Midna throws the opponent into the ground and hits them again with her hair. 4% each hit.
*Neutral special- Twilight ball- Functions like Samus' [[Charge Shot]], but with cooler graphics. 3%-24%.
*Side special- Twilight Arm- Much like Lucario's [[Force Palm]] but with more range. 4-12%.
*Up special- Teleport- Midna vanishes in a bit of twilight and reappears elsewhere. The move is similar to [[Teleport]] and [[Dimensional Cape]], except without the direction restrictions on Teleport and without the end attack on Dimensional Cape.
*Down special- Shadow Shield<!-- Yeah, I know it's lame >.> -->- Midna creates a wall of twilight similar to the walls the Shadow Beasts use to trap Link in Twilight Princess. Briefly shocks opponents when created (6%). Functionally similar to Pit's [[Mirror Shield]].
*Final smash- Fused Shadow - Midna transforms into the giant spidery beast, and when she does, all foes she touches get buried in the ground (as if hit by [[Headbutt]]); she rears up, creates her giant spear, and slams it into the ground in front of her, [[One-hit KO]]ing anyone it hits. Foes that are buried take 5% damage, foes hit by the spear take 30% damage.

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FFS people we're people, not kings. stop acting like we're gods that you have to bow to every time you have a question.