Template:Smasherbeta I am SapphireKirby777. Welcome to my homepage. I mainly face others and when I'm not facing anybody, I face level 9 CPU. I'm an upcoming person in this wiki. Oh, and here is my user contribution(s).

Behold the Kirby faces! -.- -.- -.- -.-

Character List

This is my character list; a tier list I believe is unnecessary for me. To be honest, I can play as any character EXCEPT Jiggs.

SapphireKirby's Super Smash Bros. Brawl Character List
Ultimate Awesome Good Fair Horrible

1. Kirby
2. Wario
3. Snake
4. Ike
5. Lucario
6. Luigi

7. Fox
8. Lucas
9. Marth
10. Meta Knight
11. Sonic
12. Charizard
13. Falco
14. R.O.B.
15. King Dedede
16. Olimar
17. Wolf

18. Yoshi
19. Ganondorf
20. Squirtle
21. Pikachu
22. Zelda
23. Mr. Game and Watch
24. Ivysaur
25. Donkey Kong
26. Samus

27. Bowser
28. Mario
29. Ice Climbers
30. Sheik
31. Pit
32. Ness

33. Peach
34. Zero Suit Samus
35. Toon Link
36. Captain Falcon
37. Link
38. Diddy Kong
39. Jigglypuff

Favorites And Bad Things

Due to the fact that the box on the top right can't hold everything I say, I'll post them down here. My faves and things I hate from SSBB.

  • Favorite Characters (Characters I Often Use): Kirby, Snake, Sonic, Lucario, Lucas, Wario, Ike
  • Favorite Stages: Final Destination, Bridge of Eldin, Spear Pillar
  • Favorite Kind of Match: Stock
  • Favorite Final Smash: Cook Kirby
  • Favorite Color: White and Blue

  • Worst Character: Jigglypuff & Pikachu
  • Worst Stage: Hanenbow
  • Worst Kind of Match: None :)
  • Worst Final Smash: Puff Up
  • Worst Color: None, just prefer white and blue.

Friends & People I Respect

These below are my friends. Anyone can be my friend. Just sign below and use a number sign.

  1. ParaGoomba348
  2. Toon Ganondorf
  3. Alex25
  4. Masterman
  5. Ike's Best Buddy/ Bird Of PreyDon't try me
  6. linkpwns. so does kirby! 20:34, 24 November 2008 (UTC)
  7. Lucasguy (talk) 19:32, 11 December 2008 (UTC)
  8. Falconpawnch
  9. Teddy
  10. .Majestik.
  11. --~The Blue Blur~New main in training!

People I Respect

Below are the people I respect. They are really awesome, powerful people I will always respect (Friends I always respect). This section is always changing.


  • Completed the Subspace Emissary in 6:01.
  • Got 100% on the Subspace Emissary in 6:36.
  • Completed Classic on Intense with Kirby.
  • Completed All Star on Intense with Ike.
  • Unlocked all characters.
  • Unlocked all stages.
  • Completed Paragoomba348's challenge.
  • Completed Ike's Best Buddy's challenge.
  • Collected all random CDs.
  • Completed all Classic.
  • Completed all All-Star.
  • Completed Boss Battles on Intense with Snake.