Smash Self

In the world of Smash Bros., I am a casual player. I dream of being a competitive player, but I know I'm not good enough and probably never will be. I want to be a professional player so that I can make money doind what I enjoy doing.

To be a pro is my dream, but it's an unlikely one, so I'm not going to lose any sleep if it never comes true.

On YouTube, I make videos for every major update to the Super Smash Bros. DOJO!! website, although I sometimes miss them. A major update is:

  • A brand new stage
  • A newcomer
  • Something related to the Subspace Emissary
  • A new game mode

Internet Self

On the intenret, I'm known widely as either Darkurai or Luigi III. deviantART is one of the most important sites on the internet for me, it's my excuse to not get a blog, since the journal entried are my blog.


In the real world, my name is Matt. I am 14 years old, and I live in a suburban town in New Jersey. I'm a freshman in a public high school.

I have a girlfriend named Christine who I love very much. She means everything to me.

Me and my friends are all kind of a group, called "The Lizi Brigade", named after my friend who I fear the most.

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