Hi. I'm Runer5h. I main Olimar, and have whoever the hell I feel like as my second. Ganondorf is also a consistent second. I recently discovered that I am a talented Donkey Kong user as well. Template:Smasherbeta

Doubles Names

This is just some inspiration for doubles in tournaments. Feel free to add some.

If only Ridley were in it... him and CF would have been Team Raptor Boost.


5026-4400-4453. I will only fight people with rules of 5 Stock, no items, no time limit. Put a request on my talk page if you want a fight.

hey ill fight you i always fight with out teams and 5 stock i do 3-5 ill tell you my SSBB Friend Code 0388-0003-8212
This is what I don't want to see. Put it on my talk page, and sign!

Code of Conduct

I will always do my best in every game, not swear, and give advice after the game to my opponent, if I have any. If you can do that, you have my utmost respect. (P.S.: My down taunt says "Good job, man.". I mean it - I'm being completely sincere.)


These are in no particular order. Just the good people in each tier.

Top Tier


Of course Metaknight's top tier! He has multiple mid-air jumps, can glide, and all his attacks (except forward smash) are incredibly fast. The only disadvantage I can think of for him is that all of his B-attacks put him into helpless. Oh, and no meteors.


Another obvious choice. He has among the best Up-B's, has multiple mid-air jumps and can glide, and has a fast, controllable projectile. Oh, and he has the Angel Ring and Mirror Shield. He also has no meteors, though, and his Wings of Icarus are really easy to interrupt.


ROB essentially has multiple midair jumps, a wall of pain, and many strong attacks. His lasers are very good for interrupts. The gyro is an item. He even has a meteor, unlike the two people above. His meteor is slow, though.


He has the most projectiles, as well as some incredibly fast, strong melee moves. Also, he has a phenomenal Up-B that does not put him into helpless. I'd say the worst thing about him is his Remote Missile - it's slow and leaves you wide open.

Characters that Should have been in Brawl


From Street Fighter.
Neutral B: Block. Only works in front of Ryu. He brings his arm up to block an incoming attack. If properly performed, he takes only 1% damage, regardless of the attack, and no hitstun, plus no start-up or wind-down lag. If used on the ground, very little knockback. However, if it is used in the air, the knockback is halved.
Side B: Hadouken. Easily the slowest projectile in the game (think Ganondorf's dash). However, it does 10% damage, and can neither be absorbed or reflected. On the ground, it can be shot straight, or angled up or down at a 30° angle. In the air, it always goes down at 30°. Good for edgeguarding. (says "HaDOUken!")
Up B: Shoyruken. The famous jumping uppercut. He yells "SHOYruken!" when doing this. All vertical, no horizontal recovery. Doesn't hit opponents up, but rather knocks them away.
Down B: Hurricane Kick. There's some alternate name for this that also ends in -ken, but I can't spell that. Anyways, if used on the ground, he rises into the air, spinning with his leg outstretched, yelling the other name for it that I can't spell. However, in midair, he flies forward (actually, in a parabola) doing the same thing but with less knockback. Good for horizontal recovery, as you can still do a Shoyruken after.
Final Smash: Metsu Shoyruken. Ryu cringes, acting like he has just sustained a mortal wound, and lies on the ground - and enemies are like what. However, if you go above him - time stops. Ryu opens his eyes, which now have an evil glow, and does an uppercut to the top of the stage, yelling "SHOYRUKEN!!!!!!!!!"". OHKO move. This comes from the end of one of the Street Fighter games.

Neutral A: Punches with the right hand, then the left.
Forward Tilt: Ax Kick. Fast and fairly strong.
Down Tilt: Kicks with his leg. Looks like Ganondorf's D-Tilt.
Up Tilt: High Kick.
F-Smash: He steps forward and does a side kick (kicking straight out with his heel).
D-Smash: Does a sweeping kick on both sides.
Up Smash: Does a short Shoyruken.
Dash Attack: Does a shoulder tackle, like Ganondorf.

Nair: Punch. Hits opponents downward at a 30° angle.
Fair: Does a forward kick and punch at the same time.
Bair: Backwards kick. Looks like Samus's.
Uair: Uppercut. Good knockback.
Dair: A Stall-then-Fall. Looks like Sonic's.

Pummel: Knees opponent in the face.
Forward Throw: Punches opponent away.
Back Throw: While holding the opponent, rolls backward onto his back and kicks the opponent backward.
Up Throw: Kneels and does an uppercut.
Down Throw: Slams opponent into the ground behind him. Looks like Marth's D-Throw.

Up Taunt: Pumps his fist into the air.
Side Taunt: Crosses his arms.
Down Taunt: Kneels and beckons the opponent closer.
On-Screen Appearance: Appears holding a large, white punching bag behind him, then turns around. The punching bag disappears and Ryu assumes a fighting stance.
Weight: About CF's.
Run Speed: About Mario's.
Can't Wall jump, wall cling, or crawl.

Shadow the Hedgehog

From Sonic the Hedgehog.
Neutral B: Chaos Regeneration. This doesn't come from the games, but... Shadow sends a ring of Chaos energy a short distance around. If it gets hit by an energy projectile, it absorbs it and Shadow loses 1.5x the damage that would have done. It's like PSI Magnet but with one crucial difference: just as Nayru's Love is to Fox's reflector, so is Chaos Regeneration to PSI magnet. Translation; it only stays out for a short period of time.
Side B: Chaos Blast. Shadow sends out a ball of Chaos Energy, which can be charged. The longer it is charged, the stronger and bigger hitbox it gets. However, it has a fair amount of start-up lag.
Up B: Chaos Control. Shadow jumps into the air with his arms outstretched and a purple ball of Chaos energy around his fists, and teleports in a given direction. When he reappears, the fist energy has enough power to KO.
Down B: Chaos Reflect. A large purple sphere expands around Shadow and - well, you can guess what it does. It does a fair amount of damage and knockback to those next to it, but again, it only stays out for a short period of time.
Final Smash: Super Shadow. Duh. The Chaos Emeralds fly into Shadow, much like for Sonic, but Shadow yells "FEEL THE ULTIMATE POWER!". He can fly around like Super Sonic, but is somewhat slower and doesn't do damage by colliding into people. To attack, he shoots 5 Chaos Spears at 7% damage each from his hand (by pressing A) or one, 30% damage Spear (by pressing B).

Neutral A Combo: Swipes both hands to opposite sides of his body, and repeats. Doesn't keep the opponent close - actually has set knockback.
F-Tilt: Whacks his fist into opponents with Chaos energy surrounding it. Knockback is at a 45° angle upwards.
U-Tilt: Does a high kick. Fast, and like Shiek's f-tilt, moves opponents a bit closer.
D-Tilt: Holds his fist in front of him in a blocking position, and Chaos energy engulfs his fist.
F-Smash: Snaps his fingers while sort of growling, and a large sphere of chaos energy appears directly in front of him. Has a ring around it; slow, but powerful.
U-Smash: Pumps his arms downward on either side of him, and an even larger sphere of Chaos energy blossoms directly above him. Also slow.
D-Smash: Sweeps his hand across the ground, and 3 points - one in front of him, one in back, and one in the foreground - explode. Has a large start-up time. Mostly vertical knockback.
Dash Attack: While on one shoe, slides across the ground while flashing.

Nair: Makes a motion like his D-Smash. No explosions this time though - instead, his body pulses, and those who are touching Shadow get knocked away. High priority; good for stopping attacks.
Fair: Like his f-tilt, but with mostly horizontal knockback.
Bair: Does a spinning hooking kick.
Uair: Does a flip kick, like Zamus.
Dair: Stall-then-fall. The stall takes a bit longer than Sonic's, and the fall is more horizontal.

Pummel: Knees opponent in the face.
F-Throw: Shoots a horizontal blast of Chaos energy from the hand holding opponent, knocking them away.
B-Throw: Does a flipping kick like his uair, with backwards knockback.
U-Throw: Does a high kick to the opponent's face.
D-Throw: Throws opponent on ground and skates over them (you know Shadow's shoes? They have jet skates built in - they are used for this attack). This is basically unique among throws in that it moves Shadow forward (the opponent is knocked backwards).
Up Taunt: Floats into the air and does a flip before coming down.
Side Taunt: Throws a purple Chaos Emerald into the air and catches it.
Down Taunt: Kneels and flexes his arms downward. His fists are engulfed in Chaos energy.
On-Screen Appearance: Teleports in using Chaos Control.
Weight: Between Wolf and Link.
Run Speed: A little slower than Metaknight's.
Shadow can wall-jump.


From the Megaman series.
Neutral B: Zero Buster. The classic buster appears on Zero's arm, and he shoots a blast of energy. Fairly fast but not all that strong. Hold for rapid fire.
Forward B: Dash. This does no damage from the actual dash, but it moves faster than Zero's run speed. And guess what? If you press A while dashing, you will execute a powerful spinning slash with the Z Saber.
Down B: Giga Fist. On the ground, he sticks his fist into the ground, and a plume of energy comes out, blasting characters away with high knockback, but low damage. If its in the air, it becoms a stall-then-fall, and Zero shoots down. It has a falling speed about that of his fast fall, but the farther down you travel, the bigger the energy plume gets.
Alternate Down B: Shield Boomerang. Hails from MMXZ rather than MMX. Only works for the one side, but is basically a counter with a twist; if hit by a projectile, it homes in on the original shooter (or the person who last reflected it).
Up B: Ryuengin. He jumps into the air with a fiery sword. Enemies are pulled up by the attack, and the last hit has fair knockback.
I don't know about his Final Smash.

Neutral A Combo: Downward Slash, Horizontal Slash, Powerful Overhead Slash
F-Tilt: Strong Swipe with the sword, angled downward.
F-Smash: Raijingeki. He shoots a long-ranged electric lance-type blast from his buster.
U-Tilt - Stabs above him; looks like Marth's U-Smash, but less knockback and damage.
U-Smash - Slash from his feet to above his head, but not quite directly above. His sword is fiery for this one.
D-Tilt - Crouching, he slashes across the ground.
D-Smash - Visually similar to Giga Fist, but with a shockwave.
Dash Attack - Stabs sword out in front of him.

Nair - Slashes in front of him. Looks like Zamus's Nair.
Fair - Kuubenu. Looks like Metaknight's nair, but better range and can spike with the initial hit, as well as Zero spinning slower.
Bair - Slashes behind him, looking like his nair in reverse.
Uair - Slashes above him. Like Metaknight's uair, but slower and in reverse (with more range).
Dair - Hyouretsazan. Stabs downward with an icy lance. Surprisingly, not much landing lag, because the lance shatters when it hits the ground. The shattered bits cause damage. No, it doesn't freeze.

Pummel: Shoots opponent.
Forward Throw: Slashes opponent forward with his Sword.
Back Throw: Throws opponent backward.
Up Throw: Does a short Ryuengin.
Down Throw: Throws opponent on ground, jumps up, and uses his Dair on them.

Up Taunt: Pumps his fist in the air.
Side Taunt: Turns and does a thumbs up.
Down Taunt: Makes Giga Fist energy engulf his fist.
On-Screen Appearance: Teleports in from a line of energy from the top.
Weight: About Link's.
Run Speed: Also about Link's.
Zero can wall cling and wall jump.

Master Chief

From Halo.
Neutral B: Plasma Pistol. Press repeatedly for many small shots or hold for one big homing shot. However, after too many small shots or one big shot, it overheats; you can move around, but you can't attack.
Side B: Grenade. You can throw either a Plasma or Frag grenade, like Samus can shoot Homing or Super Missiles. Plasma Grenades stick to enemies, but are weak and take a long time to explode. Frag Grenades don't stick, but explode quickly and are strong.
Up B: Gravity Hammer. In the air, Master Chief flies upward while holding the Gravity Hammer. On the ground, it works like the Homing Attack. It can only home in on enemies in front of Master Chief, but has good range and is strong.
Down B: Bubble Shield. MC throws a Bubble Shield grenade below him, and it expands into a bubble that reflects projectiles (think Gardevoir for size). However, Master Chief is not tied to it - he can walk outside of it, and even attack from within it.
Final Smash: Spartan Laser.The Chief takes out the Spartan Laser, which takes the place of his Neutral B. You get five shots. Each one does about 23 damage and has much end lag. MC is not invincible for this one, but he can move around and use all of his other attacks.

Neutral A: Pistol Whip. He hits you with his Plasma Pistol.
F-Tilt: He stabs with his Plasma Pistol while it is overheating. A fast, multihit attack.
D-Tilt: He sweeps across the ground with the Pistol.
U-Tilt: Like his f-tilt, but upwards and more powerful.
F-Smash: He Smacks the opponent with the Gravity Hammer. Looks like Ness's F-Smash, but slower, better range, and more powerful.
D-Smash: Throws a grenade to either side of himself, and the grenades explode. Looks like Olimar's D-Smash. The grenades can be either frag or plasma grenades (damage and knockback remain unaffected).
U-Smash: Shoots a powerful, but very short ranged, Plasma Pistol shot upwards.
Dash Attack: Sticks the overheating pistol out in front of him.

Nair: Like his Neutral A, but in midair.
Fair: Swings the hammer in front of him.
Bair: Throws a grenade (either kind) a short distance behind him, where it explodes.
Uair: Like his U-Tilt, but in midair.
Dair: Swings his hammer below him.

Pummel: Shoots the opponent.
F-Throw: Blasts opponent in front of him with a fully charged pistol shot.
B-Throw: Throws opponent behind him and slams the Gravity Hammer on top of them.
U-Throw: Throws opponent above him.
D-Throw: Throws opponent on the ground in front of him and hits them with an overheating pistol.
Up Taunt: Twirls his Plasma Pistol around his hand.
Side Taunt: Tosses a frag grenade up and down in front of him.
Down Taunt: Crouches, and aims his Plasma Pistol in front of him, then behind.
On-Screen Appearance: You know the scene in Halo 2 where the pods come down and Master Chief comes out of one? (Cortana: Could we possibly have made a bigger noise? MC: Pulls out a rocket launcher. Cortana: I guess so...) That's what happens, but without the bit in parentheses.
Weight: A bit less than DK's. Surprised? He's got that huge effing suit of armor, after all.
Run speed: About G&W's.
MC can crawl. However, he is not prone on the floor - he is just crouching and walking along while doing so.

Play Style

Why should I tell you? If you want to know my play style, play me!

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